Obama 13

When it comes to Barry ‘O’ it would seem that old habits must die pretty hard.   And the reason for my saying such a thing is the fact that it was during what was described as being a ‘stump’ speech, this past Monday, in Nevada to ‘promote Democrat candidates, our rather illustrious ex-president took the opportunity to spend far more time talking about himself than he did about those he was there to ‘promote’.   Because it was during his speech that he made reference to himself over 90 times.

Speaking at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), our ex-president stressed the importance of voting as a tool to change things about the country that one doesn’t like, whether those things be policies or leaders.  As he spoke, Barry ‘O’ was flanked by U.S. Senate candidate Jacky Rosen — who is facing incumbent Republican Sen. Dean Heller in a tight race — and gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak, who has recently come under fire regarding some rather allegations of domestic abuse.

But whether he was responding to shouts from what turned out to be a rather small crowd, comparatively speaking, or reflecting on his past experiences on the campaign trail or those while in office, the ex-president preferred to spend far more time talking about himself than about the candidates he was supposed to be there to endorse.  But really, how many of us were really surprised by that?  After all, a leopard can never change its spots.  He is what he is and that’s all that he is.

And it seemed almost only in passing that he even bothered to mention the Democrat candidates standing there beside him and for whom he was there to generate some support.  He mentioned Congressional candidates Susie Lee and Steven Horsford only once each, Senate candidate Jacky Rosen four times, Kate Marshall (candidate for Lieutenant Governor) twice and gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak only once.  But then, I’m sure he saw himself as being the most important person there.

It’s obvious that Barry still yearns to be president of the world.  And I love the fact that he no longer seems able to draw the crowds that he once did, what an ego bruiser that must be for him.  But still, I have no doubt that he has been hard at work behind the scenes, wreaking as much havoc as possible in an effort to undermine the man that has dismantled much of what he, and his leftist allies, sought to put into place.  After all, that’s what creepy bottom-feeders, such as himself, always do!

And I guess we’re just supposed to think’s it’s all just a coincidence that Barry’s economy was stagnant and the “new normal” to be expected was an annual growth of 2%?  Barry presided over the worst economic ‘recovery’ in nearly 100 years.  Now with President Trump at the helm, we have 3-4% growth, record low unemployment, and an 18 year high in consumer confidence.  Hitlery would have, no doubt, continued Barry’s failed policies which would have only caused the economy to worsen.

And you know it just has to stick in his craw that all it took for President Trump to accomplish a true economic recovery, and not the rather anemic excuse for a recovery that Barry managed, was to simply reverse everything, or nearly everything, that Barry ‘O’ did while in office that anything to do with the economy.  And it has taken President Trump less than two years to accomplish that which Barry was unable to accomplish in eight years.  Of course Barry hasn’t stopped trying to take credit.

Barry’s recent appearances since leaving the White House have continued to make very clear that while you can take the narcissist out of the White House, you can’t take the White House out of the narcissist.  A useless, know-nothing, do-nothing, pot-smoking Moslem sympathizer, voted into the White House for eight very long years based on nothing more than the color of his skin.  But then that’s the type of criteria that braindead Democrats tend to use when choosing which candidate to vote for.

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