Durbin 10

Anyone who happened to be listening to that sleazy twit from illinios, ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, which is something that I never do, this past weekend would have heard him make a rather bold, yet patently false and blatantly dishonest, statement during what was yet another idiotic episode of NBC’s “Meet the Press”, with Chuckie Todd.  You see it was on Sunday that this hypocritical boob put forward the ridiculous claim that ex-president Barry ‘O’ went eight years in office “without an indictment, without a major scandal.”  Which makes me wonder, where was this guy for eight years?

A partial transcript of what was nothing more than a nutty exchange is as follows:

Chuck: “What concerns you more, that there’s an unelected cabal or the reports that come out from these anonymous sources. I mean, doesn’t the President deserve to have a staff that doesn’t, not just disparage him this way at times, but stops him from actually doing the job that he believes he was elected to do?”

‘Little Dick’: Well, of course. But you have to ask yourself, ‘What kind of circumstances in the White House would even give rise to this possibility?’ Under President Obama, eight years without an indictment, eight years without a major scandal. You know, they had their problems. Every presidency does. But nothing that went to the heart of the question about whether we have a dysfunctional White House. And if we do, it’s inescapable that the President bears responsibility. He’s the one who gathered this team. He’s the one who tries to keep them together, and yet there is genuine fear, obviously, among some of them that his behavior is going to result in some terrible things for America.

And yet it’s at the same time ‘Little Dick’ he made this bizarre claim that he was also busy chastising Republicans for what he called “the silence of the lambs” over what he said is an unwillingness on the part of Republican senators to publicly sound the alarm over President Trump’s scandals, scandals that simply don’t exist.  He said there’s “a more important role for Congress to play and especially the president’s own party” amid reports claiming that officials within the White House are having to stop the president from taking impulsive actions that could harm national security.

Now I’m pretty sure that everyone is, or should be by now, very much aware of the claims arising from those in ‘The Swamp’ and that were included in excerpts from Bob Woodward’s bizarre little fairytale of a book, and the ‘anonymous’ op-ed recently published by the New York Times that was supposedly written by someone identifying themselves as a senior administration official.  Both attempt to make President Trump appear like ‘Henry Blake’ who is surrounded by a group or ‘Radar’ O’Reilly-like folks who are forced to remove signing documents from the president’s desk.

And in what I’m assuming was attempt his part to make things sound as dire as possible, ‘Little Dick’ said, “This is a matter of great seriousness and gravity. We should not be dismissing it. It isn’t like his blizzard of bizarre tweets.”  And he then went on to say, “We are talking about consistent reporting over and over again about unpredictable, unprepared, unstable behavior by this president. In a matter of great national security and defense can we trust this president to make the proper decision, to make a thoughtful decision?”  Ok, but reports from whom, exactly?

‘Little Dick’ said, “These are things that I think should be addressed by his own party. But instead we hear the silence of the lambs. Basically quiet. Have nothing to say when it comes to these events, except for a few. Bob Corker’s one of them, who’s stepped up and said a few things.”  He added, “It’s inescapable that the president bears responsibility. He’s the one who gathered this team.”  He said, “He’s the one who tries to keep them together, and yet there is genuine fear, obviously, among some of them that his behavior is going to result in some terrible things for America.”

With the mention of Corker, we know ‘Little Dick’ has his RINO allies there in ‘The Swamp.’  But Corker is far from being the only one, there is the recently deceased John McCain, Crybaby Jeff Flake, and any number of the many other ‘Swamp’ creatures.  One of the more vocal ones is Ben Sasse who as recently as last week told radio host Hugh Hewitt last week of the NYT op-ed, “It’s just so similar to what so many of us hear from senior people around the White House, you know, three times a week. So it’s really troubling and yet, in a way, not surprising.”  But I digress.

Let’s face it, making it through eight years without an indictment was no major feat for Barry when he had an Attorney General like Eric Holder and the ‘fake news’ media as his personal communications department.  With cover like that, how could Barry lose? Whether Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups, James Rosen, open mike collusion with the Russians to deceive American Voters, the Iran deal, the Paris deal, the Uranium deal, etc.  Any one of these would have had the left screaming for impeachment if the perpetrator had been Donald Trump.

Most rational people, of which ‘Little Dick’ most certainly is not, are able to see that Barry’s eight long years in office were marred by debt, scandals, all manner of foreign policy failures, and an overall fragmentation of this country.  He has plunged the United States into an abyss of economic debt that will create generations of American servitude paying off his wayward spending endeavors.  The Red, White and Blue’s epitaph will read like a litany of failures perpetrated on both the American people and the world by president Barry ‘O’.  He was an unmitigated disaster.

Sadly Barry ‘O’ could have been so much more than what he turned out to be.  He could have used his eight years to fulfill his promise of “Hope and Change!”, but instead chose to embark on an agenda of trying fundamentally transform our country.  President Trump has only been in office for less than two years and has already accomplished much of what he promised to do and far more than Barry ‘O’ was able to accomplish in eight years.  Which has those like ‘Little Dick’, from both sides of the aisle, more determined than ever in their efforts to try to bring him down.

Without a doubt the single biggest mistake that we the American people have ever made was when we elected Barry ‘O’ to be president of our country. What a disgrace!  Sadly, the majority of the people in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but our first African-American President will long be remembered as the most-inept, least trustworthy, most corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive and divisive president ever, EVER!   A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

During the eight long miserable years that the White House was occupied by he who was the most corrupt individual to ever hold his high office, Barry ‘O’ openly, and very proudly, promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us.  Barry thrived on tearing the American people down, rather than building us up.  Clearly, he didn’t, and does not, love America, nor does he respect our history, our traditions, as well as, our Democracy.  Barry quickly and ignorantly blamed America for all of the social discrepancies throughout the world.

I remain confident that history will come to show Barry ‘O’ as being the architect of the decline of America, and that he intentionally did everything within his power to diminish a once vibrant Constitutional Republic.  Barry was an eloquently tailored empty suit.  He possessed NO resume, NO accomplishments, NO experience, NO original ideas, NO understanding of even the simple basics of how an economy works, NO understanding of how the world works, NO character and NO conscience.  He possessed nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of any real substance.

He was the beneficiary of unconditional blind loyalty/support from virtually 100% of all Democrat politicians, unions, the ‘fake news’ media, college professors, entertainers, and low information voters.  And Barry’s policies gave us record deficits, historic unemployment, a weakened military, and more people dependent on government assistance than at any time in our 240 years history.  The bottom line: From the economy to race relations, Barry ‘O’ wasted eight years and completely failed to deliver on his promise of “Hope and Change.”  His was a failed presidency!

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