Flake 12

You know, for a guy who apparently takes some level of pride in referring to himself as a conservative, he certainly has a seriously mucked up set of priorities.  With his exit from the senate getting nearer, it’s abundantly clear that if there is one thing that ‘The Snowflake’ most definitely is not, it’s a conservative.  It’s become painfully obvious that his pathetic temper tantrum is going to continue right up to his very last day as a U.S. Senator.  But never fear, he will be handing the baton over to someone who I know will be only too happy to continue things in ‘The Snowflake’ tradition.

And so in what was yet another attempt to embarrass the president ‘The Snowflake’ has now made it known that he intends to refuse to vote to advance or confirm ANY judicial nominees until the Senate enacts legislation protecting special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.  And of course his willingness to do so casts doubt upon the outcome of several dozen nominations Republicans hope to confirm by year’s end.  There are worthless politicians and there are those like ‘The Snowflake’.   He learned well from his mentor, that faux hero and conservative turncoat, ‘The Maverick.’

So anyway, it was during a Wednesday floor speech that, in referring to the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, ‘The Snowflake’ said, “I have informed the Majority Leader that I will not vote to advance any of the 21 judicial nominees pending in the Judiciary Committee, or vote to confirm the 32 judges awaiting a confirmation vote on the floor, until S. 2644 is brought to the full Senate for a vote.”  You know, it’s bad enough that we have to fight the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media, and then we have to contend with assholes like ‘The Snowflake’.

Though the Senate Republican caucus will grow by some measure when the new Congress is seated in January, for the moment they retain a tenuous 51-49 majority. With ‘The Snowflake’s’ announcement, the defection of one more Republican would defeat a nominee’s confirmation bid, provided all Democrats vote together, which of course they will. ‘The Snow flake’ also sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is scheduled to advance 15 nominees to the Senate floor for final confirmation on Thursday.  Republicans, for now, have an 11 to 10 majority on the panel.

And so yet again it’s unclear whether ‘The Snowflake’ will choose to vote with the Democrats to oppose, outright, the nominees, or will instead, choose to simply vote “present,” which would then result in a tie.  Judicial nominees don’t need to prevail in the committee in order to win final confirmation, the panel’s vote is merely a recommendation.  You’ll recall ‘The Snowflake’ nearly spiked Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court when he joined with Democrats and demanded an FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford’s bogus allegations of sexual misconduct.

‘The Snowflake’ has the rather nasty habit of voting against the president every time he thinks it provides him the opportunity to embarrass the president, and this latest bit of theater is really nothing more than another attempt to do just that.  Nothing that the president has said about Mueller is any worse than anything that was said by ‘Slick Willy’ or any of his cronies or those in state-controlled media about Ken Starr.  The president has said again and again that he has no intention of firing Mueller but for some reason that’s just not good enough for morons like ‘The Snowflake’.

This entire Mueller narrative is nothing more than the fakest of ‘fake news’ that the president is always addressing.  Mueller being fired is nothing more than rampant speculation based on nothing more than biased political opinions, not facts.  And ‘The Snowflake’, as always, is only too happy to throw a little gasoline on that fire, and for no other reason than because he hates the president.  He seems to have lost his mind as he has set about trying to cause as much trouble for the president as he can as he heads for the door because the folks back home grew tired of his lies.

Speaking only for myself, I think spending the last two years on an investigation into Russian collusion involving the Trump campaign that has thus far resulted in nothing but a totally bogus indictment of 12 Russians without proof is long enough, as are the millions of dollars spent, also enough.  So far all we have is a couple of guys swept up on income tax evasion and a crooked lawyer to show for our millions of dollars spent. On the other hand for some, like our friend ‘The Snowflake’, who want an endless investigations of the president until he leaves office, enough will never be enough.

If there was any interest in truly investigating Russian collusion that is pretty well documented and yet completely ignored, Mr. Mueller would be looking into all that transpired between Hitlery’s campaign and the Russians.  But since the old girl lost, and she is herself a member of the political establishment, all seems to have been forgiven.  President Trump, on the other hand, is the outsider who dared to defeat she who everyone within the political establishment had identified as being the only logical winner before the first vote had been cast. Therefore he must be made to pay.

‘The Snowflake’ is the epitome of the current self-indulgent, scumbag elitists that we have running our government.  And I guess what really annoys about ‘The Snowflake’ more than just about anything else, is the fact that he, like is buddy McCain, never has a problem volunteering whenever those in the media are in need of dragging out some ‘Republican’ to criticize the president.  Now it matters not to ‘The Snowflake’ that the American people chose Donald J. Trump to be their president.  What gives him the right to say that he knows better than they on who should be president?

Finally, the Democrats had better pray that the anarchy they are now fomenting doesn’t come back to bite them in their very pompous ass.  Because when you continue to stir the pot with violent protests and the flagrant stealing of elections, there is a very good chance that you are opening yourself up to some pretty major retribution by those who have sat silently by up to this point.  Because mark my words if this kind of crap continues there WILL come a time when those on the receiving end will reach the point where they feel they have nothing else to lose.

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