These days it’s become increasingly difficult to determine who’s the bigger moron employed by Fox News, Jerry Rivers (Geraldo) or Juan Williams.  This past Monday during an exchange on the Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Jerry seemed to take the lead. It was then that Jerry claimed to be “ashamed” of the way migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border are being treated.  Jerry seems totally oblivious to the fact that these people are trying to break into our house, and no matter how badly they may want to come in, the way they are currently going about it is simply not acceptable. Jerry apparently thinks our front door should be left wide open.

It was in discussing border patrol agents use of tear gas that Jerry said. “This goes to my soul. Fulfilling my role as the designated piñata on Fox News, I want to say I am ashamed. The tear gas choked me. We treat these people — these economic refugees — as if they’re zombies from ‘The Walking Dead.’ We arrested 42 people, eight of them were women with children! We have to deal with this problem humanely and with compassion. These are not invaders. Stop using these military analogies. This is absolutely painful to watch!”  Jerry seems to have forgotten entirely how it was that his hero, Barry ‘O’, had also authorized the use of tear gas, but then I digress.

Anyway, Jerry went on to add, “We are a nation of immigrants. These are desperate people. They walked 2,000 miles. Why? Because they want to rape your daughter or steal your lunch? No. Because they want a job! They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs we have in the agricultural sector. They want to wash dishes in the restaurants. They want to deliver the pizzas. For goodness sake! We suspend our humanity when it comes to this issue, and I fear that it is because they look different than the mainstream.”  Look, it doesn’t really matter why they want to come here, the bottom line is that they can’t come here simply because they WANT to.

What we have here, on Jerry’s part, is yet another example of willful ignorance. He’s simply choosing to ignore the massive imbalance of fighting aged males to ‘families’, the preponderance of stories of economic migration rather than asylum, the cynical use of the few women and children pushed to the front of the mob throwing projectiles at our cops, and most of all the criminals of all types that inhabit this ‘caravan.’  That and the fact that they are, by definition, illegal.  All we are asking for is a LEGAL way to manage this mess.  Instead, the Left demands population anarchy, and a borderless nation.  Don’t like the laws, then simply ignore them.

Jerry really isn’t fooling anyone.  And he’s either lying or simply deluding himself when he repeats the ‘agricultural’ and ‘dishwasher’ jobs nonsense as he and any number of others on the left have done for decades.  Look at where the millions who have entered the country illegally, over the course of the last 40 years, are now.  If this illegal tsunami is allowed to continue, the only thing left of the American Pie for our children and our children’s children will be but a few crumbs, and very small crumbs at that.  But you see that doesn’t really matter to folks like Jerry.  Because these illegals are far more worthy than those of us born and raised here.

And let’s be real here, contrary to all that Jerry would just love us all to believe, these are not all desperate people who walked 2000 miles. Many have been bussed from place to place, most if not all have been provided with food and water, as they move on to the border.  And then it’s once they get there that what few women and children that there are are pushed to the front as those behind throw rocks at agents, ensuring that there are plenty of pictures taken of women and children running away. This is all nothing more than a political stunt and always has been.   And let’s not forget, Jerry, that these zombies HAVE citizenship, in their OWN countries.

And they’re not refugees nor are they asylum seekers. They are illegals and they are trying to use their numbers to overwhelm our border patrol in order to gain entry into this country. They have no respect for our laws and they have no respect for the United States as a country.  And if you were to ask most of them, they would tell you they would rather live in their own country, but there are no jobs. They don’t want to be American citizens, and they have no interest whatsoever in assimilating, they just want jobs, to have their babies in this country kids, and to then worm their way into America’s wonderful, and overly generous, entitlement system.

And who but a brain dead liberal would think it acceptable for U.S. taxpayers to essentially subsidize, courtesy of increasingly higher taxes, those corporations who seek only to increase their profits by nothing more than the suppressing of wages to the point where their employees have no alternative other than to depend on what are our rather numerous public assistance programs just to be able to provide for themselves and their families?  You would think that Jerry would be ashamed of that, but nope, not even a little.  Apparently he sees absolutely nothing wrong with such crony-capitalism as long as those here illegally are allowed to stay.

Whenever you ask old Jerry, or any of his leftwing cohorts, just how many of those seeking a way in we should allow to stay, you never really get much of an answer.   Considering that there are more than a few billion ‘poor’ people on the planet who would like nothing more than to come to America, how many should we allow in?  And at what cost, and I’m not just talking about the cost in tax dollars.  The vast majority of those seeking entry are either low skill or no skill workers.  So who pays the price when these people come in and are willing to work for less, a lot less?  More often than not it’s those in our minority communities who wind up on the losing end.

Personally what I’m ashamed of is the fact that we have so many people like Jerry, who continually side with those who sneak into our country over those who have lost loved ones at the hands of someone here illegally.  It pains me to watch those interviews with those who have had their loved ones murdered by illegal scum who, even after having been deported numerous times, was still able to get back in this country long enough to take another life or rape another innocent victim.  I care nothing for these people trying to break into my country.  They don’t want to be Americans, therefore they are not welcome here.

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