Democrats 77

All of their claims about how it’s the Republican Party that is at war with women, notwithstanding, it’s the Democrat Party that continues to demonstrate how it is that they are, in fact, the ones involved in what has been a very determined effort to both belittle and enslave women.  And if their very recent behavior tells us anything at all about the Democrats in Congress it’s that they are counting on what they must see as being the stupidity of most women in their effort to bring down President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court and for NO other reason than he’s a conservative.

You see, the allegation that Judge Kavanaugh may or may not have flirted with a girl at a party nearly forty years ago while they were both in high school is as absurd as it is impossible to prove.  Democrats know it. The ‘fake news’ media knows it.  The idiotic nature of the claim doesn’t matter. They are pushing the false ‘sexual assault’ narrative believing that most women are stupid enough, intellectually lazy enough, to merely read the false headlines and then neglect to actually learn the facts and thus be manipulated into voting against Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

As insulting to women as that might seem to be, that has now become Plan A, to the point where Democrats are no longer even bothering to deny it even as more and more women, from all walks of life, are coming forward to express their full support of Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.  But apparently none of that seems to matter as the Democrats remain quite confident in their ability to pull off this bizarre bit of political theater.  But as we have witnessed so many times in the past, the truth matters not to Democrats and the end always justifies the means!

And it’s according to that leftwing rag ‘The Hill’ that House Democrats increasingly see the controversy swirling around Judge Kavanaugh as being nothing less than a political boon just weeks ahead of the midterm elections — a saga they think will energize those female voters already put off by President Trump and threatening to bring their frustrations to the polls.  Rep. Jackie Speier, Democrat from California, warned, “Beware of the wrath of women scorned, Mr. President and Majority Leader [Mitch] McConnell [R-Ky.].”  Adding, “It will be your party’s downfall.”

And then it was by telephone that Illinois Democrat Cheri Bustos, who apparently heads up the Democrats’ messaging arm, was reported to have said, “We are already motivated, Democratic women, and I can tell you this is not going to tamp down the enthusiasm.” And apparently she went on to say, “If Republicans don’t want to get to the truth on this, that is not going to help them politically.”  You see, this is the way members of the modern Democrat Party think.  Liberalism, as they say, has become little more a mental disorder and these Democrats prove that every single day.

Accusations against a then-17-year-old Kavanaugh are that he fell onto a bed with a high school girl (Ford) at a party, that she felt scared, another boy jumped onto the bed with them, and they all then fell onto the floor laughing.  Ford left the room and didn’t mention the incident for decades.  As an adult, she became a liberal professor and anti-Trump activist.  Now, nearly forty years later she’s making allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh as he is poised to become the nation’s next member of the Supreme Court. The timing of her claims certainly seems suspect.

Now it matters not to Democrats that they have not one witness willing to step forward and to corroborate Ford’s idiotic story of flirting/fondling at the alleged high school party in question.  In fact, the only witnesses to come forward thus far are those who have contradicted everything Ms. Ford is alleging.  The other boy said to be in the room at the time says it never happened.  And a female classmate of Ford’s has also indicated, via her attorney, that she has no recollection of such a party ever taking place.  Which, I suppose, is a much nicer way of simply calling Ford a liar.

Democrats know the entire scenario is nothing more than wishful thinking.  Even if the interaction between Ford and Kavanaugh did take place, as she now alleges that it did, does a very brief and clumsy attempt at a teen makeout session qualify as sexual assault? Not likely. Those who have bothered to learn the facts regarding the allegation are stunned that the allegation is being made at all.  Ford’s motivation for the claims she has made have become painfully transparent, so much so that anyone with even an ounce of intelligence should have no trouble seeing right through them.

Again, Democrats don’t care. They’re counting on women being stupid enough to believe what they are told to believe and to then go out and vote accordingly.  The question now to be posed to the millions of women in America is this: Are you really as stupid as Democrats seem to think you are?  Or, will you make them pay come Election Day for thinking so?  Now I must say that regarding those women on the left the answer is a rather easy one, because they ‘really’ are that stupid.  Which is kind of sad really, that they so willingly allow themselves to be so easily manipulated.

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