The Democrats have now become consumed by their hatred of, and their desire to impeach, President Trump to the point where they willingly grab at whatever straw that may presents itself which they think will assist them in taking down our duly elected president.  It’s with each passing day that they see something new that points to the president being guilt of something.  Nothing that relates to collusion, but it would seem that that ship has long ago sailed as they look for ANYTHING they can hang on President Trump.  That has now become their primary purpose in life.

This past Tuesday over at ‘fake news’ headquarters, the Communist New Network (CNN) it was ‘Lying Dick’ Blumenthal, a Senate Democrat, who reacted to President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to supposed campaign contribution violations and fraud, and Trump’s one-time campaign chairman Paul Manafort being found guilty of felony tax fraud.  Now I’m sorry, but I have a really difficult time believing anything that’s said by a guy who lied about his military service.  Because if he’s willing to lie about that, then he’s likely willing to lie about anything.

Anyway, ‘Lying Dick’ said, “Today is going to be historic. We’ll all remember what we were doing when we heard this news about Michael Cohen implicating the president in a very, very serious crime. If Donald Trump were anyone except the president of the United States, very probably he would be charged today with a crime. And the White House is looking increasingly like a criminal enterprise.”  Now personally I’m more than a little hesitant to call the events from earlier this week as being “historic.”  I would argue that such talk is nothing more than an act of pure political desperation!

And then in what was really nothing more than an attempt to put the horse well before the cart it was also ‘Lying Dick’ who went on to say, “We’re in a Watergate moment, where the two parties have to come together. We need bipartisanship now more than ever to protect the special counsel and to stop, and I must underscore, stop consideration of pardons.”  This moron is so pathetically transparent, because we all know that if President Trump happened to be a Democrat, and not a Republican, we would not now be hearing a peep from old ‘Lying Dick’!

And then it was on the subject of President Trump potentially pardoning Mr. Manafort that ‘Lying Dick’ said, “He has the power to pardon Paul Manafort, but he would be screaming to the world, I am guilty. And he would so undermine the credibility of his office that it would be a disaster for the nation. And it would very possibly be an obstruction of justice because he would be misusing that power to protect himself as a target of that investigation.”  It’s rather obvious that ‘Lying Dick’, like most of his Democrat colleagues, has a rather politically skewed view of things.

And it was from there that ‘Lying Dick’ went on to add, “I believe that at some point my Republican colleagues have to join in a bipartisan effort to save our democracy, which will be increasingly threatened if the president puts himself above the law. No one is above the law. We’re in a Watergate moment.”  What ‘Lying Dick’, and the rest of his party, are experiencing here can only be described as being little more than the proverbial a wet-dream as they set about pulling out all the stop in their desire to impeach this president.   But we are nowhere near a “Watergate moment.”

I must say though, in one respect I do find myself in agreement with ‘Lying Dick, at least when it comes to being in a “Watergate moment.”  I just differ more than slightly in how I arrive at that. Because, you see, we did actually have someone who abused the power of the government to try to affect the outcome of an election by covertly acting against a political opponent.  Which, to me, may be the most evil thing or anti-constitutional thing our government has ever done.  And of course that ‘someone’ to whom I refer is none other than ‘president’ Barack Obama.

But then also, if we’re going to be talking about what was an actual “Watergate moment” we would need to discuss the fact of how Hitlery exposed her email server, with many of America’s secrets made available and where anyone in the world could go to gather information against us.  And then there was the Watergate moment when we discovered the whole “Russian Collusion” charges are all based on nothing more than a lie, wrapped up in an untruth, with a conspiracy to defame, defraud, and ultimately ruin a legally elected president.

Or how about the “Watergate moment” when we discovered Mueller is dragging out a false flag case into every direction, except in the direction of any Democrat politician while wasting Millions of American taxpayer dollars on really what is nothing more than a personal vendetta and covering up corruption in the Democrat Party, the FBI, or the CIA?  Or the “Watergate moment” that we had when the president Obummer handed over Billions of dollars to a country seeking our destruction, and then he lied about it?  Really, there are so many “Watergate moments”, how do we keep up?

And there was the “Watergate moment” when Hitlery decided it was too early in the morning for her to be bothered by Americans dying in Libya.  And then of course there the “Watergate moment” back when ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton was caught in a private meeting with Loretta Lynch.  We were in a “Watergate moment” when the IRS was caught targeting conservatives.  We were in a “Watergate moment” when it was found that the DNC paid for a dossier, which was rubber-stamped by what is now known to be vehemently anti-Trump FBI agents and used to obtain a warrant.

This is the biggest Watergate moment of all time. And rest assured, we’re going to get to the bottom of it. And despite of all the idiotic claims from ‘Lying Dick’ this whole thing is a nothing burger.  The president is not guilty of anything, except saving western civilization from the Marxists!  But one thing we know for sure is the fact that ‘The Swamp’ runs much deeper than many of us ever imagined. What he is accomplishing in such a short period of time is amazing. Imagine the CIA and FBI planting evidence, and they still can’t bring him down, because right is right.

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