Hitlery 33

When trying to determining if that which is now taking place at our southern border might actually qualify as a national emergency, who better to answer that question than Hitlery, that two time loser in the arena of presidential politics.  That said, it was just this past Sunday on something called, “The Circus”, which is broadcast on ‘Showtime’, that Hitlery made it quite clear that President Trump should not declare a national emergency to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border because she argued there is “no national emergency at our border.”  But as is so often the case with Democrats, one person’s national emergency is another person’s voter drive.  Because make no mistake, if we’re being honest here, that’s exactly what’s taking place.

Hitlery said, “I just don’t think you should call national emergencies unless there truly is a national emergency. There’s no national emergency at our border. And he’s frustrated because he can’t even get his own party to support his request. And he shouldn’t be breaking new ground and causing new precedents that really may come back to not only haunt him, but our country. He should go through regular order. He couldn’t get Congress when he had Republican control. He can’t get it now. Then work with Congress. Every Democrat, every Republican wants to do what is right to secure our border. They disagree with his demand that there is only one way to do that.”  I’m sure she sees no need, whatsoever, for any urgent action to be taken.

But if she doesn’t see what’s taking place at the borders as qualifying as a national emergency then I’d like to know what it is that might meet Hitlery’s criteria for doing so. Now keep in mind that Gallup says five million Latin Americans plan to migrate to the U.S. in the next 12 months, and an estimated 42 million more say they want to enter.  To my way of thinking, if that doesn’t constitute a national emergency then I don’t know what does.  Make no mistake, this is a wholesale invasion of our country, and it must be stopped by all available means.  Because if we fail, we will lose the country and follow in the footsteps of Europe, never to return.  But then, that’s exactly what the Democrats and they’re allies on the left would like to see happen.

Look, you don’t need to be a genius to be able to recognize that it’s the Left in this country that represents a bona fide national emergency!  The Left, of which Hitlery is most definitely a proud member, wants nothing less than to destroy America as we know it, and by any means necessary. And if this onslaught of illegal immigrants is not national emergency then may I ask, what the Hell is?  The Democrats need a new voting bloc, that’s clear. And the RINOs want to keep labor costs down, that’s also very clear. And it’s the behavior of both that should now be considered as being nothing short of treasonous.  This is not why we elect these people, but then once they are safely sworn in it matters little why they were elected, only that they were.

For anyone not looking through the prism of politics it’s become painfully obvious that what we see going on at our southern border, and on a daily basis, has now become a national emergency.  We are a sovereign nation, and as such we have borders, and we should be able to keep outside those borders all except those who come with some skill or ability that allows them to contribute to making our country better.  Simply being willing to work for less than those who are born here, or those who come here legally, should not be viewed as a sufficient reason for entry.  Americans are required by our country to pay taxes, abide by the laws and in some cases to give up our children in protecting America.  Our country owes us the ability to protect ourselves.

And does anyone doubt that if there was a snowball’s chance in Hell that even a fraction of those coming into this country illegally would be voting for Republicans as soon as they could get their grubby little hands on a ballot, that every single Democrat, Hitlery included, would be screaming at the top of their lungs about there being a national emergency on the southern border and about the need to build a wall as a high as one could be built.  But since that is not the case all we continue to hear from Democrats is about how it’s either immoral to want to build a wall or just plain racist.  Hence we end up where we are with President Trump being left with few options of getting done that which he promised us he would do, build ‘The Wall.’

Unfortunately, Hitlery, like ex-president Barry, is still doing enormous damage to this nation even though she are no longer ‘officially employed’ in our government. Both are receiving financial support from anti-American, special interest groups and both are working against this nation.  She was selected to complete the destruction of this country that was begun by Barry.  Just be thankful that that didn’t happen. Hitlery needs to go back into the woods. She seems oblivious to the effects of illegal entry across our southern border.  Crime, drugs, people with communicable diseases, job displacement, demands on healthcare and infrastructure, schools, etc. This view by Hitlery is common among Democrats, ALL of whom want open, porous borders.

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