There are losers, and then there are LOSERS!  And it’s these LOSERS who continue to think that calling folks racist, who most definitely are NOT racist, is still somehow a viable political tactic.  They fail to see that when everyone is racist, in effect no one is.  And these same people actually think that just because one chooses not to vote for a black candidate, that action in and of itself is sufficient for one to be identified, or labeled, as being a racist?  For instance, I live in Florida and I have no intention of voting for Gillum for governor.  But it has nothing to do with his being black.  It has everything to do with his being a hardcore leftist who wants nothing more than to raise my taxes and to allow those in this country illegally, to flood into my state.

But there are many now in our ‘fake news’ media who continue to make the claim that there can be only ONE reason why a guy like myself, a white guy in his mid-60s, would choose not to vote for a guy like Gillum.  And that one reason is, of course, because I’m a racist.  We saw that again on Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, when host Joe Scarborough predicted the 2018 midterm elections will go down in history as being “about racism” because President Trump continues to “attack brown people” in rallies rather than talking up the economy, jobs and tax cuts.  Now I’ve been paying pretty close attention and I’ve yet to hear the president make any statement that could be seen as an attack on brown people.

Scarborough went on to say, “The final several weeks of this campaign has been about racism.”  And he went on to add, “By the way, it will be written that way in the history books. It has been about racism.”  He claimed the president created a “story about an invasion of brown people” by talking about the migrant caravan that is headed for the country from Central America.  He said, “Donald Trump has made up a story about an invasion of brown people coming to the United States, bringing diseases.” And he said, “At every opportunity, he could talk about tax cuts, he could talk about the economy, he could talk about jobs. He has chosen to attack brown people. To attack the others.”  What a bunch of political BS.

And I will continue to use Gillum as my example, here, simply because it’s closer to home.  Why is it that anyone, regardless of their skin color, would ever choose to vote for someone who has as their stated platform the raising of taxes and the intent to make Florida into a sanctuary state?  Seems to me the racist ones would be those who refuse to vote for Gillum’s opponent who would seem to be the far better choice for everyone interested in having a job, living in a safe neighborhood and paying the lowest taxes as possible.  But because Gillum’s opponent happens to be white, the vast majority of blacks will likely vote for Gillum despite his disastrous agenda.  And is that not classic definition of racist behavior?

Apparently not, if you can believe people like Scarborough, because it doesn’t fit how they choose to define racism. The left is obsessed with racism, and ALL manner of other isms and phobia alike because they view the world through the Marxist lens of juxtaposed collectives where one must necessarily be the oppressor and the other their oppressed victim.  This is literally the only way these LOSERS are able to convince the uninformed and the less intelligent to vote for them.  Democrats were once be able to assess things based on the strength of a certain policy relative to overall positive or negative outcomes based on logic, reason and/or historically observed outcomes.  But that is not today’s Democrat Party.

Now with all of that said, President Trump has done MORE for minorities in two years than Barry ‘O’ did in eight!  And yet he is still called a racist, just as are those who continue to support him.  I did not vote for Trump because he was white anymore than I never voted for Barry ‘O’ because he was black.  As I mentioned earlier, I vote FOR those with whom I agree with on the issues and I do NOT vote for those whose position on the important issues differ from my own.  Race, quite literally, never even enters into the equation.  I support the building of ‘The Wall’, the keeping of taxes as low as possible and keeping the government away from how I acquire my healthcare.  Those are the reasons I do not vote Democrat, not anyone’s skin color.

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