If it seems to you see that the Democrats are becoming increasingly unhinged as we inch ever-closer to the upcoming midterm elections, you can relax you are not imaging things.  Because as we head into the final months of the president’s second year in office ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ (TDS) seems to be reaching what is near epidemic levels, all across the country.  Those affected by the disorder are so consumed by their hatred of this man, our president, that they feel compelled, even driven to attack not only him, but anyone they deem to be in support of him.

TDS was first diagnosed back before Trump was even elected and since that time it has become increasingly malignant with symptoms having grown much more violent. For those who may keeping score, in just the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a knife attack on a Republican congressional candidate in California, a threat of mass murder against supporters of President Trump gathering at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., a GOP office in Wyoming attacked by an arsonist, and a conservative journalist going into hiding after receiving serious death threats.

It’s just all gotten so weird. It’s no longer about simply possessing differing political opinions.  It’s as if we live in completely different worlds.  In theirs, America is some right-wing hell-hole where everything bad that could possibly happen IS happening right now, or is absolutely CERTAIN to happen any day now and all because Trump is President.  In mine, President Trump is a different kind of President from what we’re used to but he doesn’t herald the apocalypse and he’s not capable personally, OR constitutionally, of doing 1/100th of the damage that Democrats claim that he can.

And when looking at how things are going in my own little piece of the world, I see life going on a little better than usual, both for me and for most of the people around me. The ONLY Trump-induced suffering going on seems to be taking place deep within the minds of Democrats.  If they didn’t persist in trying to force the symptoms of their derangement upon the rest of us, things would be pretty quiet.  In the big scheme of things, this country has had 12 Presidents thus far in my lifetime, counting President Trump.  And to be honest, he’s neither the worst nor the best of them.

As for all of these morons running around like their hair is on fire, you’d think that they reside in some sort of alternative universe, and not in the real world.  These are the people who “don’t believe evil exists.”  They’re the dimwits who try to hitchhike for peace across Moslem countries and wind up being raped and murdered in the first Moslem country they come to.  Their elevators just don’t go all the way to the top.  Some can break through their programming with intense exposure to the truth, but many will just stick their head deeper into the sand until they suffocate.

And to be honest, before this there was Bush Derangement Syndrome.  Barry’s election got the left hopeful.  In their view the country was “finally something they could be proud of” to paraphrase Moochelle Obummer.  But then Trump got elected. You have to remember the leftists believe everything should be done by government and it’s socialism that will save us.  Those of us on the right believe that we can solve our problems privately, with less government involvement not more.  As we have seen time and again, unelected bureaucrats simply are not to be trusted.

For the left, it’s socialism that they apparently think will be the answer for all of their problems and will satisfy all their needs.  But when Trump was elected president he became a threat to their worldview.  His election is seen as being nothing more than a fluke, and as such it must not be allowed to stand.  It is so illegitimate in their mind that all they can bring themselves to talk about is…Impeachment.  There was supposed to be no way that his victory could happen.  It wasn’t supposed to happen, and yet it did.  And it continues to drive them ALL absolutely insane.

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