kasich and romney

What is it about those who we, not so fondly, refer to as RINOs that makes them think that will eventually succeed in convincing those us who President Trump to turn on him?  I mean it was long ago that we came to recognize these RINOs as, quite literally, nothing but a pack of liars who are interested in nothing other than the pursuing of a political agenda that is so very obviously detrimental to our American way of life.  And they care very little that we oppose that which they wish to do.

And it was once again in demonstrating how it is that demented minds tend to think alike, that we had RINO ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich giving soon-to-be-Senator, and fellow RINO, Mitt Romney a hardy pat on this back as he enthusiastically endorsed Romney’s half-baked, and rather self-serving, Washington Post op-ed bashing President Trump’s character.  Kasich tweeted out to his fellow RINO, “Welcome to the fray.” Fray?  Is that how Kasich describes what he’s part of?  What a loser!

Kasich has built quite a reputation for himself over the last couple of years as one of President Trump’s more vocal critics, accusing the president of causing all manner of political division here in the U.S. as well as criticizing the president over his efforts to combat illegal immigration.  And I’m sure that the animus he feels toward the president has much to do with the fact that he feels he could be doing a much better job as president.  Kasich has long been a legend in his own rather feeble mind.

Kasich has mentioned in the not so distant past that he is “very seriously” considering a run for president in 2020, although he has not specified whether he intends to run as an independent or instead to attempt to challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination. Romney, who has also openly criticized the president since the 2016 presidential election, wrote in his op-ed that Trump “has not risen to the mantle of the office.” At least he was able to make it into ‘the office.’

While the two-time failed presidential candidate did acknowledge that President Trump’s policies were in line with mainstream Republicans, he chose to criticize the president’s character and to accuse him of dividing the American people.  Which I felt was a rather odd critique to hear coming from someone who has a rather longstanding reputation for being little more than a political backstabber, which is far from being the most desirable of character traits that one can come to possess.

And regarding Romney’s recent op-ed, who actually thinks that that went to press without first being run by the party elites.  After all, it’s been since before he was even elected that the RINOS have been working in concert with the Democrats to see who it is that might be next in line to stick a shiv into the back of the president.  And yet we hear nothing from the likes of McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy or any of the other party bigshots!  Might that be because they’re waiting their turn with the shiv.

And let’s be honest here, the last thing we need, and I do mean the very last thing, is a third party.  What we are in desperate need of is a true second party, because that’s not what we have right now.  And that becomes increasingly evident as we continue to see scumbags like Romney, and Kasich, attacking the president from their own party with more fervor than they EVER attacked Barry ‘O’!  You really can’t help but wonder whose side it is that these sanctimonious scumbags are really on!

And whatever happened to doing what’s best for the country? If these RINOs could just bring themselves to actually support this president, imagine all that we could do.  I’m not saying everyone has to like each other, that’s never going to happen, just accept the fact that Trump is president so we can then focus on making this country a better place for all. Right now, it’s all hands on deck to destroy the sitting president and to Hell with the country, the economy, the troops and keeping Americans safe.

I’ve said from day one that Kasich simply didn’t have what it takes, and that fact remains to this day.  We needed a “back alley, get down in the mud fighter” to win. And when Kasich said that he wouldn’t get in the mud to fight for America, I dismissed him as being a viable candidate.  This guy is nothing more than a loser in search of the spotlight and he figures the best way to get there is to go after the president. I was not with Trump initially but came to see his style as what we needed.

And let’s, once and for all, put to rest the notion that neither Kasich nor Romney are relevant anywhere other than in their own rather twisted minds and have been on the wrong side of many issues for quite some time. NeverTrumper status does nothing to move this country in the right direction, and does nothing more than to provide the ‘fake news’ media with a steady stream of ‘Republicans’ who are willing, even eager, to attack our Republicans president. Here’s an idea, move on!  The rest of us have!

And perhaps Romney should spend a bit more time thinking about his own character, or lack thereof.  Here’s a guy who destroyed American families when he raped the companies they worked for, selling off the assets to line his own pockets and leaving families without jobs, insurance and pensions and getting rich in the process.  I’ll take President Trump any day of the week over thieves in the night like Romney, Kasich, Ryan, Flake or Corker, who care little for the American people and American workers.

Romney thinks he’s morally superior because Trump cheated on his wife. But let’s be honest, we knew who Trump was when we voted for him.  We didn’t elect a Pope! Jimmy Carter was a moral man and a weakling as a leader. Rudy Giuliani was a bit of a cad but he was a great mayor. And while ‘Slick Willy’ was a scumbag and a serial philanderer he wasn’t a terrible president. Trump may not be the model of morality, he has never claimed to be and doesn’t have to be to get good things accomplished.

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