Alinsky 1

No matter how hard the Democrats, and their enthusiastic partners in what has now become the ‘fake news’ media, may try to convince us, there is simply no way that it’s a conservative who has been so very busy of late sending, and/or hand-delivering, faux explosive devices to prominent members of the left.  Conservatives, at least true conservatives (not the idiots that the left tries to lump into conservatism like the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis), simply are not capable of the kind of violence that Democrats, and their friends in the ‘fake news’ media, have been accusing those on the ‘the right’ of doing for years, and especially during the last two years.

The Tea Party, despite the many accusations made against its members, never committed the level of violent protesting that we have seen, and continue to see, from the many rabid groups on the left.  It’s not members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) who are guilty of committing mass shootings, although those on the left would have you believe otherwise.  And Republicans aren’t out there inciting violence, calling on people to confront the ‘enemy’ in restaurants, and they haven’t been playing the obstructionist games that the Democrats play which were revealed front and center during the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation process.

So we’ve now seen how false accusations of sexual harassment have not worked.  Neither have false accusations that our president is a Nazi, a racist, or a misogynist, worked.  So I would argue that these anonymously placed ‘explosive’ devices are really nothing more than what’s seen by the left as being the next logical step in what has now become their very obvious mission.   But now, I would argue, their “cry wolf strategy” seems to have gone a bit overboard, and I hope it will soon be revealed, that which many of us are already convinced, that it is someone, or a group of someones, from the radical left who is behind the placing of these fake bombs.

And as is usually the case with actions such as these, both the Democrats and our many fake ‘journalists’ were quick, maybe just a bit too quick, to assign blame with it, of course, being focused entirely on our president and, of course, his supporters.  And what was it that was so obviously missing regarding all of the nonstop reporting about these supposed ‘explosive’ devices?  Well, nothing more than how we’ve had so many high profile Democrats of late who have been very busy spewing all manner of what should be seen as politically toxic, rhetoric, with some going so far as to say that being civil with those whom you oppose has now become quite impossible.

Odd, don’t you think, that while Republicans are being shot, their campaign offices are being vandalized and the fact that it has become nearly impossible for them to do something as simple and going out to dinner, nary a word is mentioned by either Democrats or the ‘fake news’ media.  Or if it is talked about it’s about how Republicans are deserving of such treatment and for no other reason than they wish to prevent the Democrats’ from destroying our country.  But as soon as prominent Democrats are on the receiving end of unacceptable behavior all Hell breaks loose with all manner of accusations then made about how President Trump is to blame.

But look, you’d have to be complete moron, or your everyday braindead Democrat, not to realize that, of course, the Democrats are behind this latest attempt to have some sort of impact on the midterms that would, or so they hope, prove beneficial to their cause of regaining control of Congress.  There can simply be no doubt about it.  It comes right out of their Alinsky Play Book – blame your enemies for doing the things that you are doing, less than 2 weeks before the midterm elections.  And their devoted media stooges are good at making up scripts that can then be peddled in an effort to spread their ‘fake news’ over the airwaves to try to sway the voters.

So it is now officially less than two weeks until our next all important election.  That’s essentially all the time the Democrats now have to prevent, despite all the talk of some ‘blue wave’ that will sweep them into control of Congress and hand to them the ability to rid the country of President Trump, yet another electoral humiliation at the hands of the American people, one that has the potential to be even more embarrassing for them than was 2016.  Which brings their desperation all the more into focus, and hence the bomb scares, the death threats, the ‘migrant’ caravan (80% of which are men under the age of 35), the lies, plots, and of course the deceit.

Those who are students of history will, I’m quite sure, remember how in 1933, two weeks after Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, undercover Nazi brown shirts set fire to the Reichstag in Berlin. The Gestapo blamed a Dutch Communist for the fire thus starting the purge of the Communists all across Germany.  Sound familiar? After all, Socialist-Democrats mail bombs to the most prominent among them using their allies in the ‘fake news’ media to build the appropriate narrative, that being of course, the “Deplorables” did it.  Anyone who believes that that is any different than Hitler’s (Goebbels) plan is an idiot or, as I said earlier, a braindead Democrat.

The question that the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the ‘fake news’ media need to be asking themselves, is why would conservative Republicans want to get rid of the best reasons they have for voting for them.  These liberal Democrats make for the best campaign ads Republicans could ever hope for!  Why would we want to get these kooks off of the front pages or off our televisions when they defeat themselves with all of their lying and their mob mentality as they continue to spew their leftwing drivel on a daily basis!   They can rest assured that it’s not the conservatives who want to get rid of the best reasons there are for voting Republican.

One should never underestimate what the Democrats will do, or what tactics they will choose to employ, in their continuing effort to first gain power and then to maintain it at all costs.  To do so, is to do so at your own peril.  And you should also remember that there is absolutely NOTHING that Democrats will not do or say in their quest for power.  Power is what they crave most, it’s what they live for, and as Nancy Pelosi recently made very clear, Democrats are not the least bit concerned that there may be any level of collateral damage that may result from their drive to acquire that which they see as being a level of political power that only they deserve to possess.

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