Flake 11

What is it about some people that seems to prevent them from being able to take a hint?  And why is it that they can never bring themselves to admit that people either no longer trust them, or no longer see them as deserving of further attention whether, as in the case of certain entertainers, because of their anti-American political views, or as in the case of politicians because people feel they’ve been lied to for no other reason than to garner votes.  And of course one such politician is none other than that soon to be ex-senator from Arizona, Jeff ‘The Snowflake’ Flake.

You see it was just this past Friday that Flake once again demonstrated why it is that the people of Arizona have grown tired of him and thus find him headed toward the exit instead of running for re-election.  It was during an appearance on the CNN’s “The Situation Room,” with Wolf Blitzer, that Flake put forward his idiotic argument how Republicans using “hate politics” and “grievance politics” is not helping Republican candidates.  Since he’s not up for re-election Flake apparently now feels free to make such remarks, caring not at all what impact they may have.

Regarding George Soros Flake said, “As you mentioned, he gives a lot of money to progressive and liberal causes. Nobody denies that. He certainly wouldn’t. But some of the conspiracy theories out there are that he somehow was standing in the way of those helping the Holocaust victims back when he was, I think, 14 years old in Hungry. Some of these are absurd on their face. But anybody who funds liberal causes or who isn’t a conservative is fair game for some conspiracy theories and things thrown out there that just doesn’t speak well for us as conservatives or Republicans.”

Flake said, “We, I think, can fight on the issues. I think on the issues on the economy and things like that, we have a lot of good things to say. But instead we delve into these conspiracy theories and hate politics, grievance politics. And it doesn’t do us well. Frankly, I think here in Arizona, it’s not helping the Republican candidates at all.”  Personally I’m not sure what “conspiracy theories” he may be talking about, but anyone who knows anything about George Soros is also well aware of how has used, and continues to use, his vast fortune to back all manner of leftist causes.

And it was during the very same interview that the Flakester said that he has long preferred former Barry ‘O’s “tone” on immigration over President Trump’s.  Blitzer asked Flake that when comparing the closing arguments as presented by Barry and President Trump, “Which one sounds like your own vision for the country?”  Flake said, “I certainly don’t like the tone that President Trump has taken with regard to blaming immigrants. Having that ad, which I thought was just sickening. And frankly, very untrue with regard to the threat that is posed by illegal immigrants.”

It was then in his own words that Flake proceeded to reveal why it is that people have grown tired of him and why he’s not seeking re-election.  It was when he said, “And the notion that Democrats have prevented any fix, the last real vote we had on substantial immigration reform was the bipartisan bill we did in 2013. Every Democrat in the Senate voted for that bill, which included about $41 billion for additional border security. That’s more than the president has even asked for on border security. So this notion that this is all the Democrats’ fault is just wrong.”

Blitzer then said, “It sounds like you’re more in line with former President Obama than you are with the current president, President Trump.”  To which our soon to be ex-senator, and potential future CNN employee, said, “Well, certainly the tone. I’ve always felt that the tone is better. I do think President Trump and Republicans have a strong hand to play with regard to the economy. The economy is doing well. The jobs report announced today was good. Boy, if I were a candidate right now, that’s what I would be running on. Not this fear mongering.”  Spoken like a true RINO!

Americans hate politicians like Flake, both Republican and Democrat, who say what is needed in order to get elected then once safely elected follow their own agenda. Flake only stood with conservatives when it helped him to get elected. President Trump has done more for this country than Barry ‘O’ did in eight years.  Yet driven by his hatred of the president he denigrates him and his supporters.  I’m glad he quit, he was a disaster as a senator. Hopefully the people of Arizona will make the RIGHT choice this time, electing someone who will stand up for the values of conservatives.

Flake is a classic example of someone who tries to be all things to all people. But nobody respects those kind of people, because ultimately they stand for nothing. Flake is a useful idiot for the radical leftists and willingly allows himself to be used because of his hatred of Trump. But make no mistake, they hate him too. Conservatives despise him because he’s a liar, and because he betrayed the people who voted for him. It’s a shame he could never bring himself to be honorable and to stand for something.  But nope, it was easier to be noncommittal on the issues.

And now instead of criticizing Republicans, Flake should be out taking to task those in the Democrat Party who are busy advocating for violence to be taken against anyone who dares to support this president and/or dares to disagree with the Democrat Party. But instead of choosing to leave with his head held high, he seems to much prefer slinking toward the exit while leaving a trail of slime behind.  He’s a modern day Benedict Arnold choosing to side with the enemy, and endangering our country in the process for no other reason than because he hates the president.

Face it, no one plays the game of grievance politics better than the Democrats.  This entire Russian collusion ‘theory’ that the Democrats cooked up against President Trump even before he took office, is pure propaganda.  Republicans don’t win elections by being nice. Republicans don’t win elections by being wishy-washy.  President Trump has been carrying feckless dolts like Flake since being sworn in.  He’s fought for the Constitution and our way of life in ways that Flake and his fellow RINOs never had the guts to do.  And the American people have been paying attention.

And it has been President Trump who has continued to stand up to the far left Democrats, as well to those in the far left ‘fake news’ media, to the degree that few in the Republican Party ever could, or have even been willing to.  And when the time came for those like Flake to lead, follow or simply get out of way he chose to take a different path.  He chose to take every opportunity presented to him to stab our president in the back, and in so doing he chose to take sides against those of us who elected this president and have continued to support him as president.

There are few things more transparent at this point than the fact that Flake has long been nothing more than a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. There is no other way to explain his continuing attacks on the president and praise of Democrats.  The name Flake is so fitting for this Traitor. Another bought-and-paid-for representative in our government.  Flake is shocked that the country has rejected him and he is about as butthurt as you can get.  What a crybaby and smear merchant.  And what’s truly funny is that this narcissist actually thinks he could be president one day.  Delusional!

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