Pelosi 08

It was just this past Tuesday, during a press conference with fellow Democrat Lloyd Doggett, that Nancy Pelosi made the ignorant comment that she has sometimes told people that they ought to imagine “when they go to heaven and meet our Founders” what it would be like to try and explain to them why they wanted the Census to ask people whether or not they were citizens.  Unfortunately for her, Heaven has walls, a gate, and a strict immigration policy so the chances of Nancy ever getting anywhere near having the chance to bump into the ‘Founders’, are likely pretty remote.

Anyway, our esteemed Ms. Pelosi said, “But also, this Administration is trying to jeopardize, jeopardize, who we are as a nation by making citizenship a question on the Census rolls.  We cannot let that stand.”  She said, “So, this is all part of a whole picture, you see, of undermining the Constitution of the United States, which says every ten years there will be a Census of the people.”  And she went on to add, “It doesn’t say registered voters or anything like that.”  She said, “And Congress has a role in how that happens and we intend–we are asserting our role in that regard.”

So what now has Pelosi’s panties in such a bunch, as well as those of just about every other Democrat?  Well, it’s the fact that the Trump administration planned to include a question on the 2020 Census on the citizenship status of the people counted.  And although it would seem a very reasonable request, it was in January that Democrats found a federal judge in New York willing to rule that the administration could not ask such a question.  And then, earlier this week, yet another federal judge, in California, issued a ruling against allowing the Census to include a citizenship question.

Yet rarely do Democrats ever fret about the undermining of our Constitution when there is a Democrat in the White House, as evidenced by all the screaming they did about just such a thing during Barry ‘O’s tenure in the Oval Office.  I don’t seem to recall any, but then it’s usually the case that such outrage is typically reserved for those times when there is a Republican president.  So as the Supreme Court is now scheduled to hear arguments on the question on April 23, the Democrats continue to expose themselves as being little power-hungry anarchists who hate this country.

And I can only assume that Nancy must have received her ‘Get Into Heaven Free’ pass from ‘Commie Pope’ Francis.  I mean how else could she possibly ever entertain the notion of making it past the ‘Pearly Gates’ after having supported abortion up to and including the date of delivery, aka infanticide, or after her determined efforts to restrict, or deny entirely, those unalienable Rights endowed to ALL Americans by their Creator, or after actively advocating for the destruction of America.  How is it that such behavior can be seen as conducive for entrance into Heaven?  Just sayin’.

So when she finally does leave this Earth, and ‘if’ permitted entrance into Heaven, perhaps Nancy should be more concerned about what ‘she’ might have to say to the ‘Founders?  Will she tell them about all of the babies that were murdered on her watch? And how she not only did nothing to save them, but instead aided and abetted those who took their lives.  And she may want to remember that not only is there a Heaven but also a Hell. And it’s Hell that’s where un-repentant sinners, like herself, spend eternity.  But she needn’t worry, there will likely be plenty of familiar faces.

Democrats seek to flood our nation with as many as possible of those from shit-hole countries all under the guise of diversity and with the intent of turning this country into something it was never meant to be.  Democrats seek to release these illegal immigrants who prey on our citizens back into our communities and shield them from prosecution and deportation all courtesy of their ‘Sanctuary Cities/States’, all while they and their families remain safely ensconced behind walls and in gated communities protected by the best “ARMED” security your tax dollars can buy.

Democrats love to tell us what Jesus would do.  Meanwhile they kill children in the womb, promote every kind of sexual deviancy imaginable, promote an enslaving welfare state, redefine the oldest institution in human history (marriage), refuse to protect our borders allowing criminals to enter, empower government to steal from the people, empower a corrupt inefficient ever-increasing tyrannical government anxious to take away our rights via such things as bogus ‘climate change’ and Obamacare, and every other cockamamie scheme they can come up with.

Democrats seek a one party system of government with, of course, their party being the party in charge of running things.  And what they see as being their surest path to that destination is through the destruction of our sovereignty via the legalization of millions of illegal immigrants regardless of the danger and/or the financial cost to our own citizens.  They fight harder for the protection and care of these criminal illegals (pedophiles, rapists, and murderers) and potentially dangerous ‘refugees’ than they have ever fought for our own citizens, the very people they claim to champion.

And finally on what is just a bit of a side note, Democrats seem to rather enjoy referring to those of us who voted for President Trump, and who still continue to support him, as being “deplorables” and/or the “dregs of society.”  But it’s upon closer inspection that one finds that it is generally those who routinely vote Democrat who can be said to be “deplorables” or the dregs of our society.  They are ones who prefer to live off their fellow Americans and who are always quite happy to sell their vote to whomever promises them the most ‘free’ stuff in exchange for those votes.

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