There’s an old adage, that I’m sure all are very aware of, that says, be careful what you wish for.  And in watching the rather bizarre performance last night of Chuckie and Nancy in rebutting President Trump’s Oval Office address to the American people, I couldn’t help wondering why they bothered.  Because, quite frankly, I don’t think they accomplished all that much, if anything, in trying to further their cause.

Democrats had demanded they get equal time to respond to the president’s first Oval Office address on border security, but must now be having second thoughts.  Nancy and Chuckie prompted mocking on social media after they delivered a rather wooden rebuttal while squished together behind one podium.  Their silly scolding reminded many of that time they got busted for taking their parents’ car out without asking.

And their choice of a backdrop, a hallway with red walls, also seemed a little odd to many, actually drawing a comparison to the old horror movie ‘The Shining.’  And one journalist asked why there were six flags behind Pelosi and Schumer and it was another who responded saying, “One for each ring of Hell.” To me the entire thing seemed like just another unfunny skit one might see on Saturday Night Live.

And it was Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), who released a statement comparing President Trump’s address to that of Chuck and Nancy’s.  She said, “Tonight, Americans saw their president fighting for a solution to fund our government while protecting American citizens, versus the approach of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer which is to resist, resist, resist at all costs.”

Everything about this staged event served as such a distraction that I can’t help but wonder how many of those folks who stuck around to listen actually heard anything that they said.  But even then, neither Pelosi nor Schumer really had much to say.  So one wonders why it was that they were so adamant in their demand to get equal time in the first place, because they did little more than to simply go through the motions.

And now while I am no expert when it comes to such things, to see Chuckie, and Nancy, continue in their effort to portray the events at our southern border as being some sort of a “manufactured crisis” just didn’t seem to be a smart move, at least to me.  And so I really don’t think that Chuckie, or Nancy, did their party any favors.  The smarter move may have been to simply allow the president to make his case.

But instead all these two succeeded in doing was to draw unwanted attention to the fact that it’s the Democrats, and not the president, who are responsible for this continuing crisis at our southern border!  And I doubt very much that they accomplished any of what they were very much hoping to.  And wouldn’t you think that two boobs, who have been around forever, could have done a much better job?

Chuckie and Nancy’s real problem is that they don’t have any rebuttal, at least not one that makes any sense. They can’t very well tell the truth, that they really want a never-ending stream of illegal aliens flowing across our border and into our welfare system, and who will then vote Democrat to keep the freebies coming. Uncontrolled immigration is the road to retaining and expanding their power.

I really think the both of them were in shock at just how eloquent and how, dare I say, presidential the president came across last night. They had prepared themselves to be the contrast to the president’s bombastic manner and in the end they both knew they both had gotten snookered. Then they stood there like statues as they gave their rebuttal in a speech that was really pretty lame when compared to President Trump’s.

Chuckie and Pelosi were prepared for to declare a national emergency and when he didn’t they were caught with their pants down. What we saw from the president was a very reasonable approach and all we got from Chuckie and Pelosi was the typical blather we always get from Democrats.  They proved again that it’s the Democrats, and their allies in the ‘fake news’ media, who are the true enemy of the people.

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