Socialism 7

There is absolutely nothing that makes more clear just how completely ignorant Democrats have become than the results of a recent Gallup poll that shows a majority of them now have a more positive view of Socialism than they do of Capitalism.  And I say ignorant only because you don’t have to be a genius to know that socialism, as an economic and political theory, has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried.  The most recent example is Venezuela.  But we have any number of examples right here at home in a number of our major cities.  Cities that have been run by Democrats for decades and who have succeeded only in running their cities into the ground.

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats now view socialism favorably, while just 47 percent have a positive view of capitalism, according to Gallup. In contrast, 71 percent of Republicans have a positive view of capitalism, while just 16 percent viewed socialism favorably.  Monday’s poll was “the first time in Gallup’s measurement over the past decade that Democrats viewed socialism more favorably than capitalism,” the polling firm noted. The landmark poll comes as socialists are ascendant in the Democrat Party.  And at least two members of the Democratic Socialists of America — a radical group rife with Marxists — could now be headed to Congress.

In 2010, it was 53 percent of Democrats who had a positive view of socialism. That bumped up to 57% in 2018.  But 53% of those Democrats also had a positive view of capitalism in 2010, and that number dropped to just 47% in 2018.  Perhaps most telling, the sharpest drop in Democrat support for capitalism is recent.  In 2016, Capitalism was viewed positively by 56% of those leaning Democrat.  In 2018, that number dropped to 47%. That is a drop of 9% of Democrats who view capitalism positively in just the last two years.  It should come as no surprise that among Republicans capitalism was viewed positively by 72% in 2010 and 71% in 2018.

Those who are Liberalism’s most devout practitioners are always very adamant when it comes to their denials that free enterprise has led to an unprecedented explosion of wealth, individual liberty and creativity.  It has been overwhelmingly successful, while socialism has been, and continues to be, little more than an abject failure that is successful at creating only two things, misery and poverty.  Whether in Venezuela, North Korea, USSR, Maoist China, Albania, East Germany, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Cuba, Argentina or nearly any big  city here in America, Socialism has been shown to be an unmitigated disaster.  And yet we have those committed to this failed system.

And am I to assume that a majority of those in today’s Democrat Party would now be quite content to relinquish 90% of their earnings to the government and, in return, trust that the same government that can’t even deliver the mail reliably can be trusted to adequately provide for all their basic necessities?  What if it determined that even though they worked harder and earned more, and their neighbor worked only part time that they were to be entitled to the exact same government benefits?  Would they feel cheated?  Would they be tempted to not work as hard?  Their neighbor sees no need to work harder since he’s already getting what he needs.

What people keep insisting upon doing is to attempt to conflate “social programs” with socialism.  They point to numerous European countries which have more generous social programs than we do here in America and say THAT is a socialist democracy when it is no such thing. They are ALL capitalist countries plain and simple.  Socialism has no leadership structure since everything is ‘owned and controlled’ by the people – and THAT is why it fails every single time. Without leadership society either collapses or someone TAKES power. But of course there will always be those who distort the clear and unequivocal evidence of history.

We’re constantly being told by its many true believers that Socialism has never actually failed, the reason being that it simply has yet to be properly executed.  They say, “It has only failed because of inefficiency and corruption!”  But they remain too ignorant to understand that that’s the very definition of Socialism.  It’s an inefficient and corrupt way in which to operate a government.  Most Democrats think socialism simply means ‘free’ stuff without considering that in the end someone is going to pay for it, the impact on the quality of it, what their level of access to it would be, and the long term viability of the system which provides it.

Capitalism is fraught with failure, that’s for sure.  But it’s because of Capitalism that 320 million independent minds are able to make choices for themselves.  And while many may fail, most will learn from those failures with the net result being that everyone’s lives improve.  In Socialism, it’s only a few elites who are charged with making choices for millions and their decisions fail every single time.   And they never learn from these failures, they simply double down on failed policies by forcing them onto those who don’t want them. There is no one size fits all without giving up freedom and prosperity.  And still we have those who advocate this twisted system.

Democrats ARE Socialists. They’ve had to remain in the closet for decades because American school kids were taught from first grade that socialism and communism were not only inferior to capitalism, but they were inherently evil. However, Marxists have since taken over public schools and, much like in Orwell’s book 1984, they have redefined what is good and what is evil, turning those definitions on their heads. As a result, old socialists like Bernie Sanders have been joined by millions of empty headed younger folks who have been indoctrinated with this crap. Now the closet door has been kicked open and I believe that America has some very dark days ahead.

And finally, a word of warning.  Republican’s had better get off their butts and out to the polls this November.  Our Nation is under attack by the left and make no mistake, this is a war, if we don’t fight to retain control of the House and Senate, our borders will be opened, Illegals will be given asylum and the right to vote, our tax cuts will be reversed and our taxes will go through the roof, President Trump will be impeached and we all go right back to losing, is that what we all really wants???  I’m hearing from those in the media that the Democrats are energized, they are once again saying it will be a Blue-Wave in November, THAT WE CANNOT ALLOW TO HAPPEN.

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