Even if you happen to be a proud card-carrying member of the Democrat Party you must admit that impeachment-hungry Democrats have next to nothing to offer the American people as being a reason for voting ‘for’ them, nothing but dysfunction of the most destructive kind.  Ever since their unexpected and rather humiliating defeat in 2016 the Democrats have embraced extremism in pursuit of obstruction. They have abandoned any and all pretense of serious governance and share only one goal: the destruction of President Trump’s agenda and his eventual impeachment.

And while the idea of impeachment might thrill Democrat activists, and the party faithful, it would be nothing short of a disaster for America.  It would curtail the Trump administration’s impressive economic and national security progress, and seriously distract Congress from doing its job. The ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda would be stopped dead in its tracks.  It was Clinton hack Terry McAuliffe who recently said that Democrats “ought to look at” impeaching President Trump.  The truth is they’ve been looking at it since the very day he was inaugurated.

Then there’s also ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters who has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment since last year. More recently, this disgusting old bitch demanded the President’s impeachment in May, for scrapping the terrible Iran deal no less, and on at least two separate occasions in March.  And in January, Democrat Al Green introduced a resolution calling for the President’s impeachment and recently maintained that the Democrats would have a “right and privilege” to impeach the President should they manage to win a House majority this November.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have cautioned against calls for President Trump’s impeachment, but this is solely because they’re worried about galvanizing the Republican base heading into the November elections.  It’s naive to think that the Democrats won’t try to impeach the President should they gain a majority in the midterms.  The party and its state-controlled ‘fake news’ media mouthpieces have spent the last two years crying hysterically that President Trump is a direct threat to the Republic itself, and calling to resist him by any means necessary.

Yet, in the year and a half that he’s been in office, President Trump has pursued policies that have immensely benefited both the United States and the world. The Democrats want nothing more than to reverse all of them.  President Trump’s tax reform and deregulation have resulted in unprecedented job growth, increased wages, and historic gains for some of America’s most underserved communities. A Democrat majority wouldn’t just try to undo President Trump’s tax cuts, it would undoubtedly work overtime to introduce a whole slew of new taxes too.

Handing the reins of power in the House back to the Democrats would not only be devastating for America, it would also be devastating for the rest of the world. President Trump has secured a number of significant foreign policy victories, including a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea, which would be in jeopardy with the Democrats at the helm in D.C.  At best, the dysfunctional Democrats offer bad economic policies that will drive our nation towards destitution.  At worst, they offer divisive identity politics that will drive our nation towards civil war.

Make no mistake about it, the Trump agenda is very much at stake in the midterm elections this fall, and America’s revival, and dare I say survival, right along with it!  The last thing that Democrats want, and I mean the VERY LAST thing, is a thriving middle class fueling an increasingly prosperous America.  It increases their inability to get more folks addicted to government ‘freebies’ and therefore makes them more difficult to control.  And when it comes to the Democrats, no matter what issue, what it always boils down to is being better able to control the people.

The Democrat Party is the party of hate.  Ask any Democrat what they stand for and they will only tell you what they are against.  We cannot let hate win in November.  Can you imagine the chaos these degenerates will unleash upon this country if they get the House!  They will tank the economy and the market as payback to not only President Trump, but his millions of supporters as well, not caring one little bit what they are doing to the country as a whole!  Americans must realize that if the Democrats take the House in November, they will impeach the president.

The American left has long been something of an absurdity, when they encountered only token opposition their insanity remained in check.  But the idea that we will do away with borders while providing medical care for all, as well as welfare and all the myriad subsidies already in place is simply insane. Any person who would, from a position of leadership, call for this kind of insanity is not probably himself or herself insane, but more likely a malicious power hungry psychopath.  Rabidly hard core, oppressive, totalitarian, statists have now completely taken over the Democrat Party.

Government will need a great deal more coercive power to keep things even slightly in order if we abandon our borders completely while providing ‘free’ medical care and full welfare subsidies to the entire world of people who will want these things. Likewise, the taxation on we producers will rise enormously, it won’t take much to persuade many of us to drop our tools and join the new revolutionary army. The Democrats know that the longer President Trump is able to make positive changes here in America (and the world) the harder it will be for them to bring him down.

“Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it.”  Ronald Reagan

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