Cummings 2

Donald Trump has now been president for nearly two years, and still it’s the Democrats who have been unable, or unwilling, to accept the fact that he was able to defeat their chosen candidate.  And as far as they are concerned that remains an act that must be rectified and by any and all means necessary.  Things have now progressed to the point where one must wonder, do Democrats hate Donald Trump more than they ‘love’ America?  Now there is much doubt about how much love, if any, they actually possess regarding America, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Which brings me to this past Sunday, when, by way of the Communist News Network (CNN) and courtesy of yet another thrilling episode of “State of the Union”, hosted by fake journalist Jake Tapper, we heard that as far as that evil old racist E-LIE-JA Cummings is concerned in the next Congress it’s the House that should “definitely reconsider” if a sitting president can be indicted.  This coming from a guy who was somewhat personally involved in the eight year crime spree that was Barry ‘O’s presidency and apparently never once saw the need for Barry to be indicted.

But anyway, it was during what was really nothing more than your typically bizarre little exchange between a member of the ‘fake news’ and one of their Democrat masters, that host Tapper asked, “Your fellow Democrat, soon-to-be Chairman Adam Schiff, said the Justice Department should reconsider the guidelines that exist that say a sitting president cannot be indicted. Do you agree? Should the DOJ reconsider those guidelines?  And it was in responding that E-LIE-JA said, “I think we should always reconsider laws and regulations. This is one we should definitely reconsider.”

Now remember it was the Democrats who put an America-hating Marxist in the White House, not once but twice.  And just as bad is the fact he essentially squandered his entire time in office and is someone who will be judged by honest historians as being the worst malignancy ever to be foisted upon our Republic.  President Trump is hated because he refuses yield.  Meanwhile it’s Democrats like E-LIE-JA who continue to make it their business to malign conservatives, going so far as to refer to those who dare to disagree with them as being “deplorable” and the “dregs of society.”

While I would like to think that it’s at some point in the not too distant future there will come a day when the people of this country have finally had enough of these emotionally unhinged, politically motivated imbeciles and their idiotic arguments based on nothing more than hatred of another human being, it’s the last election that makes clear we still have a very long way to go.  And the longer we have people who have virtually no interest in searching out the truth, choosing instead to believe traitorous politicians like E-LIE-JA, the longer it will take for us to get there.

E-LIE-JA is nothing more than a bigoted, racist and intellectually deficient individual unable, and/or unwilling, to conduct business in what is the best interest of the American people and not his party.  He is a disgrace to the House.  I almost feel sorry for his constituents except for the fact that they’re the ones who continue to re-elect someone who seeks nothing more than to keep them firmly on the ‘plantation’ run by his party.  He is one of the poster children for term limits!  Most of his constituents are likely black, which easily explains how he keeps getting himself re-elected.

Democrats like racist old E-LIE-JA continue to be of the opinion that the ONLY way America can be ‘saved’ is through increasing all manner of regulations that not only serve to stifle our economy by killing off small businesses and the millions of jobs that go along with them and allow them to further control the lives of every single American citizen.  Because, you see, it is they who are best qualified to determine what is best for those us who belong to the unwashed masses, those too stupid to know what’s actually best for them, and to make important decisions on their own.

I’m so sick of these swamp rats who have continued to take part in the very thing they said we could expect to see from candidate Trump, that being the refusal to accept the outcome of the election.  It has been they, by using every possible scenario, who have worked to overturn the 2016 election first with accusations of collusion, then obstruction of justice and now campaign finance violations.  I suspect that in the end the Democrats will overplay their hand, and it is my hope that all of this lunacy will only serve to help President Trump win in a landslide come 2020.

And if the Democrats do ultimately try to impeach President Trump using what are nothing other than bogus charges, can reasonable people then assume that that might finally be the beginning of the end for the anti-America Democrat Party.  How is it that any intelligent and well-informed American is unable to recognize the dangers of electing any Democrat to higher office?  Individuals who think the way that E-LIE-JA does represent what can only be described as being a very real threat to the survival of our country and as such they should be prevented from ever holding public office.

And perhaps before we talk of indicting President Trump we should at least spend a little time talking about indicting Barry and the top members of his administration, for the numerous crimes and illegal acts committed during his eight year reign of corruption.  There was Hitlery’s secret server trafficking in classified documents and those complacent in this so-called Russia Hoax, Uranium One, or spying first on the campaign of Donald Trump and then on Trump personally.  This supposed ongoing investigation has completely ignored the true participants in any Russian collusion.

I was always under the impression that you first had to have committed some sort of a crime in order to be indicted.  But apparently in today’s political environment that only applies to members of the Democrat Party, and even then, as E-LIE-JA himself makes quite clear, one doesn’t need to worry about being held to account.  And let’s say Democrats do manage to indict our president on some bogus, ‘trumped up’ charge.  If anything would that not be clear proof that the rule of law in our country no longer exists at least when it comes to those of the ‘wrong’ political persuasion.

And just a little reminder of what sort of scumbag this guy, Cummings, really is, is the fact that he was facing a five year prison sentence for colluding with Barry ‘O’s’ corrupt IRS and Lois Lerner after she was caught trying to interfere in the conservative ‘True The Vote’ campaign’s application for tax free exempt status, just before the 2012 election.  Lucky for him that Barry’s equally corrupt DOJ let him off the hook.  And yet we have this sleazy piece of crap calling for the indictment and possible impeachment of a duly elected president with zero proof of wrongdoing.

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