Scarborough 1

I think there just might be another benefit, of a sort, from Trump now being our president, and it’s something you don’t really hear people talking about all that much.  But it’s his rather uncanny ability to cause those who have long pretended to be conservative Republicans to reveal themselves regarding not only what they really are, but what they’ve apparently always been, ‘Republicans In Name Only, or what we commonly refer to as ‘RINOs’.  And now yet another of those have now finally chosen to come out, and is none other than Joe ‘The Schmo’ Scarborough.

You see, it was on Friday that Joe ‘The Schmo’, host of MSNBC’s little viewed morning show, “Morning Joe,” reacted to the Republican response to the ‘fake bomb’ scare in which they, at least in part, blamed those like him in the ‘fake news’ media for choosing to get people all riled up.  ‘The Schmo’ said it was “hard to even think” that he used to be in the Republican Party because of how “sad” they are now.  Sad?  Actually, ‘Schmo’, what’s truly kind of sad is that there was anyone anywhere who actually believed this guy was anything other than a crazy liberal.

‘The Schmo’ said, “You know, yesterday several prominent Republicans actually backed up the president’s sad response to the mail bombs by criticizing news organizations. And get this. The news organizations had bombs mailed to them, who Donald Trump had been attacking —”  At which point the future Mrs. Schmo interrupted, saying, “Calling the enemy of the people.”   So it becomes very easy to see why it is that these two boobs are now an ‘item.’  Because one is just as dumb as the other, and they barely have a brain cell between them.

Anyway, ‘The Schmo’ then continued saying, “[A]nd calling the enemy of the people, and the president has been warned time and time again that that sort of rhetoric would lead to violence.”  He said, “Well, these Republicans — it’s hard to even think that I was ever a member of this party, as sad and pathetic as they are right now — but Republicans, actually instead of offering condolences to the news organizations and the human beings, the sons and the daughters, the moms and the dads that work there, they actually mocked and ridiculed them and attacked them.”

Frankly I’m pretty sure that just about every Republican is having the very same reaction, Joe.  No one can believe you ever were a Republican, EVER, and we’re all rather embarrassed by the fact that you actually were.  Oh, and by the way, we’re also all ever so glad to finally be rid of your RINO butt, especially since you and your trusty sidekick, and future significant other, have now gone so completely round the bend and are obviously suffering from a rather extreme case of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’   Yes, we are all just oh so glad to be rid of you!

‘The Schmo’ can get as sanctimonious as he likes but he’s no different than every other RINO that we’ve ever come across.  And like every other RINO, he’s essentially full of crap.  He’s finally come out of the closet as what he really is, a complete idiot.  He and gal-pal Mika are a couple of real losers.  He once was a member of Congress and it was just five months into his fourth term that he chose to resign.  And some say it has something to do with how Lori Klausutis, a young intern, was found dead in his office.  Not saying one thing has to do with the other, I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, ‘Schmo’s’ now a TV talk show host who thinks he’s worthy of being listened because he’s been blessed with incredible wisdom that everyone must hear.  I will admit that President Trump might not be a real Conservative, but he certainly is doing lots of Conservative things, and, more importantly, he’s doing the one thing we’ve been begging Republicans to do for decades, namely, fighting back against the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media in a sustained manner. If you won’t fight for your beliefs, then why should anyone believe you?

Finally, ‘Schmo’ we’re glad you’ve finally had the guts to admit what you really are, a fraud.  I know it must have been difficult for you.  Now you can focus on the more important things, like joining your fellow sock-puppet ‘journalists’ who go about spewing the exact same Democrat talking points all day, every day.  Everything you say is scripted and coordinated, and you likely have not had an original thought in God knows how long.  You are one those ‘journalists’ whose actions have destroyed the trust your profession once possessed.  In short, you are irrelevant.

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