Once upon a time we were told, by a Democrat then running for president, a tail of “two Americas” in which the teller of the story was referring to social stratification in American society.  The year was 2004 and the candidate was John Edwards who in telling his story was referencing America’s haves and have-nots.  But more recently, this tail of two Americas has been revised so as to be more about the direction this country should now be headed.  Because there is now a growing number of politicians advocating for America to abandon completely that which allowed her to become the most prosperous, and the freest, nation in all of human history, and accept Socialism.

And it’s after Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, and the Democrat reaction to it, that alarm bells should now be going off in the head of every freedom loving American.  In a way, the entire experience, besides being a little bizarre, was more than a little revealing.  Now for the record I did watch both the president and the so-called response from Ms. Abrams.  And the one striking thing that I noticed was how, unlike past years, this year the address and the corresponding response was less about the differing views of where we should go as a country than it was about making clear   the divide that now seems to exist between the opinions of WHO we are as a country.

First, of course, we had President Trump.  He delivered a speech which was peppered with the various types of policy proposals that we have come to expect from a State of the Union Address.  What was different about this speech was that it was also full of celebrations of America and Americans.  In a sense it was a rallying cry for American exceptionalism.  And what was more than a little bizarre was how the Democrats chose to react to it.  I mean, you’d expect them to disagree with and/or disapprove of certain policy proposals but most Democrats refused even to applaud the idea of a government-led push to eradicate AIDS in 10 years.  Which was strange.

And when the president talked about ending human trafficking and the smuggling of narcotics by drug cartels, Democrats again didn’t seem to be the least bit interested.  So, are we now to assume that for some strange reason they actually support human and drug smuggling?  What else are we to think if they seem to oppose measures to fight them?  And on the issue of improving health care for our Veterans, Democrats again sat on their hands.  On the concept of freedom and the United States never becoming a socialist country, it was again silence from the left. Democrats didn’t even applaud a booming economy and record low black and Hispanic unemployment.

But the different visions of what our country is didn’t end with the president’s speech. Nope, not by a long shot, because it was with the official “Democrat Response” that the night became even stranger.  Stacey Abrams, yet to admit defeat in the 2018 race for Georgia governor, delivered an official response that amounted to little more than a personal list of reasons for why she thinks she lost her election.   She seems to be following the Hitlery model of blaming everyone, and everything, but herself for the fact that she lost.  It would seem that the ONLY way Democrats can lose elections today is because of racism, misogyny or because someone cheated.

This ‘response’ seemed unlike any other I have ever bothered sticking around to listen to.  Abrams started off with a story about her father who allegedly gave his jacket to a homeless man.  And it was from there that she launched into an endorsement of collectivism.  And apparently the moral of her bizarre story was, “We do not succeed alone.”  Now if the story about her father is true, it was an action that he took on his own, an act of individual charity, which is almost uniquely American.  Democrats, however, want to use the power of government to force people into giving their jackets to others. That isn’t charity, nor is it freedom, that, my friends, is tyranny.

And again it was in Ms. Abrams seeming to make things up as she went along that she went on to declare, “Under the current administration, far too many hard-working Americans are falling behind, living paycheck to paycheck, most without labor unions to protect them from even worse harm.  The Republican tax bill rigged the system against working people. Rather than bringing back jobs, plants are closing, layoffs are looming and wages struggle to keep pace with the actual cost of living.”  What we have here is an example of propaganda in its purest form.  She knew what she was saying had no resemblance to the truth, but she said it anyway, she had to.

People living paycheck to paycheck aren’t living beyond their means, they’re victims. Those not in unions haven’t chosen not to join one, they’re being denied it somehow. There are more jobs than people looking for work, but no one can find a job and the economy is in mid-collapse.   There is today in America, an entire industry made up of politicians, all manner of celebrities and the wealthy, on the left working non-stop in an effort to convince people that no matter how good things appear, they’re really awful. In fact they’re worse than awful.  And the ‘fake news’ media is right there to drive the point home, by backing up all of the false claims with all manner of lies.

And while they will deny it, the dirty little secret is that the Democrats can survive only by convincing people that they’re victims, that they will be unable to get ahead without their help, without government. They seek to enslave people by creating a dependency on government ‘benefits’, it’s the key to their success.  And such was the point that Ms. Abrams was trying so hard to drive home during her silly attempt at responding to President Trump’s address on Tuesday night.  I’d like to think that most folks were able to recognize it for what it was, an attempt to make folks see things not as they really are, but instead how it is that the Democrats wish them to be.

And finally, if Democrats are actually right, and things are so bad here in America, then why is it that there are thousands of migrants lining up at our southern border wanting to come here?  Why don’t they head south to Costa Rica or to Panama, both reasonably well-developed nations with good economies, low cost of living and plenty of job opportunities?  And why aren’t we seeing thousands of Americans fleeing this racist, sexist, misogynistic country where those awful capitalists want nothing more than to exploit you and keep you down?  The answer is a relatively simply one, there is still no country anywhere that provides one the same opportunities as America.

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