The newly minted Democrat nominee for Florida governor seems to take exception to being called a ‘Socialist’ despite running on what is very obviously a Socialist platform and after receiving the very enthusiastic endorsement of that self-described Socialist, Bernie Sanders.  Wednesday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democrat gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum told Chuckie Todd that President Trump was “creating fairy tales” when he calls him a socialist.

A partial transcript as follows:

Chuckie: President Trump, and I think Ron DeSantis, said the s-word when talking about your ideology or your stances—socialist. I think he used the word socialist today on Twitter. What do you make of the label? Do you accept it? Do you see it as an attack? What do you make of this socialist label that’s going to be ascribed to you a lot by your political opponents?

Gillum; Yeah, well, it shouldn’t surprise you. It doesn’t surprise me that the president is again creating fairy tales on his Twitter feed.

Chuckie: You do not ascribe to being a socialist?

Gillum: No, I’m a Democrat. I ran as a Democrat, I am a Democrat. The values that I hold are consistent with the values of the Democratic Party. In fact, I think they are the values shared by the majority of Floridians. What they don’t know, overwhelmingly, what voters don’t know too often in these elections is where we stand on those positions. I have been unapologetic in my beliefs. I have gone out and whether I’m in red areas or blue areas or purple areas of this state, I have said the same thing. My grandmother put it this way. When you tell the truth all time, you don’t have to worry about covering up for lies. So I’ve tried to be consistent every single place I’ve gone and I think that’s why we made it through this Democratic primary.

So while this guy Gillum tried to sell himself as a Democrat during this little exchange with Chuckie Todd, but that most certainly is not what he’s been selling himself as on the campaign trail.  He claims that the values of a majority of Floridians line up rather well with the values of the Democrat Party.  And yet he advocates for the giving away of all manner of ‘free’ stuff, the abolishing of ICE, and the impeaching of our president to name but a few.  Are these the values of most Floridians?

Look, I don’t think there is any doubt that the Democrat Party is moving ever closer to socialism, to the point where I doubt they can stop it.  If we grant them any level of power then what they have in store for us will be a horror story regardless what they call it.  What they, have in mind for us has virtually no chance of achieving success because it has, quite literally, failed every time and everywhere it has ever been tried.  And yet it’s something they continue to try to sell.

Communism has slowly infiltrated America over the past 50 years. Their objectives and methods are patient and focused. We are the frogs in the pot of boiling water. Little by little, our standards and morals and traditions have been attacked and ridiculed and we have allowed it. We are now faced with perhaps the most important decision of our lives, America’s Founding Principles versus Democrat Socialism.  And just like in Florida the choices could not be more stark.

When a Democrat candidate or politician says one thing, it is only to brainwash their ignorant followers. When they profess patriotism and love for America, their thoughts and actions are the exact opposite. They cannot be trusted nor believed and at this point, anyone who cannot admit President Trump is working hard for America and legal Americans, achieving successes that strengthen the economy for everyone and promote security and safety for everyone, cannot be trusted or believed as well.

Gillum is the mayor of Tallahassee, perhaps the most corrupt city in all of Florida. Crime has been described as rampant with Tallahassee being called the crime capital of Florida. Gillum has been labeled an absentee mayor by many who reside there, with many city commissioners under FBI investigation for so many crimes that for many it’s an embarrassment to live here.  Gillum IS a socialist who believes in open borders, free healthcare and education and in making Florida a sanctuary state.

For Gillum to say that he’s not a Socialist, he’s a Democrat, is like a prostitute saying that she (he) isn’t a prostitute, she (he) is a sex worker.  There is virtually no difference between Democratic or Fabian Socialism, National Socialism, and Communism. Each instance places vast amounts of power in a centralized state apparatus and in the hands of imperfect human beings. There has never been a case where Socialism has not degenerated into some perverse form of absolute tyranny.

Boys able to call themselves girls, people calling McCain a patriot, Communists calling themselves Democrats, it’s become a “crazy-upside down-anything goes” kind of world.  But that’s exactly what those on the left want and even need.  But as long as you and I hold onto a clear image in our minds of what is right and wrong and what is disgusting and despicable within the bounds of propriety, then they will be unable to manipulate as easily as they wish to do.

If Florida makes this guy governor, then Florida is screwed.  He has said nothing that will help the State, nor the country, move forward. He IS a Socialist first and a Democrat second.  He is loyal only to his party, and will do nothing to serve Floridians.  Wake-up, Florida, this Socialist/Democrat is going to lead you straight into bankruptcy, taking your Second Amendment rights along the way.  While making sure he lines his pockets with the funding from those who got him there.

He ran as an unapologetic Socialist, and without tons of money from leftist billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer he would have most assuredly lost.  So, now his handlers have to figure out some way for him to appeal to the two-thirds of Democrats who DID NOT vote for him.  Hence, “Noooo, I’m not a socialist, I’m a Democrat” claim.  Personally, I wouldn’t trust this guy any more than I trusted Barry ‘O’, which is to say no further than I could spit.

His IS a Socialist!  He’s for open borders and allowing everyone to come here from everywhere and giving free college, free housing, free food, guaranteed jobs and income for all and free abortions!  He’s for terminating the Second Amendment!  Eviscerating the Bill of Rights! Establishing the National Health Service with single payer health care and death panels! And abolishing profit, prisons, cash bail, and borders!  And he supports the redistribution of wealth!

And finally, if he truly does believe that the values possessed by a majority of Floridians are consistent with those of the Democrat Party, then I’m not sure who it is that he’s been talking to.  And he can make the claim that he’s no Socialist until the cows come home but you’d have to be blind not to see that that is exactly what he is!  And as I said earlier, if Floridians elect Gillum as their next governor, then Florida will be screwed.  Voters must see him for what he is, a threat against freedom.

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