Democrats 47

You just gotta love the miracle of videotape and how it constantly provides to those of us out to prove just what a band of lying hypocrites the Democrats really are a method by which we expose them using their own words.  We are able to provide visual proof that Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of political opportunists willing to say absolutely in their effort to gain votes. President Trump recently took yet another opportunity to do just that when he referenced past comments made by Chuckie Schumer on the subject of illegal immigration.

And oddly enough it was earlier today that the president was presented with another opportunity to demonstrate just how dishonest Democrats truly are, taking to Twitter to point out how Chuckie Schumer once held a position on illegal immigration that differed very little from President Trump’s position that has the Democrats’ panties in a bunch.  You see, it was in 2009 that Chuckie said, “People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enters the U.S. legally.”

It was back in 2009 when Chuckie actually made some level of sense on the subject as he stated a position that was markedly similar to the president’s own language of todat.  It was then he said, “We want an immigration policy that’s fair, equitable, but going to protect our people. What the American people are pleading for is sanity and common sense in our immigration system.”   And just a mere 9 years later that not only do we hear Chuckie now singing quite the different tune, but actually attacking the president regarding the position that he himself once held.

Now I’m quite sure there will be no shortage of those on the left who will come rushing to Chuckie’s defense armed with the argument those on the left always use, that Chuckie’s has merely ‘evolved’ on the issue since 2009.  Just as Barry and Hitlery, who both expressly stated that they believed marriage was between one man and one woman, evolved.  Yet it’s that same rule which never applies to Republicans.  Republicans can NEVER permitted to evolve, instead they are ALWAYS labeled as flip-floppers.  However the Democrats are constantly EVOLVING.

I can’t help but wonder if Chuckie actually believes in the positions he takes, or if he really cares about the people whom he represents.  Personally I’m of the opinion that Chuckie doesn’t give a damn about American citizens or, for that matter, illegal aliens.  He cares about one thing and one thing only, pressing the right buttons in order to gain power.  The only constant is his willingness to say and/or do whatever it takes to keep his job and advance his political career. In short Chuckie is nothing more than just another common political whore.

Finally, all President Trump is doing here is that which any true journalist would be doing.  But instead, the vast majority of today’s ‘journalists’ occupy their time doing little more providing cover for their political masters on the left while at the same time creating false narratives to impugn Republicans.  Democrats have been getting away with these lies for more years than I care to count, all thanks to the liberal ‘fake news’ media providing them with all manner of protection.  And sadly, Republicans have always been too weak and wishy-washy to call them out.

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