Flake 9

Apparently determined to continue in his effort of being one of the main Trump-hating-pains-in-the-ass right up to his bitter end, RINO Jeff Flake once again demonstrated, on Friday, why it is that he ‘chose’ not to run for re-election.  You see, while he did vote to allow process to move out of committee and onto the full Senate he did not do so before displaying what has become typical behavior for him by choosing to side with Democrats who are calling for a one-week delay in a Senate floor vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh in order to give the FBI time to investigate the sexual assault allegations meant to stop his nomination.

While speaking on Friday, Flake stated that the floor vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh should be delayed for up to a week to let the FBI investigate the allegations against the judge and that he would vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the floor with that understanding.  Flake said, “I think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to, but not more than, one week, in order to let the FBI continue — to do an investigation, limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there, and limited in time to no more than one week. And I will vote to advance the bill to the floor, with that understanding.”

Flake later added that he would only be comfortable moving forward with Judge Kavanaugh on the floor if there is further FBI investigation.  Does Flake really believe that when the FBI has completed its investigation, and found these allegations to be what we all already know them to be, that the Democrats will then vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh?  Because if he does then it’s a good thing he’s retiring, because anyone that stupid has no place in ANY position of power.  Ms. Ford is obviously suffering from some severe mental issues as evidenced by the fact that she recently deleted her social media accounts.  What’s she trying to hide?

And let’s face it, Flake is nothing if not just another of our everyday-run-of-the-mill Trump hating narcissistic assholes.  And he’s someone who couldn’t care less about due process, justice, or whether a good man’s life is in the process of being destroyed.  All this guy cares about is going out as being the biggest thorn in the side for a man he hates.  For Flake it’s become personal, it’s NOT about what’s best for the country and he’s trying to make it appear as if he’s having some sort of melodramatic ‘crisis of conscience’.  I can only assume he’s trying to grease the skids, so to speak, in trying to gain future employment at CNN or perhaps MSNBC.

And it is in choosing to side with the Democrats that Flake has decided to take up the cause of those who are as ruthless, vile, and despicable as they come.  Their hatred of America is the one thing they do, and do very well. And as we have seen on more than one occasion, they will lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever else it takes for them to win and they don’t let up.   They want to make sure President Trump can’t nominate anyone else before the mid-terms because which they believe will be putting them back in charge.  So if Flake and his RINO friends Susan Collins, and Murkowski vote no, they will have again sided with America’s greatest enemy.

Look, we who voted President Trump into office, possess a deep distrust of the FBI and very legitimately so.  We distrust it because it has FAR exceeded it’s mandate to investigate CRIMES within these United States and has become nothing more than a too used by the deep-state to undermine our Constitution, the very thing that they, like Flake, swore to both uphold and to protect.  Flake is an absurdity of an elected representative, as are Nancy Pelosi, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and every other Democrat and RINO who values their time in front of the cameras more so than the job that they were elected to do.  They are a threat to our freedom.

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