Biden 11

Apparently ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden thought that the original American apology tour executed by his former boss, came off so well that he thought he would give it a try himself.  And so our ex-vice president chose to blast President Trump in everything but name at a recent defense summit, as he declared America “an embarrassment” before our European ‘allies.’  ‘Creepy Joe’, in an extended apology that prompted loud applause from the delegates at the NATO Munich Security Conference Saturday, suggested the United States had abandoned its bedrock principles and commitment to Europe.  And the response to his comments made clear just how willing those in attendance were to ‘overlook’ years of, dare I say, his perverted behavior.

So in demonstrating that same rather questionable character flaw routinely displayed by our not so illustrious, and most recent, ex-president, it was in once again in violating a decades-old tradition of leaving politics at home when addressing foreign nationals that ‘Creepy Joe’, a potential 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, spent much of his speech suggesting America had violated its commitment to “human decency” and other cornerstones of democracy. ‘Creepy Joe’ has said that he wishes to restore “civility” and “respect” to American politics.  ‘Creepy’ asserted, “The America I see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents or turning our back on refugees at our border. Americans know that’s not right.”

‘Creepy Joe’, said, “The American people understand plainly that this makes us an embarrassment. The American people know, overwhelmingly, that it is not right. That it is not who we are.”  And he would then go on to say, “While I cannot speak today as an elected government official who is able to set policy, I can speak as a citizen. I can offer insight into my country. I know we’ve heard a lot today about leadership, but in my experience, leadership only exists if somebody — and others — are with you. Leadership in the absence of people who are with you is not leadership.”  Once again we have a guy trying to define something that he knows absolutely nothing about.  And that ‘Creepy’ might view himself as being a ‘leader’ is really rather comical.

And while ‘Creepy Joe’ was in the midst of his administration critique, he suggested it was wrong “to disagree with your brothers and sisters in public. Today because of, I think, a lack of leadership coming from the other side of the Atlantic, we find ourselves in a different place, and it’s uncomfortable.”  ‘Creepy Joe’ suggested hope was on the way as he discussed his two-year trek across America “from Minnesota to Texas, from Boston to Birmingham,” in search of answers he claimed to have found.  And he said, “I can assure you, that the American people, the ultimate wellspring of power in the United States of America, remain committed to engaging the world with decency and respect.”  A Democrat talking about decency and respect.  Laughable!

Let’s be honest here, if we’re going to be truly serious when talking about what is, and is not, an embarrassment, we need look no further than ‘Creepy Joe’ himself, because in him we have an individual who for his entire public career has been an example of the ultimate embarrassment.  Whether we’re talking plagiarism, lying about his academic record, making comically clumsy racialist remarks about Indians, blacks and Jews, repeated groping of women and young girls, parading nude in front of female Secret Service officers and probably other things I can’t recall, would rather forget about, or don’t know about.  That this would be the man Democrats would actually find suitable for president, makes pretty clear the sad state of the party.

In short ‘Creepy Joe’ is more than just a bit daft. Why would any American EVER choose to apologize to Europe, the home of monarchy, classism, colonialism, slavery, pogroms, communism, socialism, senseless wars that killed tens of millions, extermination camps, and even today restricting the rights of free speech and self- defense?  Since it first came into being, America has always been viewed as an improvement over where it was that the majority of our ancestors came from.  And over the centuries that has only been proven to be more the case.  Europe has been a disaster since we saved it from the Nazis.  And how do they continue to show their gratitude for said rescue?  By applauding such scum as Barry and Creepy Joe.

I do find it odd that ‘Creepy Joe’ would choose to discuss what he called a lack of leadership.  After all, Barry ‘O’ was the absentee in chief during his entire time in office.  Eight years of a drowning economy and calling it the new normal, is that leadership? Taking $150 Billion of taxpayer money without congressional approval and giving it to Iran secretly is honorable?   Weaponizing the IRS FBI DOJ against American citizens just because they have a different opinion is decent and respectful? Letting people die in Benghazi for no other reason than because it was too close to his re-election is leadership?  Running guns into a neighboring country and never informing that country of the operation, was that helping basic human decency in Mexico?

Amongst the plethora of political waste that has continued to come from ‘Creepy Joe’ for what seems like forever, the traitorous, seditious drivel spewed by this imbecile on European soil ranks as a new low. Loyal members of his Democrat Party will undoubtedly praise his despicable comments, but decent people with brains and a bit of commonsense will undoubtedly see it as the ravings of an evil unpatriotic lunatic. Hopefully there are number ‘people in the middle’ who will see to it that this creepy old letch never ever gets within five miles of the White House if he succeeds in rising to the top of what’s sure to be a Democrat freak show vying for the privilege of picking up the drive to Socialism from where it was that Barry ‘O’ left off.

But ‘Creepy Joe’ is finally right about something, America has become a bit of an embarrassment.  But not to Europeans, and most certainly not because of President Trump nor his millions of supporters. It has become an embarrassment because both political parties, but especially Democrats, have now nearly completely abandoned our Constitution.  While one party is filled with fascists and Marxists and the other is filled with spineless wimps.  Both parties are filled with corrupt political ‘swamp’ creatures interested in serving no one but themselves. I doubt that there is more than a handful of honest, patriotic American men or women to be found anywhere in Congress and I am certain that not a single one of them would be a Democrat.

And it was odd that Creepy Joe’ would declare America to be “an embarrassment” before a bunch of European ‘allies’ who for decades were only too happy to allow American taxpayers to cover the cost of their national defense.  No wonder these parasites applauded this dunce.  And ‘Creepy Joe’ talked about President Trump putting children in cages when actually it was Barry ‘O’ who caged helpless children back in 2014.  But hey, that was a different time and a different president, a Democrat president, so no harm, no foul.  The perception is that Democrat presidents can do no wrong no matter how corrupt or incompetent they may be.  Apparently that may be something that ‘Creepy Joe’ thinks he may have going in his favor.

With all of their talk of diversity and acceptance, the Democrat Party of today is really little more than a melting pot of all manner of perverts, pedophiles, anti-Semites, unemployable losers, welfare queens, drug-infested hippies, eco-crazies, Marxist maniacs, America haters, border haters, carbon fuels haters, Bolshevik blowhards, social engineering scamsters, lying thieves, toilet-mouthed crackpots, minions of Satan and just plain ordinary folks commonly referred to as, trailer-park trash and broodmares.  Hence the reason that more than a few polls now seem to show ‘Creepy Joe’, someone who has NEVER had a job outside of government, as being the favorite, at least for now, to take on President Trump in 2020.

By all means, sign on to the Democrat Party and with any one of the growing crowd seeking to be the one to “take down President Trump!”  And in so doing, resist keeping more of your own money, more jobs for ALL, securing our border, addressing foreign affairs failures of the career swamp creatures and keeping government from existing for its own benefit. Resist it ALL!  Your liberal betters depend on idiots like you to repeat their tripe while thinking that you are just so enlightened. While you turn envy and resentment into a lifestyle, they prosper and you get smug satisfaction from supporting policy that hurts your fellow Americans for no other reason than because they made better decisions than you. Good for you.

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