It would seem that an alliance has now been cobbled together between those who might have once been considered as unlikely bedfellows.  You see, it’s the ‘Never Trumpers’ on the ‘right’ now teaming up with the Democrats on the left in an effort to remove a duly elected president.  And it was one of the more vocal members of the ‘Never Trumper’ crowd, John Podhoretz, a contributing editor for the now-defunct ‘Never Trump’ magazine the Weekly Standard, who tweeted on Wednesday that he wondered whether the U.S. economy tanking would lead to President Trump losing enough support from Republicans in Congress that he would be removed from office.

Podhoretz is a top ‘Never Trumper’ who has spent much of his time criticizing the president as well as those who support him.  And by actually hoping for the economy to tank, it would seem that he has now officially gone ON THE RECORD as having a position that there can now be no consequence we can now be made to suffer that can be described as being too severe, as long as it results in President Trump being removed from office.  Podhoretz seems to be hoping for our economy to collapse and that that collapse would then convince those who support the president to abandon him so that we can then proceed with the truly important business of impeaching him.

And it was the day after Christmas that Podhoretz tweeted out: “How many people’s hearts sank when they saw the Dow went up 1,000 points because they really hoped Trump had plunged us into a bear market that would cause GOP legislators to turn on him and support removal after impeachment?”  And before that, on Christmas Eve, it was his trusty sidekick over there at the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, who tweeted: “A question to debate at your Christmas meal or Chinese restaurant: Has the combination of the November election results plus a bear market plus the departure of Mattis begun—at last!— to shake Republican support for Trump?”

Podhoretz’s and Kristol’s tweets came as the stock market suffered heavy losses heading into Christmas and then on Wednesday, when the market made a very significant comeback as it rallied back with a historic boom of more than thousand point in just a single day.  And it’s on the impeachment front that the presumed incoming House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, remains under significant pressure to bring forth impeachment measures against President Trump to begin once the new Congress is in place, but it’s much to the disappointment of Podhoretz, and the rest of his merry band of ‘Never Trumpers’, that for now she seems to be resisting.

It was back in mid-December during a press conference that Pelosi, when asked about impeachment, said, “Let me just say that it’s interesting that these allegations are coming from his own Justice Department. This is not Robert Mueller, this is about the Justice Department. We’ll see how they pursue it.”  And she went on to say, “But from our standpoint, what we’re interested in is meeting the needs of America’s working families.”  And it was her partner in slime, Steny Hoyer, the incoming House Majority Leader, who said that impeachment talk is “premature” for now.  But there are many other Democrats chomping at the bit when it comes to impeachment.

And let’s face it, it’s no accident that a recent move by the Fed tanked the market and wiped out much of its gains over this past year driven by President Trump’s improving economy.  ‘NeverTrump’ stooges point to the great day the market had a few days ago as an argument for the Fed, but the truth is that it happened IN SPITE of the Fed, not BECAUSE of it.  The Democrat/NeverTrump alliance now runs all across ‘The Swamp’ that is our nation’s capital, and they are willing to do ANYTHING to get rid of the president. Mueller has failed, so the Fed now seems like just another weapon in their continuing effort to sabotage the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

The ultimate goal of those now aligning themselves against the president is the eventual destruction of America.  Because as long as the United States remains the free nation it was always meant to be it will remain an impenetrable barrier to the globalist agenda. The president has put into place policies that have created jobs, raised wages, and has been working on filling the judiciary with conservative, and not liberal activist judges.  And something that you’ll hear from neither the ‘Never Trumpers’ nor the Democrats is how his approach seems to be working, and working incredibly well.  And for some bizarre reason none of that seems to matter.

The ‘Never Trumpers’ along with their many allies on the Left, now endorse the pursuing of a ‘crash the economy’ ploy in their effort to bring to an end to the Trump presidency.  It is a ‘scorched earth’ mentality that has them willing to inflict any amount of damage and pain on the American people, just to get President Trump out of the White House. And it’s not because of anything he’s done: they started working on getting his Presidency annulled even before he was inaugurated. It’s not a matter of performance in office. This is an effort to nullify an election and disregard the will of the voters just because they don’t like who the American people elected.

I only hope the American people are able to see through all of this political nonsense.  Many of those who we were once led to believe were on our side have, with the election of President Trump have now been revealed to be the frauds they have always apparently been.  How is it that ANYONE who has ever referred to themselves as a ‘conservative’ should have that much to complain about when it comes to the Trump Presidency?  Granted, ‘The Wall’ has not yet been built, but even with that I have not yet been convinced that it’s time to depart the ‘Trump Train.’  The focus should continue to be on getting rid of as many RINOs as we possibly can.

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