Democrats 79

Riddle me this: Are there, today, any responsible individuals left in the Democrat Party or, for that matter, in any of our state-controlled ‘fake news’ organizations?  If the last 10 years are any indication, I would argue that there most definitely are not.  Because if there were would we now be hearing from so many of the more prominent members of the party, and of the media, that which is really nothing more than the calling for violence to be committed against any of those who dare to disagree with their rather twisted view of the world and with their continuing attempts to drag our country over the cliff of Socialism.

Now I must admit that I seldom agree with ANYTHING that is said by Hitlery.  But with that being said, there is one thing she has said that I could not agree more with, and it’s when she said that we cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy all that America stands for.  And she is right when she says that we must fight against those politicians and activists who degrade the rule of law, seek to delegitimize our elections, spread corruption, attack truth and reason, and try to undermine our national unity.  A defiant, defensive, and dystopian political party must be met with determined aggression, not with niceties and hand-wringing.

But that she has been able to convince herself that it’s the Republican Party that represents the enemy of our republic, proves that she’s living in some upside-down world or that her mind is further gone than we realized.  After all, we are now two years into the Trump’s presidency and it has become painfully obvious which side those in the Democrat Party are now on.  They are now, and very firmly so, on the side of those working to undermine our American system of government and the American way of life.  When they didn’t get the president they wanted in 2016, Democrats attacked the legitimacy of our election and of the Electoral College.

Democrats questioned, and they continue to question, the integrity of the result and then somehow thought it a good idea to act like spoiled children by choosing to boycott President Trump’s inauguration.   They even went so far as to encourage electors to go rogue and overturn the election, and when that failed advocated for the abolishing of the Electoral College, disregarding its purpose of preventing mob rule.  Is that the behavior of responsible adults, of those who are our leaders?  As they undermined faith in the American electoral process in these and other ways, they accomplished nothing more than to help those seeking to impact our elections.

It wasn’t the Republicans who chose to weaponize the FBI and the Justice Department in hopes of being able to take down Barry ‘O’ or to derail the candidacy of Hitlery.  Nope that was all the Democrats in their effort to undo an election that didn’t turn out the way they were so certain that it would.  So they go after President Trump, trying to bog him down in frivolous investigations in their attempt to create some cloud of suspicion that would serve to undermine the legitimacy of his presidency. Some who are paid to implement the president’s agenda continue to brag about efforts to sabotage him even from within the administration.

And when Trump dared to nominate a Supreme Court justice that the Democrats didn’t like, what is it then that they chose to do?  Well, they did exactly what we expected them to do, they disrespected the confirmation process by withholding information, and then proceeded with an attempt to destroy the nominee’s life by means of numerous unsubstantiated allegations. Then, as was also expected, their many allies in the ‘fake news’ attacked the structure of the Senate and urged Democrats to pack the court. When the nominee was confirmed according to the rules of the Senate, they then attacked the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

And let’s not forget how it continues to be the Democrat Party that views the military as being little more than a petri dish for all manner of progressive social policies.  The military should not be an equal opportunity employer for the very simple reason that not everyone is up to the task of defending ones country.  It may make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside to insist women be in combat roles, regardless of the complications, cost, or potential effects on combat readiness, but to make such demands ignores the reason we have a military in the first place.  We need nothing less than the strongest and the smartest folks we can get!

Democrats also continue to flout the rule of law at our borders and attack law enforcement agencies at every opportunity. They assert that we must now allow anyone into the country for any reason, no matter what the cost to taxpayers, the terror threat, or the effects of doing so has on our culture and our economy.  They think themselves so clever, they’re so sure we’ll never be able to figure what it is they’re really up to.  But I have news for them, we already have, that’s why we’re so supportive of building ‘The Wall.’  For them it’s all about achieving power, and they’re sure those allowed into this country will be reliable voters…for them.

Democrats are determined in their efforts to undermine the institutions of God and family, and they have a special kind of hatred for the Christian foundations of both our Constitution and of the American way of life.  Legal recognition of gay marriage was not enough for them; they demand everyone embrace and cheer on a lifestyle that some view as being little more than perverse.  They demand Americans violate their conscience in order to provide women taxpayer-sponsored access to drugs that kill unborn babies and they insist the president has the ‘right’ to force your child to share a bathroom with boys in her school.

Democrats wage war on our right to free speech, our right to life, and our right to carry a gun. Their campaign to redefine sex and gender is an affront to reason, to truth and to their much beloved ‘science’.  They illogically accuse people who oppose ripping fully formed babies from a mother’s womb of wanting to dominate and control women and of somehow wanting to place a limit on women’s ‘rights.’  They exploit emotions in the wake of school shootings to push for unconstitutional gun grabs.  No amount of senseless death is too small to exploit, unless of course we’re talking about black on black crime where those numbers simply being ignored.

Democrats seem no longer interested in having an honest debate on the issues.  They simply see no reason, they are right and everyone else is WRONG.  They seek to use whatever power they can get their hands on to intimidate, manipulate, and shame the opposition into silence. They pressure social media outlets to police speech they don’t like online. They wield the ‘fake news’ narrative fabricated by the media to explain Hitlery’s loss in their ongoing campaign to diminish the voice of the conservative press, and they partner with legacy outlets that damage the public’s faith in the press with a growing mountain of blatantly dishonest reporting.

And rather than reexamine their divisive political strategies following their 2016 election fiasco, Democrats choose instead to hit the accelerator on the politics of division and the advocating for violence all in their effort to ‘resist’. Thus we have Hitlery, still, two full years after the election, blaming everyone but herself and her ideas for her loss, and daring to say that Democrats simply cannot be “civil” until they have regained control of the government. Then, she asserts, we can go back to “listening to each other” and “working out our differences.” Yeah, right. THAT Democrat Party is NOT the Democrat Party that exists today.

The Democrat Party, at this particular moment in time, is no longer the Democrat Party of your parents.  They would likely be unable to recognize it while at the same time denying that they could ever have been part of such a hateful organization.  It has been taken over by those who hate our institutions, hate the limits of our system of government, and hate the American way of life, and by those who hate America.  They have become the party of mob rule, and the party of hate. There’s a line where civility necessarily starts to break down, and they’re definitely heading straight for it, if they haven’t crossed it already.

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