You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, nor even a brain surgeon, to be able to figure out that what we’ve been witnessing from the Democrats throughout Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings is exactly the type of behavior that we can expect to see a lot more of if we, the American people, permit them to take back power in the 2018 midterm elections.  First, they began by trying to prevent the hearings from taking place at all, exhibiting behavior that most of us have not been exposed to since our grade-school days, interrupting repeatedly and demanding votes on frivolous points of order.

It was after that they then they chose to praise the few left-wing radical “protesters” whose purpose it was to disrupt the proceedings.  Then they proceeded to break the rules by choosing to release confidential information.  Until finally they have now reduced the proceedings to what is really nothing more than a circus, of sorts, in their attempt to force Judge Kavanaugh to face a politically motivated show trial.  The Democrats are doing their worst because a Supreme Court seat is at stake, and their base will accept nothing less. Yet they will do the same next year, if voters give them a chance to govern again.

And as I said, it is courtesy of their ongoing, and quite bizarre, behavior that the Democrats, whether by design or by accident, are providing us with a glimpse of what the future will look like should they permitted to gain control of the House, the Senate or, God forbid, both. They intend on turning the House, and/or the Senate, into a Star Chamber that I have no doubt could make the McCarthy hearings look like a model of procedural fairness.  They are not interested in oversight, any more than they ‘want’ to hear from Christine Blasey Ford.  What they want is to turn oversight into “overthrow.”

Democrats remain determined to finally get a President Trump’s tax returns, something they’ve been harping about since before the election. There’s even talk of launching an independent commission into his administration’s handling of the hurricane that wracked Puerto Rico.  And of course progressive activists are ready to start impeachment proceedings immediately out of the gate in the next Congress.  So buckle up, if the Democrats do take control of a chamber in the November election, expect a flood of hearings, investigations, probes and all manner of special commissions starting in January.

As some folks may recall it was just last month that a spreadsheet emerged on which were listed some 100 investigations that Republicans believe Democrats will launch the moment that Nancy Pelosi seizes the Speaker’s gavel.  Many of them are redundant, or ridiculous, and aimed only at embarrassing the president and preventing Congress from achieving anything more on his watch.  For example, Democrats want to probe the payment to porn star Stormy Daniels — a matter already in the rather ambitious grasp of the overzealous, and rather insidious, U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York.

Look, I think we ALL understand that the ultimate goal here is, of course, the impeachment of President Trump, his removal from office — and, perhaps, even worse. Because it’s House Democrat Steny Hoyer, the second-ranking Democrat behind Pelosi, who has declared Trump guilty of “treason,” for which one punishment is, death.  Pelosi has tried to downplay the impeachment issue, without much success, because the so-called “Resistance” demands nothing less and because Tom Steyer, the party’s top donor in the last midterm election, is spending over $100 Million promoting the cause.

But even if Democrats don’t succeed in ousting President Trump — thanks, at least in theory, to Republican opposition in the Senate — they will most assuredly destroy our democratic institutions in the process.  And we know this because in the Kavanaugh controversy, Democrats are backing a demand by Dr. Ford’s attorney that the judge be required to speak first, before he has heard the accusations against him.  And that is a complete inversion of civil rights, one more familiar in totalitarian dictatorships, and a preview of how Democrats will conduct their version of “oversight,” again IF they win in November.

Democrats have also demanded the FBI investigate Judge Kavanaugh for what would be a seventh time. And in so doing it would seem that they have learned absolutely nothing from 2016 and remain eager to use — or abuse — the powers of law enforcement for political gain.  And then there was that dingbat from Hawaii, Democrat Mazie Hirono who offered a rather idiotic bit of advice to American men saying that sould “Just shut up.”  As time goes by these same Democrats continue to provide to us all the proof we need for why the very last thing we should do is to allow them to achieve any level of political power.

And there’s California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is chiefly to blame for the way Democrats have handled the Judge Kavanaugh accusation, and who was elected in 1992, after female voters marched to the polls to express their outrage at the way Anita Hill was questioned about her accusations against Clarence Thomas. She has predicted 2018 will be another “year of the woman,” and is determined to make it so.  But there are also millions of American men, and women, who are outraged by what is happening to Judge Kavanaugh. It is up to them to stop this liberal totalitarianism from taking over our country.

But let’s be honest, Democrats will never accept President Trump, his policies or his nominees because they see all as a threat to their future agendas. They are committed socialists and as such will continue working with their globalist masters to undo President Trump’s policies that benefit American families.  That is why the ‘fake news’ media is helping them, because they too are part of that plan.  Wake up America, they are setting the stage to take down our president and the Republican Party come this November. Please vote Republican because these elections are so very important for our great country.

The tactics the Democrats are using against Judge Kavanaugh (for lack of a better word) are evil.  If there had been a pattern of this type of behavior in the past by him, it would have most certainly come to light. Those that are showboating for their own political ends are turning the constitutional guarantee of the presumption of innocence on its head and taking us back to The Dark Ages.  We can tell that these people are disingenuous when they claim they want to protect women but see how callously they’ve hurt Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters. To the Left, they are meaningless collateral damage in their quest for power.

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