Well if you can believe Chuckie Todd, which you most definitely cannot, it’s conservative media that’s to blame for the current too-many-to-count ills being suffered by those in our ‘fake news’ state-controlled media as they continue to do battle with President Trump. Chuckie, writing in ‘The Atlantic’, claimed that major figures voicing conservative opinions are, in fact, misleading the American people.

The host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” wrote, “Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, and the trio of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham have attained wealth and power by exploiting the fears of older white people.” He also heaped heavy doses of blame on former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who, Chuckie believes, was the creator of the antagonistic tone that he argues underlies all of conservative media.

Chuckie wrote, “The American press corps finds itself on the ropes because it allowed a nearly 50-year campaign of attacks inspired by the chair of Fox News to go unanswered.”  And it’s Chuckie’s cockamamie little theory that those in the media are simply choosing not to fight back whenever attacked.  So they now consider themselves to be under attack whenever their many lies are pointed out?

And as if talking about Democrats, Chuckie wrote, “If you hear something over and over again, you start to believe it, particularly if the charge is unrebutted. The Trump team now keeps pounding this message, compounding the challenge. And the president faces little penalty with his voters, no matter how disparagingly he talks about the press corps; it’s precisely what Ailes conditioned them to believe.”

And it was in a Twitter post Tuesday that President Trump responded that Chuckie simply dislikes losing.  He wrote, “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Fake NBC News said it’s time for the Press to stop complaining and to start fighting back.”  And going on to say, “Actually Chuck, they’ve been doing that from the day I announced for President. They’ve gone all out, and I WON, and now they’re going CRAZY!”

Chuckie insisted he did not have a political ax to grind, writing, “I’m not advocating for a more activist press in the political sense, but for a more aggressive one. That means having a lower tolerance for talking points, and a greater willingness to speak plain truths. It means not allowing ourselves to be spun, and not giving guests or sources a platform to spin our readers and viewers, even if that angers them.”

Chuckie thinks that when someone disagrees with him it’s spinning the news? He’s been on this Russian tirade since the very beginning, trying to spin that narrative.  What those in the ‘fake news’ media fail to see is that their hatred for anything Trump has been fully exposed.  Americans are fed up with the media as well as with Chuckie, for bashing President Trump and his supporters 24/7/365.

Why not just be honest and say that you hate the guy for no other reason than you and the rest of the ‘fake news’ state-controlled media support the Democrats. And by the way, what have the Democrats done to better Americans lives lately?  Or for that matter in the last 50 years?  Chuckie has lost his ever-loving mind.  He and his ilk are afraid of what will happen of the president’s supporters win big in the mid-terms.

With a strong showing behind them, their support will make Trump a President to be feared by ‘The Swamp’ in the next two years, and the likely second term after that.  Chuckie fails to see that, on the part of him and his colleagues, the jig is up. The American people are on to Chuckie and his fellow propagandists.  It’s not 1969, the truth is too readily available for the media to have the sway it used to.

It’s not ‘fake news’ simply because it’s untrue.  It’s ‘fake news’ because it’s false and coordinated propaganda that is intended to disrupt and undermine democracy, capitalism and western values. Chuckie will never understand that a major reason why many people like me pulled the lever for Trump had more to do with the rampant dishonesty of the left than it did with some approval of Trump’s personality.

When growing up I remember listening to adults talk about politics when all they had was the local newspaper and TV news. Then it was national news and world news, but it was all the same.  We were spoon fed us only what ‘they’ wanted us and was difficult to find the lies.  Now it’s nearly instantaneous. That is what’s getting the politicians into trouble. They can’t lie, cheat, or steal without us knowing.

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