Obama 15

Knowing our most recent ex-president as we do, he does have a rather high opinion of himself.  And we saw that yet again just this past Tuesday when during a rather bizarre conversation he declared he is “very confident” that he would have easily won a third term had the Constitution, and his wife, allowed him to run again.  While there are those who will say that Barry was without a doubt the worst president to ever have served, he does have some competition in that regard.  For instance there was Pierce, Andrew Johnson, Wilson and, of course, more recently, Carter.  But what put’s Barry in the running is the fact that as the nation’s first black president he was something special, even unique.  He came into office possessing so much promise, promise that he simply chose to squander all in the name of politics.

And yet it was in speaking with his former adviser David ‘The Commie’ Axelrod at a live recording of the “The Axe Files” podcast at the University of Chicago, that Barry said he believes voters felt that he had “taken the job seriously, worked hard, been true to my oath, observed and hopefully strengthened the norms and the rules and the values of our democracy.”  Barry said, “I feel very confident that I was in a position—had it not been for both the Constitution and Michelle—to continue in office.”  Barry, as you may remember came into office promising to provide to us the most transparent administration in our history, unfortunately it was just the opposite that turned out to be so true.  And too, by the end of his eight year reign his was, without a doubt, the most corrupt administration in history.

Axelrod had earlier said that some people would like Barry to serve in perpetuity and even joked about some of Barry’s more ardent supporters wanting him to run for vice president.  The ex-president, though, added that he is “not sure it is a healthy thing” to serve more than two terms, pointing out that in countries without term limits, “even very good people… lose their edge and get stale and comfortable in the position.”  Barry said it is “useful to have a democracy have to continually evolve.”  Now had Barry been allowed to run for a third term, it would have been he who would have faced off against Donald Trump in 2016.  But when Axelrod asked whether Barry believed that he could defeat President Trump in 2020 in a hypothetical one-on-one matchup, Barry chose not to take the bait.

Now it is a fact that Barry perpetrated much damage upon our country during his eight years in office, to the point where even those people who tend to avoid politics started to realize it.  The race hatred, the massive amount of overspending, the blatant trashing of our military, the unwillingness to protect our borders, all of it and more.  And he remains very proud of the job he did!  And Hitlery was his designated successor, and was to be Barry’s third and possibly even fourth terms.  She was to pick up where Barry left off on the wholesale destruction of our country, taking the socialist policies that he had put in place and enlarging upon them.  But luckily there were enough people who were able to recognize that electing Hitlery would have been nothing more than putting that final nail in the coffin of our great Republic.

So, hypothetically speaking, what is it that we might have expected to see take place during a Barry third term.  Well, for one thing the nation’s debt would have likely risen to $30 Trillion.  America would have continued to ignore Kim Jong-un, the nation would have been overrun by illegal immigrants, the Supreme Court would have been packed with liberal activist judges, American companies would have continued to leave the country, the Chinese would have continued to exploit the trade system, America would have continued paying the bulk of NATO funding, no new deal would have been made between Mexico, Canada and the USA, Islam would have been promoted in America, the military would have continued to be downgraded and the list goes on.  So, aren’t we lucky it did not and could not EVER happen?

Sadly, as crazy as it may sound, Barry could very well have won again.  After all, he is a much better campaigner than is Hitlery.  And, of course, he would have had the entire ‘fake news’ media complex, including Fox News, campaigning, lying and providing all manner of cover for him, which is a very powerful tool.  And then combine that with being able to break the law, pretty much with impunity, when it benefits one during a campaign and one has what is, at least potentially, a winning recipe.  And while he does remain the greatest fraud ever to be perpetrated upon the American people, it doesn’t necessary make the worst president in history.  But that does not mean he shouldn’t be tried for his many crimes and punished accordingly.  And were he not black, and a Democrat that might well have happened.

But if we can be honest, I do think it fair to say that Barry was the first American president who genuinely hated, and still hates to this day, this country.  He came very close to successfully destroying the country as it was founded.  Barry was, and continues to be, a disgrace.  He continues to run around shooting his mouth off after what was a terrible eight years with a stagnant economy, executive order overreach because his policies were loathed, the rise of ISIS, Russia allowed to run wild annexing Crimea and moving into Eastern Ukraine and China was screwing the world on trade. His liberal social policies fly in the face of American values, he divided the country into every possible identify group.  And his signature ‘achievement’ of socialized healthcare was nothing more than complete and total disaster!!

Yet despite all that failure this smug, arrogant thug is running around telling us how great he is.  In truth Barry is a nobody with no legacy except for trying to destroy the country he was elected twice to lead. Today he resorts to being an armchair president, like a retired, old, has-been quarterback whose record was exceeded by his replacement, a man who has completely lost everything he thought he gained, a man who knows that he can no longer have a position of real power, a man who each day looks into the mirror and sees ‘FAILURE’ written all over his face, a man who can only look forward to seeing President Trump succeed.  While Carter was just plain stupid and in over his head with national and world events at the time, Barry came into office wanting to “fundamentally transform” America, and not in a good way.

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