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Can someone please help me to understand how it is that creepy Democrats feel that it is they who are somehow morally superior? I mean here we have an entire political party that has absolutely no problem with the butchering of babies, apparently right up to the time of delivery, and even after, as well as the selling of their body parts, that condones, and even encourages, the killing of police officers, and is excepting of the grotesque behavior being committed by those in this country illegally, and yet still they have the audacity to accuse Republicans of being the ones who have no morals.

It was Sunday at ‘fake news’ headquarters (CNN) on “Reliable Sources,” that Howard Dean, Democrat, said Republicans “have no morals at all.”  Discussing the controversy over Ralph Northam’s yearbook page, Dean said, “I don’t know Ralph Northam. I believe he’s a decent person, but I think he has to resign. He just can’t be effective as a governor after something like this.”  He said, “The ground is shifting underneath people’s feet. People are not going to put up with this stuff anymore. Maybe they would have put up with it in the past, but they’re not going to put up with it now.”

CNN host Brian Stelter asked, “Do you see a double standard at play?” referencing, “President Trump’s own racist history.”  Dean said, “Oh sure, there is among the Republicans. They have no morals at all. I mean, Republicans are happy to ask Ralph Northam to resign. They have a much worse guy who is heading their party. It’s ridiculous.”  Again, as it always does with these unhinged leftwing nutjobs, it comes back to President Trump.  It’s like they have nothing else.  All of us who voted for President Trump are nothing more than a bunch of racists.  It’s just plain ludicrous.

What’s amazing about people like Dean is that they keep crawling out of their sewer trying to outdo each other with increasingly radical claims. There is no leadership anymore in this odd assortment of freaks and perverts, and I have no doubt that their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ will eventually cause them to simply implode. They will come to be exposed if we continue to fight back.  No morals?  By what standard? The guy who’s ok with “killing” a child ‘after’ birth or the fact that on his “personal” year book page there’s a guy in black face smiling alongside a guy in a KKK outfit?

All of this is pretty rich coming from a member of the party that cheers on the murder of viable children, boos God at their convention and sides with every loathsome and barbaric revolutionary on the planet.  This is the party that hates America, free speech, our military and Vets, law enforcement, firearms, petroleum, Christians, small government, the Electoral College, legal immigration and voter ID. They love and champion everything that is detrimental to American’s interest.  Dean is just another on what has now become what is a very long list of mentally ill Democrats.

And how is it that this CNN boob, Brian Stelter, feels justified in accusing President Trump of having a racist history.  It was Trump who just a few years back was being cheered by the likes of both Sharpton and Jackson.  And Ive not found anything to do with race in his attempts to improve our country, just the opposite is true. After all, minority unemployment is now the lowest that it has been in decades!  Yet Dean and the Democrats continue to put forward the claim that it is they who are somehow the protectors of minorities when it their policies that continue to hold minorities down.

And if I now have this right, the ONLY ones to possess morals are the very same ones who have supported 55 million abortions, those who support open borders, or the taking away from law abiding citizens their right to own firearms, or wish to provide free education for all and illegals, free health care for all and illegals (at a cost of $32 Trillion) who supports a guaranteed income, who supports a 90% income tax, who supports the stupid green energy policy and who supports sanctuary cities and states. Meanwhile it’s Republicans who oppose these things who are said to have no morals.

So once again we have the same ignorant drivel coming from yet another mentally deranged and Godless Democrat who hates America.  Democrats, including this moral degenerate, Howard Dean, are nothing more than domestic terrorists, they are the true enemies of our great nation and little more than Satan’s lapdogs.  These people form the most twisted, sick and perverted political party ever to exist on our planet. Democrats always try to hide their perversions by blaming others, but they can hide them no longer. Their hate and love of tyranny shine through for all to see today.

So, we’re supposed to believe that President Trump has a history of racism.  Yet, all that’s been put forward as being supposed proof of this claim has been all manner of unsubstantiated rumor and disgusting innuendo.  And apparently because I support him in wanting a wall and to have illegal immigrants deported I too have been labeled as being a racist.  Why is it considered as being racist to want those coming into our country to do so in a legal manner, and to do so according to our laws?  What do they think gives them the right to come to this country simply because they want to?

Progressives like Dean continue to push an increasingly radical plot against our president that remains totally devoid of facts. Meanwhile they have numerous, and undeniable, perpetrators of racism and bigotry within their own ranks and yet they simply choose to ignore them, denying even that they exist.  And it is from their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media that get all manner of assistance in that endeavor.  It’s the Democrat Party that remains racism’s safest place in this country, and it will remain that way until enough Democrats abandon their party for something better.

And it is everything that Democrats accuse President Trump of being that they themselves are and on a much grander, and far worse scale.  President Trump may be some things but what he most definitely is not is a racist. And the very last people who should be lecturing anyone regarding the definition of morality, or racism, is about anyone who calls himself a Democrat.  And the longer they accuse him of being what it is that he so very clearly he is not, the more they reveal their true selves and just how dangerous they have become to freedom in this country.  They are evil.


  1. Alveda King was on Laura Ingraham show last week and she said it perfectly

    About how the KKK Planned Parenthood and the DemoKKKrats go hand in hand from years ago and still today


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