While I remain more than a little skeptical when it comes to all the hype surrounding some impending ‘Blue Wave’ regarding this November’s elections, I am nowhere near confident that the Republicans will manage to hold onto either the House or the Senate.  One reason is that I remain unconvinced that they actually ‘want’ to keep control of Congress.  As for the basis of my skepticism regarding all of this talk of a ‘Blue Wave’ is that it strikes me as being a bit reminiscent of the media’s hype over what was supposed to be a Hitlery landslide in the 2016 presidential election.

And adding further to my skepticism is the fact that both the ‘fake news’ media and Democrats alike have overlooked several key factors, from President Trump’s approval rating within the Republican Party to over 4-percent GDP growth for the latest quarter.  Misreports are paving the way for yet another stunning defeat, with liberal pundits forced to explain again why they were wrong with allegedly data-driven predictions.  What follows are six reasons Democrats may not be able to wrestle control of the House and Senate away from Republicans in November:

  1. Democrats have only won two of ten special elections for Congress against Republican challengers since Trump’s election.

Since Trump’s election, Republicans have won special elections for Congress in Kansas, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Ohio. Democrats have only two victories, in Alabama and Pennsylvania, that were linked to Republican incumbents or challengers disgraced by bizarre sex scandals. When you’re running against Roy Moore or the GOP incumbent is someone like Tim Murphy, close victories shouldn’t be a sign of any Blue Wave.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Ossoff spent $30 million in a losing effort. GOP voters aren’t necessarily swayed by challengers with deep pockets. Trump won being outspent 2–1 by Hitlery.

  1. President Trump has an 85-percent approval rating within the Republican Party.

Liberal pundits don’t realize that GOP voters aren’t voting for a “generic Republican” this November. Polls ranging from a 14-point lead to a 4-point Democrat lead aren’t entirely relevant to Republican voters in historically conservative districts. They’re voting in large part to ensure their representatives don’t take marching orders from Nancy Pelosi or impeach the president.

Most importantly, Trump has the second-highest approval rating within his party at the 500-day mark since WWII. Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump, despite the never-ending histrionics from Hollyweird, the ‘fake news’ media and Twitter warriors. They’re going to show up in November like they’ve done in the ten prior special elections since Trump’s election, where the GOP is 8–2.

  1. Of Americans surveyed, 77 percent believe mainstream media reports “fake news” and only 31 percent have a favorable view of the Democrat Party.

Yes, Democrats have outperformed prior voter turnout figures in recent special elections, but they’ve still lost 8 out of 10 Congressional special elections. This ‘Blue Wave’ is primarily ‘fake news’ media-driven, not policy focused. Furthermore, the ‘fake news’ media and Democrats are reviled by a large segment of the population.

  1. Democrats haven’t achieved more than a net gain of 23 House seats since 2006. They currently need 23 seats in the House and the Senate looks great for Republicans.

Even in the 2008 House elections, with the election of President Barry ‘O’, Democrats only managed a net gain of 21 seats, and that Democrat Party was for more unified and enthusiastic than today’s version.

  1. Democrats are running former CIA officials or candidates too far to the left in conservative districts.

In an era where voters elected Trump to drain ‘The Swamp,’ Democrat candidates Elissa Slotkin in Michigan and Abigail Spanbergerin Virginia are former CIA officials. As for the Medicare for ‘ALL’ candidates running in red states, they’ve yet to justify a Mercatus study that states “a doubling of all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax collections would be insufficient to finance the added federal costs of the plan.”

  1. The economy, Supreme Court picks, tax cuts and other achievements under the Trump administration.

With Judge Kavanaugh about to be confirmed as President Trump’s second SCOTUS pick, a possible 5-percent GDP figure in late October, and the Mueller Probe fizzling away with Papadapolous receiving a shorter sentence than certain traffic violations, the ‘Blue Wave’ may well turn out to be nothing more than another Democrat fantasy.

I wish I could say that I’m confident in the fact that there are simply not enough Americans willing to vote for those who remain so completely unhinged over an election that took place nearly 2 years ago.  Democrats taking control of the House, the Senate or, God forbid, both would have be devastating for our country on any number of levels.  They stand against all that freedom loving people are for and once in power would work tirelessly to implement their far-left socialist agenda and to reverse all, and mean ALL, of the progress President Trump has made.

The bottom line here is that while I do feel fairly confident that Republicans will manage to hold the Senate, in spite of themselves, I am less confident that the House will be held.  It is concerning to me that so many Republican members seem to be reluctant to talk about the President’s record and touting jobs, tax cuts and the economy.  It feels like the Republicans in the House are just sitting back and seem not to care one way or the other if they are able to keep their majority or not.  If we lose House, that’s it for any progress being made on the Trump agenda.

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