If you spend any amount of time listening to just about anyone in either our ‘fake news’ media or in the Democrat Party you likely could not help but come to the conclusion that every police force in the country, regardless of its size, has now declared open season on black males.  However, if one were to take the time to look a little deeper it would soon become very obvious that such is not the case.  Because in fact there were 15 shooting deaths by police of unarmed black men in the United States in all of 2018, and it’s that information that comes to us by way of official data compiled by The Washington Post.   Which is not exactly a publication known for being either conservative or friendly to those in law enforcement.

These figures come despite what has become a growing and rather widespread public outcry that has characterized police shootings of blacks as being the single most critical issue facing the black community today.  And yet, it’s year after year that the numbers simply do not backup the claims.  Democrats, as well as their allies in ‘fake news’, continue to work very hard in their effort to advance a narrative that has both the police, and the country, as being racist, and doing so by touting numbers that are completely bogus.  And in their effort to get their base worked up, they choose to ignore what has become the real crisis in the black community, the fact the thousands of blacks who are shot every year by those who are not police.

Just as a for instance, it was the Baltimore Sun that reported that there were 217 blacks in Baltimore killed in shootings, while The Los Angeles Times said that 124 black victims were shot and killed in Los Angeles in 2018, and the Chicago Tribune reported that 279 blacks were killed last year.  So in three of our largest cities there was a total of 620 blacks murdered with nary a word coming from ANYONE on the left. So where’s the outrage?  Does anyone remember hearing anything from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?  It’s precisely this lack of attention to the biggest problem concerning violence in black communities that leads many to suspect that, at least for Democrats, black lives don’t really matter, just black votes.

And it is rarely, if ever, that you hear from any Democrat politician, any of their many allies employed by the ‘fake news’ media or any of the many Democrat Party advocates right there within the black community speak about what has become the number one issue in the black community.  And that is the issue of blacks killing blacks and in increasing numbers.  And why do you suppose that is?  Well the answer is very simple really, politics.  Yup!  You see blacks killing blacks simply doesn’t fit the proper narrative, especially when it comes to the left’s continuing mission against law enforcement and their desire to create the impression that there is need for greater gun control.  To Democrats, blacks, even dead ones, are just pawns.

It is data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which showed that in 2017, there were 2,627 murders of blacks that were committed by other blacks in America.  And this is happening every year and all across the country there within the black community.  And in choosing to focusing on the issue of black on black violence is not meant to in any way to excuse those legitimate cases of police brutality. In such cases, the officers involved should be (and often are) charged and convicted.  It’s simply an honest effort to put things into their proper perspective.  And not to diminish the fact that there were 15 deaths at the hands of police, it’s a far cry from the 2600 who died at the hands of other blacks.

So, just 0.01 percent of all murders committed against blacks in the United States are a result of officer-involved shootings.  Or to state this a bit more clearly, 99.99 percent of all murders of blacks in the United States are non-police related.   So it should be pretty clear, even to Democrats, that America’s black communities certainly do have a problem with shootings, it just so happens that it’s not the police who are the ones pulling most of the triggers.  And the sad thing here is that until those on the left, which would most certainly include the Democrat Party, makes this much more of a priority, precious little is really going the change.  Democrats are far more interested in politics than in preventing violence in the black community.

And until blacks finally wake up to the fact that Democrats aren’t really their friends, not much regarding their fate is going to change.  I mean how many black deaths is it every year that can be traced directly back to Democrat policies?  For example, if you take the number of deaths resulting from the archaic gun laws in so many of our Democrat controlled cities and add that to the number of black babies aborted every year, the number is absolutely staggering. And yet blacks continue to vote for those whose only interest appears to be in killing them.  Blacks are being sold down the river by the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, to name only two, by being convinced that it’s those evil Republicans who wish to return them to the days of lynching. It’s a lie!

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