I continue to be more than a little perplexed at how it is that anyone in the Democrat Party, even those you consider themselves life-long members of the party, can in anyway be accepting of the party’s agenda when it comes to our current, and growing illegal immigration problem.  And make no mistake it is a problem, and one of the more serious problems that we face, and will continue to face until we have  politicians willing to act in a responsible, and not a political, manner.  After all, we now have Democrats openly advocating that those in this country illegally are actually entitled to free health care and should also be permitted to vote in local elections.

While many of us on the outside looking in see this as running completely counter to how things are supposed to operate, according to our Constitution, a growing number of Democrat politicians seem to be getting onboard with it.  But I do have to wonder if the rank and file actually agree with this trend of very dangerous thinking?  Because how is it that ANYONE in this country illegally should benefit from any taxpayer funded program and should be permitted to vote in ANY election.  To me that’s nothing short of insane, and more than anything should make very clear that the Democrats are more concerned with obtaining power than with anything else.

And I’m always a bit surprised whenever I see a car with a bumper sticker that says, “Proud Democrat,” and I try to figure out why it is exactly that they are so proud to be a member of a party that appears to be so determined in its efforts to destroy this country.  I mean, do they too hate this country?  Are they not the least bit concerned about where the party that they are so proud to be a member of stands on such things as immigration, taxes and the military.  And do these proud Democrats also believe that it is Socialism that offers to the American people a better way of life despite the mountain of evidence that shows it has never worked anywhere it has ever been tried?

And I also think that you would be very justified in saying that it’s also the Democrat Party that is most responsible for our ongoing, and very deadly, war on law enforcement.  Democrats incite people by claiming that police officers are somehow nothing more than a bunch of over-zealous racists who are just chomping at the bit for an opportunity to kill some unsuspecting, and totally innocent, black male.  And then when yet another of a growing number of our police officers is killed in the line of duty they claim to have no responsibility or to have played virtually any role in the death of the officer.  That’s more than a bit disingenuous, it’s a blatant lie!

And how is it that anyone with even an ounce of commonsense remains unable to recognize how the Democrats, along with their many friends in the ‘fake news’ media, will latch onto some word or phrase and repeat it in concert and yet somehow we’re all supposed to believe that all of these ‘brilliant’ people just spontaneously came up with the very same word or phrase.  Do they really think we’re that stupid?  Which is not to say that there are not in fact a great many people out there who really are that stupid.  And to prove that we need only to look at the number of those morons who still continue to vote Democrat in every single election.

And it would seem that even the most devoted Democrat, if they’re being honest with themselves, would have to call into question the blatant unreasonableness of the demands now being made by the leaders of their party on the matter of illegal immigration, and not just as it pertains to the wall.  Especially when the position taken today by Democrats, who call a border wall immoral, is 180 degrees out from what these same Democrats were saying not 40 of 50 years ago, but less than 10 years ago.  It would seem that such hypocritical behavior would make blatantly obvious the naked politics regarding the issue today.  But it seems not to matter to so many.

I’ve never been one capable of understanding how it is that anyone who genuinely loves this country could ever come to support any politician of the Democrat persuasion.  My confusion in this regard has only become more pronounced especially as the party has continued with what has been, over the course of the last 10 years, or so, its less than gradual shift to the left.  And when it comes to those who claim to have a rather long family history of being Democrats I would think even they could see that the Democrat Party of today in no way whatsoever resembles the party that was likely to be supported by their grandfather or even their father.

And lastly, are there really that many proud Democrats who, more than two years later, still have yet to move beyond the fact that, yes, Hitlery lost the 2016 election?  And who refuse to accept the fact that she lost not because of some mythical involvement by the Russians, but rather because, and only because, she was a horrible candidate who was under the misguided notion that there were enough people who would vote for her because they would see it as being her turn.  If that is in fact the case then the Democrat Party of Andrew Jackson through John Kennedy truly is dead and there is now quite literally no hope of ever bringing it back.

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