Socialism 9

As the list of potential ‘Democrat’ presidential contenders continues to grow, I’m having an increasingly difficult time understanding why any reasonably intelligent person would ever take any of them seriously.  I mean all of the rather insidious rhetoric we continue to hear from them would seem, to me, to be disqualifying for anyone seeking the highest office in the land.  And yet, apparently such is not the case, which gives us great insight regarding the current state of the Democrat Party.

All of those now in the running for the Democrat nomination have made quite clear the agenda they would pursue should we have the misfortune of having any one of them succeed in their endeavor to defeat President Trump.  And it’s an agenda that has much less to do with making America better for all than it does with achieving for the Democrat Party a level of political power that would make it extremely difficult to displace them, which is exactly what they are hoping to accomplish.

And how is it that any of the issues which the Democrats choose to support would come to have a positive impact on the lives of average Americans.  Things like bogus ‘climate change’, massive gun control, men being able to use the ladies room and wide open borders.  Or even Medicare for all that would result in nothing more than worse health care for all and that would be strictly controlled by the government.  How are any of those things a good idea?  And who, exactly, do they benefit?

And so, it should be coming painfully obvious to all that the forces of darkness are on the move, and on a mission to accomplish nothing less than the destruction of America.  And so it is then that each new election becomes more crucial than the one that came before it.  I simply do not understand how it is that any sane individual could even consider EVER voting for any of these people after hearing what it is that they all seem to stand for.  For crying out loud, think of your children!!!

These forces are in fact mobilizing, pulling out all the stops in what is, if allowed to continue, their continuing mission to “fundamentally transform” America, and it will not bode well for those who will come after us.  The pure nonsense that we hear coming from these ‘Democrat’ candidates should cause every rational person to stop and consider what it is that is actually being said.  None of these people should EVER be allowed anywhere any position of power, least of all the ‘presidency!’

For instance, it was on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” that self-described Socialist Bernie Sanders, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, stated that “we have come a long way, I think, in transforming the Democratic Party and making it into a more progressive party.”  And the fact that he somehow sees this as being a good thing should be seen as a red flag, because the Democrat Party, as a whole, has now been moved so far to the left as to make it totally unrecognizable to older folks.

Sanders also said, “I’m proud that we changed the political discourse in this country, that ideas that today are widely accepted, are part of the mainstream, are being supported by many Democratic candidates, if you will recall, three years ago, these ideas [were] considered to be radical and extreme and fringe ideas. So, we have come a long way, I think, in transforming the Democratic Party and making it into a more progressive party.”  That he is proud of what he’s done, tells us everything.

Bernie added, “[M]any of the major issues that I have been talking about for years are now widely supported by the American people.”  Well now, that might be a bit of a stretch.  Because I would argue that while it may be a majority of Democrats who support those issues of which Bernie speaks, it is not a majority of the American people who support many of them, and definitely not in the manner which Bernie, and many of his fellow leftists, is calling for them to be supported.

Bernie stated that if he becomes president, we must “move rapidly” in addressing issues, especially if “the disaster of Trump” ends up lasting four years.  He said that if he is elected, “there’s going to be a sense of urgency. We are not going to do things the same old way. We have major crises in this country, and especially after four years of the disaster — of what will be the disaster of Trump, if he lasts four years, we’re going to have to move rapidly in addressing issue after issue after issue.”

But Bernie is far from being the only perspective candidate who can be labeled as being a Socialist.  But he is the one who is the most upfront about what he is.  But I can’t help but wonder what exactly “the disaster of Trump” might be that he makes reference to?  Is the disaster the uptick in our economy?  Or might the disaster be the renegotiated trade deals that place more priority on fairness and our interests?  Or is the drop in our overall unemployment the disaster to Bernie makes reference to?

Or might “the disaster of Trump” be the fact that we now have the lowest minority unemployment numbers in history, or would it be the millions who are now off of food stamps because they have good jobs defending our border against invasion, or could “the disaster of Trump” be how we are now creating a more business friendly environment or reducing regulations that harm business development?  Are these all of the things that have Bernie’s, and his socialist friend’s diapers in such a twist?

The term “progressive” comes from the debate the Communist Party in America had when trying to determine how best to work toward a complete takeover of this country.  One side wanted a Cuba like violent revolution while the other side wanted a slower, less obvious way of taking over America. They were (and are) called “progressives” because of their goal is to progressively add Socialist ideology and policies to America until this country becomes just another Communist state.

The left loves to dehumanize and belittle and diminish in order to puff themselves up and make themselves feel superior and potent.  By using a word like “disaster” to describe all of Trump’s successes, the ‘Democrats hope to justify their insane and archaic ideology as being the ‘solution’ to ‘fix’ the nonexistent ‘disaster’ that they now claim exists because of President Trump.  According to Bernie, and his fellow Socialists, it would seem that one man’s successes are another man’s disaster.

Democrats motivate by fear-mongering, class warfare, virtue signaling and mass victimization.   None of these leftists from Bernie, to Warren to Harris or Booker, not one of them, has ever had to work for a living.  They have been pampered for their entire lives. God help us if any one of these leftwing nuts becomes our president. The young kids today know absolutely nothing about Socialism or Communism. They think it’s great that everyone gets a trophy and everyone shares the wealth.

In all of human history nothing has been progressive when compared to Christianity, the Declaration, the American Revolution, the ensuing Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  Why?  Because the whole point of America was to culminate all of the progress humans have made into a nation built on philosophical and moral principles. If the platform isn’t Americanism then it’s just the same old centrally planned tyranny. If it’s not about defending liberty then it becomes about pushing tyranny.

Socialism/Communism is unworkable in the real world because such schemes ignore human nature while at the same time it ignoring economic reality. Elites always believe that somehow they will be smart enough to get it to work, regardless of the fact that it always fails.  Make no mistake here, the current plan is to overwhelm and collapse an already successful capitalist economy where the bureaucracy and infrastructure are already in place and replace it with a socialist government.

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