It is becoming more and more apparent, dare I say even obvious, that with each new election patriotic Americans are being forced to become far more vigilant in their effort to prevent those in the Democrat Party from achieving any level of political power.  And those of us who were hoping to leave to our children a country that would be better off than it was when we were young, are now finding that it’s becoming far more difficult to do that because of what seems to be a growing number of our fellow citizens who now actually prefer being taken care of by their government than to taking any level of responsibility for their own lives.

So as this next election grows nearer it would seem that to anyone with a brain the choice being offered is nothing short of obvious.  Because it is on one side that you have the Republicans who want safer borders, a stronger military and true freedom of speech. However, when you look at Democrats it’s impossible to find an issue that they’re running on that doesn’t include Trump’s name.  They have no platform on which to run and they have become consumed with their effort to bring down a duly elected president. The left seems to have lost all reason, with key party leaders going so far as to say that America was never great to begin with.

Look, the Democrats are sure there’s a coming ‘Blue Wave’, they’re absolutely salivating over it and fully expect to start impeachment hearings on day 1 of the new Congress, and to save the butts of those in the ‘Deep State’ by canceling all current investigations.  If that’s not enough, they plan on starting more than 100 investigations into President Trump.  They will then move to throw open our southern border in order to flood our nation with all manner illegal immigrants in order to cement themselves into power forever.  They want this country to become the United Socialist States of Amerika!  We cannot afford to underestimate them!

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