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Proving yet again that he’s nothing but a leftwing kook, it was during a recent ‘speech’ at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference, that Al Green, Democrat from Texas, declared he owes it to “unborn generations” to impeach President Trump.  I can only assume that he’s referencing those unborn who successfully avoid being aborted.  Anyway, Green, who has insisted that President Trump does not have to commit a crime to get impeached said “bigotry in this country is the number one problem facing a good many Americans, many of whom are of African ancestry.” He said bigotry must be combated “with an agenda.”

Green said, “I will bring Articles of Impeachment once we have a new Congress.”  And he then went on to say, “If no one else does, I will do it because I owe it to unborn generations to do what I can to take on this challenge.”  Green said it is his responsibility “to make sure that everyone goes on record because history is going to judge us all… this is a moment in time when the world is watching and we ought not let bigotry of this magnitude go unchecked.”  And it’s in response to people who ask him why he does not wait to push impeachment that Green said, “Dr. King didn’t wait.”  Apparently he fancies himself a man like Dr. King?  Hilarious!

Green said Dr. King went back to the Edmund Pettus Bridge after Bloody Sunday even though he knew “invidious discrimination” would not end that day. And this racist boob went on to say that “Rosa Parks took that seat on the bus” even though she did not think she was going to “end invidious discrimination” that day.  He said, “We all have a watch, and we all have to do what we can to move the agenda forward.”  And then went on to add, “This is my watch. This is my agenda. I am going to move it forward. We will have another vote on impeachment.”  If Green sees himself as being someone of the same caliber as a Dr. King or a Ms. Parks, he is certifiably insane.

And Green claimed that President Trump can also be impeached for “incompetent behavior” that is “harmful to society,” including Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policies and “bigoted” African agenda.  Green asked the audience to go to and focus on the second definition of “misdemeanor”: “an instance of misbehavior; misdeed.”  He said the most important word in “high crimes and misdemeanors” is “misdemeanor” and insisted that there is “no requirement that there be any crime” for President Trump to be impeached.  Sadly for Al, it’s not Webster’s definition that fits the bill for impeachment, constitutionally speaking.

Green said President Trump’s “incompetent behavior is harmful to society,” and he said that “incompetent behavior” must be added to the list of impeachable offenses. He mentioned Trump’s “S-hole countries” remarks about “some countries in Africa, in the Caribbean, in South America.”  He said, “You produce a work product that is harmful to African countries. That’s a link between his bigoted commentary and policy that has been produced. Policy rooted in bigotry.” Green also blasted President Trump for telling police officers that “you don’t have to be nice” to criminal suspects and said Trump’s remarks amounted to a “quasi-policy.”

Green continued on with his rather idiotic rant speaking of another favorite topic of kooks like himself, saying, “Then children on the border of color.” He continued, “You produce a policy that separates them from their parents. When I add all of this together, a person who is placing his bigotry into policy that is harmful to our society. And for that he ought to be impeached.”  Green said he is hoping for a “November that will be a November to remember” that will provide Democrats with at least 218 votes. He said he hoped that the Judiciary Committee will then at “least take up an inquiry” regarding what are, and are not, impeachable offenses.

Racist buffoons like Green, Waters, Lewis and any number of the other racist buffoons that comprise that racist little group referred to as the ‘Congressional Black Caucus’, have become masters of their rather insidious craft.  Unfortunately, the people who vote for and believe the garbage that they spew, also believe the promises that they will somehow ‘save them’ from those ‘evil devils’ known as white men.  Sadly, they’re too stupid by far to see that it remains the white man that offers and affords them their best opportunities for having a decent and moral life, while all that these charlatan’s offer is nothing more than empty promises, hopelessness and poverty.

And it’s rather odd, don’t you think, that a scumbag Democrat would look to do something for those unborn generations while doing absolutely nothing at all to protect the unborn from himself, his party or from the butchers of Planned Parenthood.  It would seem that the current just born generation is in need of some protection right now from unlimited immigration overcrowding and the dumbing down of our schools and keeping their parents poor by depressing wages.  Incidentally, no member of the black caucus has any business complaining about bigotry when that is the platform of their caucus. They are as racist as you can possibly get.

Those like Green believe the United States to be the source of all that is wrong in the world yet black people have opportunities that they could never hope to have anywhere else in the world.  And what’s ironic, the face of the stupidity are members of Congress, well paid and famous athletes and music icons, Hollyweird actors and others who are rolling in dough.  If the descendants of these moronic imbeciles that take ignorance and stupidity to an entirely new level had not been brought to America as slaves, which no one denies was a historical calamity, they would still be in Africa, in the sub-Saharan region on the west coast of Africa.  Too bad they’re not!

Green is an unintelligent imbecile.  He’s guilty of incompetent behavior that is harmful to society with his bigoted agenda toward President Trump.  He ignores completely the fact that it was “We the People” who elected President Trump to do, for the most part, exactly what he’s doing.  Green is nothing more than another sad example of one put into office by those who are progressive/liberal narcissistic lemmings.  As long as people like Green remain the face of the Democrat Party I have no doubt that President Trump will be re-elected in 2020, Republicans will keep control of Congress and Judge Kavanaugh will be our new Supreme Court Justice.

In reality, Green is nothing more than your common black racist.  And sadly he only one of many in Congress and one of millions all across our fruited plain.  Blacks, without a doubt, are the most racist, the most violent, and the most ill-behaved people that you will find anywhere on the entire planet.  Instead of improving their image they seem to go happily well out of their way in an effort to come up with new and improved ways of making it even worse. This is not typically a sign of intelligence, competence and good moral character.  And sadly, it’s boobs like Green who are only too happy to jump out front and lead the way for them.

People like Green are stuck in the past and they stir the pot of incivility because they are paid to do so by the Democrats. This also leads to the conditions of squalor and ignorance in a black community where people refuse to pick themselves up and instead play the chronic victim when they are no more a victim than anyone else.  And finally, it’s since first being elected in 2005 that Green has now managed to amass for himself a net worth of over $4.5 Million, and all on a yearly salary of a little over $100,000.  But his voting base at least appears to be too stupid to question the facts surrounding this corrupt, vile, sanctimonious reprobate.


  1. Al Green can’t articulate nor show the least bit of a highschool civics basic competency, if the curriculum is still thought in public education, his cause for action in the Trump impeachment coup de tar as he stated” our democracy to begin. A second grade grammar school underachieving dropout hopefully knows this is a constitutional republic. Bringing great shame and amorous deep in the heart of the republic of Texas. Along with Mad Maxine Waters a very low IQ individual, Keith Ellison. Andrea Carson, and any of the seditious Democrats and impotent Republicans who haven’t co sponsored HR377 and or S.68 Current legislation to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization should be added to the growing list of participants in We the people V Barrack Hussein Obama cause for action from various sections of the US code title 18 sedition treason and vast left wing conspiracies to overthrow the constitution


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