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Call me silly, but I keep hoping there will finally come a day when racist losers like Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton are no longer listened to, by anybody.  When he will spew his racist, hate-filled rhetoric and people will simply turn their back on him.  But apparently we are still a very long way away from that day as there remains in this country people who still listen to, and actually believe, all of his hate-filled noise.

And it was just this past Wednesday that Sharpton joined fellow racist Tom Joyner on Joyner’s morning radio show and commented on President Trump’s Tuesday night address on border security.  Old ‘Bull Horn’ said, “Many people last night wasted their time watching the president give an emergency address to the nation when the only real emergency is him. He’s the emergency, getting him out of office.”

And of course he went on to say, “He said nothing he hasn’t been saying for the last three years; when he was running and two years as president.”  And then he added, “This is as bizarre and as bogus as you can get.”  And if there is anyone who knows a thing or two about being bogus, it’s bobble-headed old Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton.  Perhaps Al should focus just a bit more on paying his overdue taxes.  But I digress.

The truly sad thing here is that Sharpton is no more concerned about the plight of those in the black community than he is about a cloudy day.  Because if he was he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with the president when it comes to keeping out of this country those who continue to enter illegally.  Strangely, the ones most often made to suffer the most from the effects of illegal immigration, are blacks.

And it says much about our first black president that his go to guy on all matters having to do with race was someone like Sharpton.  Which explains how it was that over the course of Barry’s eight year reign race relations in this country not only deteriorated, but remain worse than they have been in decades.  I suppose we should consider ourselves fortunate that things are not worse than they are.

And frankly, I’m not sure what sort of event will need to take place before blacks are finally able to recognize the fact that Sharpton does not have their best interest at heart.  And see that the ONLY thing which Al Sharpton truly cares about is, Al Sharpton.  But he is far from being the only one who works very hard to make sure blacks remain very firmly on the Democrat plantation, there are also many others.

Let’s face it, what has this bigot on a soap box ever done that actually helps the black community?  Does he encourage school choice, does he fight against illegals that end up taking jobs away from Black Americans?  Nope, because all of his power comes from working to keep those in the black community right where they are seen as belonging, the Democrat plantation.  He is a very well paid, modern day overseer.

So there are losers and then there are real losers, and it’s the longer that blacks continue to feed into what they hear from Sharpton, the longer it will take them to make it ahead from where they are now.  The choice is theirs.  They know the guy is a fraud, or at least they should.  They’re certainly not as stupid as he apparently thinks they are.  I really don’t understand the infatuation blacks continue to have with him.

There is one explanation, although I doubt you’d find anyone willing to agree.  It’s common knowledge that Sharpton is a racist.  And it’s at the same time that he continues to decry how it is that racism still exists in America.  What you never hear from him is how it is that blacks are more apt to exhibit racist behavior than are whites, which might explain his continued support from within the black community.

Those on the left, of which Sharpton is most definitely one, still apparently think that Trump elected himself president, and that all they need to do is to get rid of him and all will be right in their world. They fail to recognize that half the country hates their policies and their partisan, do-nothing-but-resist freak show. They seem to have forgotten that voters elected the president and voters continue to support his agenda.

Their ideas can’t compete and their strategy of ‘resist, resist, resist’ simply is not a winning strategy.  Their only hope of being able to continue as a viable political party is to create for themselves a new base of voters courtesy of illegal immigrants and by allowing felons to be able to vote.  Democrats are a desperate party, one that squashes new ideas, defends the status quo, does not negotiate and imports voters.

Other than random appearances with buddies like Joyner, or the occasional stumbling across his show on MSNBC, you don’t really hear that much from Sharpton anymore now that he doesn’t have unfettered access to the White House.  But, once a race-pimp, always a race pimp.  It’s a shame, really, that Sharpton is more concerned about his own influence rather than the well-being of his ‘community.’

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