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Those of us who, for whatever the reason, continue to find ourselves onboard the ‘Trump Train’ have now been called just about every name in the book.  We’ve been called racists, Nazis, rednecks, and of course “Deplorables.”   And we’ve been scolded for sitting idly by why Democrats claim the man we elected destroys our country.  But from where I’m sitting, it’s those who remain focused on destroying our country and as well on bringing down a duly elected president and doing all that they can to obstruct his agenda, who are the true “dregs of our society.”

So it was as recently as this past weekend that ‘Creepy Uncle’ Joe Biden was up to his very familiar old tricks.  It was during a speech this weekend – for the Human Rights Campaign of all things – that old ‘Slow Joe’ decided to take things a step further by referring to those of us who support President Trump as being “the dregs of society.”  Isn’t that like one step lower than merely being deplorable?  As ‘Slow Joe’ began his speech, a few people in the crowd yelled ‘Run Joe!’ to which he replied, “Thank you.”  He also used his remarks to rally the crowd to ‘demand more of our leaders.’

‘Slow Joe’ asked, “What has become of us?”  And he then went on to say, “Our children are listening and our silence is complicit.”  He also told the crowd of LBGT supporters that they have a fight ahead of them, pointing out it’s those against them who have a friend in the Trump.  He said, “Some of them are the dregs of society.”  And he went on to add, “They, not you, have an ally in the White House.”  I’m thinking after witnessing the events of the last 18 months that is the perfect question to be asking a room full of Democrats.  What has happened to the Democrat Party?

Because the Democrat Party of 2018 bears very little resemblance to the Democrat Party from as little as 10 years ago.  And while the party has always tilted more than just a little to the left, never before have so many who declare themselves to be proud Democrats professed such a level of hatred for their country.  While it’s easy to see that it’s no longer the party of John Kennedy, it’s not even the party of ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton.  I think it goes without saying that neither man would likely be able to get the nomination of their party today because it has now moved so far to the left.

And it was in urging those who oppose Trump to stay engaged that ‘Slow Joe’ said, “Those who try to excuse this kind of prejudice in the name of culture, I say, ‘Prejudice is prejudice and humanity is humanity — it is a crime.”  He said, “Our work is not yet done by any stretch of the imagination. The stakes are much too high.”  He did say something that I agreed with, and it was when he said, “This is deadly earnest, we are in a fight for America’s soul,” because that is, in fact, so very true.  This is not the time for those who truly love this country to go weak in the knees.

So who is it, exactly, that comprise those “dregs of society?” Oh that’s right!  That would be all those folks with private sector jobs and those folks who choose to debate in a civil manner as opposed to those goons involved in the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  They’re business owners creating jobs, members of the military, and middle aged folks who didn’t just get off the turnip truck like so many of the young people who vote Left.  The hatred of Democrats towards middle class folks is amazing, you either have to be rich or an illegal for them to give a crap about you.

And ya know, I really don’t mind all that much being called a “Deplorable,” especially when it’s by the likes of someone like Hitlery.  But what I do object to is labels as being one of ‘Creepy Joe’s’ “dregs of society” for no other reason than because of political opinion, and neither should anyone who is interested in preventing the Democrats from destroying our country.  And if we’re going to be honest here the true “dregs of our society” are those like ‘Slow Joe’ and those Democrats involved in the continuing shenanigans at the confirmation hearing for Judge Kavanaugh.

America needs to wake up before it’s too late! They need to understand that Democrats hate those who love their country, and want to preserve it so that future generations will still live in freedom!  And if you do know that that is who Democrats are, then you’re simply not paying attention.  Democrats, and their many supporters on left, including many in our ‘fake news’ media, are waging what is nothing less than a war on freedom of speech, white men, the military, on law enforcement, guns and faith!  Those who dare to disagree with them must be made to pay a very high price.

Democrats seek nothing more than to continue their practice of using working class Americans as their own personal piggy-bank which then provides them with the necessary means for keeping for their lazy, and rather entitled, voter base provided with all manner of ‘freebie’ in exchange for their votes.  Hard working taxpayers are essentially forced to cover the cost of any number of so-called ‘welfare’ programs, free housing, food stamps and free medical care.  To Democrats political power is personal power and no price is too high when using other people’s money.

I truly am beginning to fear for my country.  From the ongoing witch-hunt headed up by Democrat henchman, Mueller and his merry band of rabidly left wing Democrats to the continuing antics of Senate Democrats during the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh, if you’re not worried about the current state of our Republic then you’re either a Democrat or completely insane.  But then I suppose I’m repeating myself.  As time goes by it’s the Democrat Party, and anyone who chooses to support it, that now represents the greatest threat we face as a free and prosperous nation.

If the American people are ever again foolish enough to allow the Democrat Party to achieve any level of political power in this country, it will be in very short order that they learn what a horrible mistake it was to do so.  Democrats must never again be allowed to have any say in the running of this country.  Contrary to their many claims they do not possess any level of interest in doing what’s best for every citizen of this great land.  Franky, they never have.  They are interested only in doing what is best for them.  They are never to be trusted, and therefore never to be voted for.

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