Whenever you hear a Democrat, ANY Democrat, talking about patriotism you can’t help but wonder what it is that they might be up to.  Because, as we all know, the Democrats have a rather bizarre definition for patriotism, one that is much different, from your typical patriotic American.   For a Democrat nothing says “patriotism” better than working to undermine U.S. sovereignty by facilitating the continuing invasion of foreigners who burden, commit crimes against and depress the wages of American citizens and who have no allegiance to this country or its Constitution.

Which brings me to our less than stellar Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who during a press conference just this past Monday, stated that the House will pass a resolution against President Trump’s national emergency declaration in order to “defend our democracy,” and that the resolution is “about patriotism.”  And I while I suppose that in Pelosi’s rather addled mind, she sees herself as being very ‘patriotic’, when was the last time ANY Democrat, including Pelosi, actually behaved in a manner that reflected a genuine desire on their part to defend our democracy?

Pelosi said, “To defend our democracy, the House will pass Congressman Castro’s privileged resolution to terminate the emergency declaration tomorrow. … This is about the Constitution of the United States. This is not about politics. It’s not about partisanship. It’s about patriotism. And so, again, once we pass this resolution, we will send it over to the Senate. All members, as I say, have taken the oath of office. We would be delinquent in our duties if we did not resist, if we did not fight back to overturn the president’s declaration.”  Right, Democrats defending our democracy.

No Ms. Pelosi, what’s being attempted here by you and your Democrats has nothing whatsoever to do with patriotism.  What it’s really about is small-minded Democrat obstructionism, and petty Democrat Party politics at any cost because of their insatiable lust for power and because of their delusional hatred for our duly elected president.  What we have here, once again, are Democrats exhibiting behavior that is both unpatriotic and anti-America.  So Pelosi can peddle her patriotism spiel to those stupid enough to believe it and therefore stupid enough to vote Democrat.

There’s no question that Pelosi is using her political position to argue that it’s somehow patriotic to enable a foreign invasion, as is her attempt to pass legislation that would actually allow that same foreign invasion to escalate.  And in so doing, she is criminally insane, a traitor, or perhaps both.  Only a psychopath could say with a straight face that the death and misery from an open border is not a problem, and that a barrier to stop it is immoral.  It should be very clear to all what it is that Pelosi and her bunch of Trump-hating Democrats are really trying to do here.

Pelosi absolutely refuses to go to the border and talk with the border patrol and refuses to acknowledge, nor meet with, the Angel Moms.  I think she has a real problem, that’s obvious to most people.  This entire stance is simply opposition to, or resistance of, the Trump presidency. That’s really all there is to it.  They, the Democrats, are willing to use any and all means necessary to deny Trump a victory. Even to the point of bringing to an end the United States as a sovereign nation, and all in the name of achieving, and maintaining, their own political power.

Democrats possess ZERO patriotism and have possessed none for decades.  Their mission is to destroy America, not protect it or save it or make it more prosperous. Nor is it “patriotic” to encourage illegal immigrants to storm our borders en masse with incentives and legal carve-outs for human traffickers.  Patriotism is protecting the citizens of the country they were elected to represent, it is about fulfilling the oath they took when they were elected to office.  That is patriotism!  Not standing with an invading horde of foreign nationals and ignoring your duty and your oath!

Patriotism is first and foremost about regard for the well-being of our fellow Americans and seeing our country flourish and prosper.  What it most definitely is not about is selling out to other countries who want nothing more than to do our country harm. Beside drugs and human trafficking, which should be enough reason to build one, a border wall will help protect us from people who want only to come here as parasites to take advantage of our generous social programs.  Until the people of Mexico create a more stable, law abiding society, we are crazy not to want a wall.

Despite the many claims from the left, President Trump is right to call what is taking place at our southern border a national emergency.  And it is one created by those behind our gang-land sanctuary cities and states.  Not only is this a national emergency because of the number of deaths, injuries, and the loss of property, it is one that has been deliberately created by many leading Democrats and their RINO allies.  It will not go away simply by building ‘The Wall,’ police forces will have to be sent in to end gang sanctuary zones and to fully cooperate with federal agents.

Furthermore any group, supposed charity, or NGO that engages in assisting human smuggling or caravan organizing must have their assets seized.   Personnel overseas engaged in caravan organizing will be ordered to cease and desist, or be barred from re-entry to the U.S., their passport revoked, and banned from any border crossing as a U.S. Citizen (no travel from Guatemala to Mexico, etc.). The only way to solve the current national emergency is to ban all U.S. citizens and U.S.-based groups from recruiting, organizing, and assisting these caravans in any way possible.

It is going to take a concerted effort on the part of all our leaders to get our border situation under control.  And if our current bunch of Democrats are unable, or unwilling, to assist the president in carrying out what is his primary responsibility, it is they, and not he, who must be made to face any and all consequences resulting from their politically motivated refusal to take the action that we all know is necessary.  It is not an act of patriotism to allow things to continue as they are at our border, it is nothing less than an act of treason.  And that’s how their inaction must be defined.

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