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Proving yet again that the Democrats are spot on in their calls for President Trump to be impeached is the fact that the U.S. economy added 312,000 jobs in December with the unemployment rate rising to 3.9 percent.  Actually, all this proves is how anything that tends to be good for America is also very bad for the Democrat Party.  And so it is then, that a plan has now be devised that Democrats hope will provide them an opportunity to get rid of the man of whom it can be said is most responsible for our strengthening economy.  And that man would, of course, be President Trump

And in demonstrating just how inept most of those who proudly wear the moniker of ‘economist’ truly are, it was this cadre of ‘experts’ who had apparently predicted that nonfarm payrolls would rise by only 177,000.  And it would appear that, at least since President Trump arrived on the scene, many of these same people have become little more than professional naysayers under the current employ of the Democrat Party.  You see, it has become their job to talk down the economy in the hope of creating some level of uncertainty thereby creating doubt in our president.

But the labor market has been one of the bulwarks of the economy, and has actually remained strong even while financial markets at least ‘appear’ to have gone a little wobbly. Also, average hourly earnings rose 0.4 percent, which was also more than the 0.3 percent expected.  It was just month earlier that wages grew 0.2 percent.  Compared with just a year earlier, wages were up 3.2 percent, handily beating consumer price increases. The annual gain tied with October’s for the best since back in 2009. The average work week rose 0.1 hour to 34.5 hours.

The rise in unemployment was due to nearly 400,000 Americans entering the workforce. The labor force participation rate rose by two-tenths of a percentage point. It’s likely that higher wages and plentiful jobs are luring people back into the workforce.  The revival of American manufacturing, minus the very same magic wand that Barry ‘O’ had told us all would be required, continued in the final month of 2018. Also surprising to some was the fact the economy added 32,000 factory jobs for the month, including 19,000 positions added in the durable goods sector.

The total new manufacturing jobs for 2018 was 284,000, a 37 percent rise from the previous year.  As well the retail sector added 24,000 jobs for the month.  Compared to 2017, retail employs 92,000 more jobs than a year ago. Construction jobs also came in strong, despite many fears about a slumping housing market. The industry added 38,000 jobs, lifting the annual total to 280,000, which was 12 percent higher than the year prior.  Restaurants and bars too did well, adding 41,000.  Health care was the strongest sector for the month, with 50,000 new jobs.

I’m thinking that what really has the Democrats’ panties in such a wad is the fact that we finally have a president who not only talks about putting America first, but is working to do just that.  And then there’s also the fact that he can’t be bought. We have a growing economy with record low unemployment and we have manufacturing jobs returning and better trade deals.  And all the Democrats can do is to cry impeach, impeach, impeach and declare how it is that Trump MUST be stopped!  But the truth of the matter is, if there is anyone who MUST be stopped it’s them.

It’s been during my lifetime that I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend. The Democrats always take a disgusting amount of pleasure whenever America is ‘put in its place’ and act all whiny and bitchy whenever America succeeds. The idea of American greatness offends them. It’s always been that way, going back as far as I can remember.  I suspect that’s one of the main reasons they oppose ‘The Wall,’ they know it will help America succeed by reducing violence, drugs and crime.  Instead they want America to fail, they always have and they likely always will.

It’s the strengthening economy that is essentially driving these calls for impeachment just as much as the ongoing immigration issue.  Because it’s every job that’s created in the private sector that translates to one less individual, or family, that will be made to be dependent upon government and therefore less likely to vote for a Democrat. Never in my life have I seen a more reckless president.  How dare he want to add jobs and to increase both wages and manufacturing in this country? And how dare he be allowed to interfere with America’s dead end favoring Socialists?

The era of Barry ‘O’ was a great time to be a freeloading, mouth-breathing piece of welfare trash.  So it was odd to hear Hitlery once say that the economy ALWAYS does better when there’s a Democrat in the White House.  And now when President Trump is building up our economy and in the process helping every single American citizen, it was Barry’s policies that were specifically designed to strangle our economy and turn as many Americans as possible into poor, victimized people in need of support from the government.  Another reason why this president must be impeached!

That the Democrats remain determined in their efforts to remove this president from office for no other reason than because he won an election makes clear just how truly unhinged they have become as a party.  And the fact that there are those who continue to view the Democrats as being a viable party says much about the average intelligence of the American population.  And that we have people who can still be convinced that those things advocated by Democrats truly do make for a better America is more than a little disconcerting to those of us who know better.

And feel free to call me a conspiracy nut if you wish, but I can’t help but wonder if this entire exercise in political theater, this attempt to impeach our president, doesn’t have far more to do with the fact that at the present time the Democrats are none too confident in their ability to defeat President Trump in 2020.  So they have embarked on the next best thing, that being a concerted effort between themselves and their friends in the ‘fake news’ media, with a little help from the RINOs, to get rid of the president before being forced to face him again in another election.

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