tornado 2

Call me what you will, a denier or even a flat-earther, but it seems to me that the more dire the prediction about how ‘climate change’ causes everything from increasingly violent storms to rising sea levels, the rarer it is that any of these predictions ever materialize.  A case in point is how, despite dire predictions of an increase in severe weather events due to ‘climate change’, the Washington Post says 2018 is poised to become the first year on record with no violent tornadoes in the U.S.

And yet it was according to the Post’s ‘weather writer’, Ian Livingston, that while it may indeed be record-breaking, 2018 is not altogether exceptional, since “there have been downtrends in violent tornado numbers both across the entire modern period, and when looking at just the period since Doppler radar was fully implemented across the country in the mid-1990s.”  And it was that he went on to say, “A 15-year average as high as 13.7 in the mid-1970s will drop to 5.9 next year.”

And 2018 will not only set a record for zero “violent” tornadoes, or those ranked EF4 or EF5 on a 5-point scale, but will likely also set a record as well for the fewest “intense” tornadoes (F/EF3+).  With just two days to go, 2018 has seen only 12 intense tornadoes in the U.S., three fewer than the current record-holding year of 1987, which had 15.  Unsurprisingly, the number of tornado deaths in 2018 is also remarkably low at ten and could also turn out to be a record.

Now to my way of thinking, it would seem that those preaching the perils of supposed ‘climate change’ might have a bit of “splainin’ to do” when it comes to convincing the public how it was that a declining number of intense tornadoes was in fact caused by global warming.  But I’m sure they’ll come up with something.  In past years, everything from cold winters to warm summers have all been blamed on ‘climate change’ and I’m quite sure this latest phenomenon will prove to be no different.

‘Climate change’ has long been sort of a catch-all for the left. It was in 2015 that Susan Rice, you’ll remember her as being the one who busily traveled around lying about how it was that a video was solely responsible for the death of four Americans, including our ambassador, in Benghazi, suggested that ‘climate change’ was at least partially responsible for the war in Syria and Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza blamed government-imposed energy rations on ‘climate change’ as well.

And there seems to be absolutely nothing that cannot be blamed on ‘global warming’ nor the all-encompassing ‘climate change’.  It was back in 2017 that extremely cold temperatures in vineyards of western New York state were attributed to ‘climate change’, while in 2018 Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration argued that “climate change” is the driving force behind the massacre of thousands of predominantly Christian farmers at the hands of Fulani herdsmen.

I remain convinced that those denying climate ‘change’ is simply that, are creating scenarios that simply don’t exist.  You’ll remember that it was climate prophet, Al Gore, who once said there would come to be no ice at the poles, and now there is more ice than ever.  And it was just this past September that Al was telling a gathering of the faithful in San Francisco that watching the nightly news “is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation” as severe climate events become a daily affair.

And not to be outdone, governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown, a well-known ‘evangelist’ for climate change, recently blamed ‘climate change’ for California wildfires, adding that climate skeptics were responsible for the deaths of California residents.  He said, “Managing all the forests in everywhere we can does not stop climate change.”  And he added, “And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years.”

So if there are severe tornadoes, that is proof of man-made ‘climate change’. And if there is an absence of severe tornadoes, that too is proof of man-made ‘climate change’. If the Earth’s temperature rises, that is proof of man-made ‘climate change’ and if the temperature falls, that’s proof of man-made ‘climate change’. Everything is proof of man-made ‘climate change’. It has to be that way because all they have is a ‘theory’ that is highly suspect based entirely on ‘science’ that is completely bogus.

It’s for very obvious reasons, I think, that this religious orthodoxy that is the belief in ‘climate change’ will never acknowledge anything that can be seen as not fitting their accepted narrative.  In truth this movement is nothing more than an obvious scam to transfer wealth and a power grab scheme. Once again we hear nothing from this very same group about what is the worsening pollution, and on a massive scale, committed by China, India and other developing nations. Why do you suppose this is?

The Left, no matter where you find it, claims that America and, to a lesser degree, Europe owe the rest of the world for all the past environmental damage they have committed.  The Left has used moral relativism to parlay a feeling of guilt into a rather handsome profit.  Third world dictators are the recipient of a wealth transfer from which they then make massive donations to Democrats. Meanwhile the middle class is gutted while dictators and their Democrat enablers get very wealthy.

So just to be perfectly clear here, the sky is most certainly not falling.  However, I do not disagree that we have ‘climate change’ taking place.  But with that said, I would argue that the climate, by changing, is only doing that which it has been doing ever since this rock we call ‘Earth’ first came into being.  Man is far too insignificant to have any effect on the climate, one way or the other.  ‘Climate change’ is a natural occurring event that takes place in cycles.  To assume anything otherwise is to make it quite obvious just how gullible you really are.

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