Pelosi 21

If you ever find yourself wondering what it is that the Democrats truly are, they’ve really made it rather simple to find out for those with inquiring minds.  You see, all you really need to do is to look at, or simply listen closely to, all of the things which they claim the Republicans are, like how they claim that Republicans are really nothing more than a bunch of homophobic/misogynistic racists.  Because what is much closer to the truth, and is something that Democrats work very hard to hide is the fact that it is they who are the homophobic/misogynistic racists.

And it was Nancy Pelosi who released a statement just last Friday that made the claim that the “Trump Administration has used their discriminatory agenda to sow the seeds of discord and hate for partisan political gain.”  Now let’s be clear, if there is now anyone out there busily sowing the seeds of hate and discontent it most certainly is not anyone with an (R) after their name.  She said, “The Administration’s appalling actions and encouragement of angry, divisive rhetoric dishonors our duty to ensure all Americans are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

So here is the full text of Pelosi’s rather bizarre statement the purpose of which, or so she would like us to believe, was to mark the anniversary of something called the Hate Crimes Prevention Act:

“This weekend, our nation celebrates 9 years since we passed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, expanding critical hate crimes protections to include gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability, and fulfilling our responsibility to pursue freedom, equality and justice for all Americans. Today, 20 years since Matthew Shepard’s murder, we feel especially close to his memory as he is interred in honor at the National Cathedral in Washington.

“Sadly, countless vulnerable Americans are faced with continued threats from a destructive GOP assault on our nation’s most cherished values. From undermining voting rights to fearmongering about immigrants to attacking the rights of women, LGBTQ Americans and transgender service-members, the Trump Administration has used their discriminatory agenda to sow the seeds of discord and hate for partisan political gain. Most recently, reports that the Trump Administration is considering excluding transgender people from its legal definition of gender is a monstrous attempt to erase 1.4 million proud, courageous Americans because of who they are. The Administration’s appalling actions and encouragement of angry, divisive rhetoric dishonors our duty to ensure all Americans are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

“Democrats will always stand up and speak out against the GOP’s hateful policies. We will make passing the Equality Act a top priority to remove all doubt that sexual orientation and gender identity belong in the vital protections of the Civil Rights Act. Together, we will continue to celebrate and take pride in our nation’s beautiful diversity as we fight For The People by lowering health costs and prescription drug prices, raising wages by rebuilding America’s infrastructure, and cleaning up corruption to make Washington work for everyone.”

I think most reasonable people will see Pelosi’s dishonest accusations, regarding conservatives having ‘destructive’ policies, as being nothing more than the ravings of a leftwing lunatic. Factually, Republican/conservative policies are inherently associated with the rule of law and equal rights for ALL individuals but are not the ‘identity politics’ of ‘special rights’ for any one group over another.  The ‘identity politics’ of the Democrat Party are far more closely aligned with, yes the Soros policies of the radical left, the unconstitutional aspirations of progressivism.

A disagreement over policy is not necessarily evil or destructive but that being said, just as Pelosi makes such claims against Republicans, Republicans have every right to express that Democrat policies are the real culprit behind the destruction of America’s healthcare system.  Furthermore, it is my opinion that Democrats are absolutely ‘assaulting’ the values and virtues of America as laid out in the Declaration of Independence and put into law by the Constitution.  Moreover, there is absolutely NO undermining of anyone’s right to vote in America by Republicans.

Republicans seek only to reduce the amount of illegal voting, be it by the dead, by non-citizens (illegal aliens are non-citizens) or from multiple-district voting.  All three have been discovered and rather broadly.  Voter I.D. laws are the answer because there is no discrimination in Voter I.D., only proof of citizenship.  As for immigration in general, it is not ‘fearmongering’ when statistics show that over the past four to five decades, there have been roughly 30 million illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. and violated our laws.  That is the very simple truth.

But then again, if the truth is fear mongering, so be it. Sometimes the truth hurts. Here’s a reality check for some Americans: the word ‘illegal’ means that these people have broken our laws. That being said, it is preposterous and frankly rather offensive, for a member of Congress to accuse the party that fights against lawlessness to be guilty of fearmongering, when she herself in supporting a violation of our laws and by doing so is violating her oath of office, i.e., committing treason. As for ‘attacking the rights of women’, I suspect she is referring to abortion.

Abortion, to be honest, is nothing less than the ‘cold-blooded’ murder of unborn children, which, strangely enough, is something that now falls under the caption of those things defined by the Democrat Party as ‘women’s rights.’ As for LGBTQ, what is that really?  Again real science raises its head and we note that there are only two genders; yes we rediscover science and this bizarre movement of alternate gender-creation is merely another form of thespian behavior, but this on the stage of human behavior attempting to alternate the laws of nature, of God.

What is truly appalling is that Democrats, such as Pelosi, fully embrace the bizarre and claim it to be normal, rational behavior.  She disrespects the norms established by our Judeo-Christian founding and insults the vast majority of Americans with her pompous, unconventional pronouncements of new and strange normalities and thus seeks to destroy our dignity.  And she claims that those of us who maintain that the norms established by God and noted by all of our Founding Fathers as they established this nation are somehow the problem and the opponent of her brand of normality.

Republicans, at least those who are truly conservative, will continue to promote the values and virtues of our founding and speak out against the hateful behavior and policies of the Democrat Party. There should be no ‘Equality Act’ to create ‘special equalities’ in support of ‘identity politics’ for we already have equality under the law, we are already equal. Again, the current administration has reiterated the facts of science – there are but two genders and only two genders.  Americans already have all the respect we need within the boundaries of truth.

There is no doubt about sexual orientation for there are only two ways to orient oneself and again, it is determined by simple science. The bizarre politics of the left, this ‘progressive’ movement, is detrimental to the health and well-being of the American people and electing more Democrats will only serve to make matters worse. As for healthcare costs in general, government intervention in business has never been known to lower costs but it has been shown, repeatedly, to increase costs and destroy good business and in this case, good healthcare.

The ACA or, aka Obamacare, has proven to be the most destructive healthcare law ever to be perpetrated upon the American people and it must be made to appear as if it never existed, and soon.  After which the U.S. must then be returned to a sound market-oriented, market-competitive healthcare system.  Republicans will continue to wisely promote the policies of goodness, of common sense and free-market economics, upon which our nation was founded and that successfully allowed the U.S. to rise us up as the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

It is imperative that we work as hard as we can in our effort to return America to the principles established during our founding; we need to ‘Make American Great Again’, and that cannot be accomplished by using failed Democrat policies.  There is but one way to accomplish those things that MUST be accomplished if we are to ever have any hope of saving our country from what would be a complete and utter collapse if the Democrat Party were ever again permitted to gain any level of political power in this country.  We must vote in November as if our lives depend on it.  Because they do!

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