Kasich 3

Anyone who remembers watching ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich during the 2016 presidential debates would have to wonder what it is that could possibly possess him to even consider running for president again.  But apparently that’s exactly what he seems to be considering.  You see it was during Sunday’s thrilling episode of ABC’s “This Week,” that ‘Crazy Uncle’ John said he is “very seriously” considering a run for president and even raised the possibility of running on a bipartisan ticket.   Yup, short of having another Democrat elected, ‘Crazy Uncle’ John is the perfect example of exactly what we most definitely do not need in a president.  He is someone who is only willing to put America last and he’s made that painfully obvious.

When asked how seriously” he is considering a 2020 run, Kasich said, “Very seriously, George. This is our earnest conversations that go on every day with some of my friends, with my family. We need different leadership. There isn’t any question about it. I’m not only just worried about the tone and the name calling and the division in our country and the partisanship, but I also worry about the policies, rising debt, inability to deal with immigration, the problems we have as America alone in the world, what I consider a rotten deal with the Saudis to look the other way. I’m worried about our country, not just in the short term. The question for me is what do I do about this?”  Oh, by all means, John, run for president in two years. NOT!

Kasich, who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination in 2016, raised the possibility that President Trump and Elizabeth ‘Faux-cahontas’ Warren are nominated by their respective parties in 2020.  He claimed that would then leave an “ocean of people” in the middle.  And he said, “Is there a legitimate opportunity for a third party, bipartisan kind of ticket to be able to score a victory or to have a profound impact on the future of American politics? … We don’t know at this point.”  He said, “No one thought a guy like Donald Trump would be elected president. No one thought we’d have electric cars.”  And he added, “This is a time of change, dynamic change. You can’t judge tomorrow on the basis of what happened yesterday.”

Kasich said he has no timetable for determining whether to run, but added that he is worried about the future of the United States.  He said, “And not just in the short-term.”  And he added, “I’m worried about our country in the long-term.”  Personally, I’d be far more worried about our country if we were to elect someone the caliber of ‘Crazy Uncle’ John or ANY Democrat.  He’s pro-mass immigration. He’s pro-‘free trade’. He supported Obamacare and still does.  He opposed measures to limit abortion in his state.  I mean, you could go down the list of planks on the Democrat party platform just a few cycles ago and this guy would be a textbook Democrat.  This swamp critter is trying to find a filthier bog to call home.

The real irony here is that aside from old Hitlery herself, it’s Kasich who’s next in line when it comes to those who are personally responsible for Trump’s Presidency in the first place.  Kasich was determined to stay in the race despite having absolutely zero chance of winning, and accomplished nothing more than to split Cruz’s vote just enough to keep Trump on top.  Kasich figured Trump wouldn’t be able to meet the voting threshold and that it’d go to a brokered convention, and of course being the quintessential swamp creature that he is, he would get handed the nomination by his fellow bog dwellers.  That was only the start of what would be a series of colossal miscalculations by the mailman’s son these last few years.

The guy is absolutely delusional; maybe even more than a little mentally disturbed.  He is loathed by a rather sizable portion of the Republican base and at this late stage of his political career, still has no concept that he’s viewed by his “friends” in the media as nothing than club that can be used to attack Republicans.  Were he to ever be the Republican nominee, the media would turn on him faster than he can open his mouth and fill too full of food to speak.  I have zero respect for someone whose only purpose in running for president has nothing whatsoever to do with trying to make the country better, and only with being part of some twisted attempt to ensure that the one man trying to do just that, is defeated.  Kasich is truly twisted!

The truth is that Kasich talks a lot about unity but he actually encourages division. Here, are the words from Jim Renacci a former House member from Ohio who would know Kasich all too well. It was he who said, “And look, when you have the loudest voice in the Ohio Republican Party dividing the country against this president, I am still very proud to stand with this president.” And he continued, “I am proud to stand with his agenda. I am proud that we were able to campaign on that agenda.”  He said, “When you have the loudest voice in Ohio who does not support the president, it causes the divisions that we’ve seen in Ohio.” And he added, “And again, that is probably the biggest issue that we need to be able to change.”

Kasich is just another ‘Establishment’ politician from the land of never-ending broken promises.  President Trump has gotten more done with both hands tied behind his back than boob Kasich ever intends to do.  If we’re going to elect a narcissist, we might as well elect one that actually gets stuff done.  I have no doubt that Kasich and Flake will challenge the president in the primaries.  These two losers have no clue how much they are despised.  These posturing pansies have always been on their knees, either waving the white flag of surrender or just going along nice and cozy with the Left for personal reasons or by actually displaying their true selves, serving the powers that are out to do the greatest amount of damage to our country.

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