Pelosi 18

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that the much talked about ‘blue wave’ becomes a reality.  What is it that the American people can expect to see happen when Nancy Pelosi once again takes possession of the gavel as many seem to suggest that she will?  Despite leading her party to one of the worst defeats in congressional history back in 2010, after she ballooned the deficit and pushed Obamacare through passage she is yet again poised to become the next Speaker.  And yet, the agenda we can expect to see from Democrats differs little from the agenda we saw in 2010.

Theoretically, having Democrats lead part of a divided government could play to President Trump’s deal-making skills. Because the fact is that most of the country’s major problems, the high cost of health care; the national debt; the sinking entitlements, cannot be solved without bipartisanship.  Unfortunately, as is usually the case, Democrats are in no mood to compromise. The Democrat definition of ‘compromise’ consists of forcing Republicans to abandon their positions and simply surrender to the Democrats and grant their demands.

As we have seen in the past Pelosi has no problem with preventing Congress from getting anything done.  Instead, she will hold symbolic votes that put Republicans on the spot ahead of the 2020 elections. Her agenda is simple: impeach, tax, bail out.  And it is that agenda that the American people can expect to see playout unless the majority of them make a concerted effort to ensure that the previous mentioned ‘blue wave’ becomes little more than a ‘blue ripple.’  Because unless ‘We the People’ take it upon ourselves to stop her, Nancy will make good on her agenda of:

Impeach. Pelosi has downplayed talk of impeachment on the campaign trail, and has let it be known that she is not happy with the effort of left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer to force the issue. But most of that irritation is just for show. Pelosi’s deputy, Steny Hoyer, has already accused Trump of “treason” and said that impeachment could be discussed after Democrats take the House.

Given that Republicans are likely to maintain control of the Senate — thanks to the fact that Democrats have 25 seats at stake, versus eight for the GOP — there is little chance that President Trump would be convicted and removed from office. But Democrats will impeach the president merely to punish him for having been elected in the first place, and to placate their rabid “progressive” activists. They will also use the impeachment process and vote to make the case against Trump for the 2020 presidential election.

Tax. Pelosi infamously called the Republican tax cuts “crumbs” — then had to walk that back after companies started using their tax breaks to give their employees hefty bonuses. But she left no doubt that Democrats will raise taxes if and when they take the majority. (As she put it in May, Democrats want to “revise” the tax cuts.) Pelosi has trashed each month’s new jobs report as if America is suffering rather than prospering at 4.1% growth and record-low minority unemployment, especially among minorities.

The Senate — assuming it is still run by Republicans — will reject Pelosi’s new taxes. However, she intends to put each and every Republican senator up for re-election in 2020 — and there will be 20, versus only 11 seats at stake for Democrats — on record as supporting “tax cuts for the rich” versus whatever wonderful programs she can pretend the tax cuts would have been used to fund.

Bail Out. Obamacare cost Pelosi the Speaker’s gavel in 2010. Now it is costing American families thousands of dollars in monthly payments for high-deductible insurance policies that are often useless anyway. Republicans promised to repeal and replace it — but could not find the votes. Democrats want to keep the system afloat by bailing out insurers — though they cannot find the money. Their real goal is socialized medicine — “Medicare for All” — as conservatives had warned was Democrats’ intent from the start.

Senate Republicans should reject that — but then again, they may not. If the upper chamber remains as closely divided as it is today, Democrats would just need a few defections from swing-state Senators to impose government health care on America.

In sum, Speaker Pelosi 2.0 offers virtually nothing more than a do-nothing Congress, whose sole agenda will be to remove President Trump — by impeachment if possible or by election if necessary.  And despite Pelosi’s deep unpopularity, she WILL be the Speaker come next January, unless the American people choose to stop her.  So you see, the choice is ours.  Turnout will be paramount if we who love and wish to protect this country from the likes of Pelosi are to succeed in sending this witch back into the muck from which crawled out of those many years ago.

What she wants is very simple: Open borders for illiterate welfare wannabees and drug dealers, as well as Moslem terrorists, Barry ‘O’s – no care – health care. She wants predator men in public toilet areas to molest, and rape women and young girls. She wants less money for the military and to then shift that money to dead beat parasites who have no right to the money of taxpayers.  These and many other insane policies are what the Democrat will be attempting to use in destroying America, and pushing the U.S. towards a Socialist/Communist society like Cuba and Venezuela.

All that and a complete surrender in the so-called ‘trade wars’ and the allowing of other countries to run up even more massive trade surpluses.  That and the liberal desire to tie U.S. businesses down with burdensome and extremely costly global warming regulations, the effort to ban fracking, and the age old dream of those on the left to regulate, quite literally, every aspect of Americans’ lives.  When you put that all together you have the dream agenda of every Leftist, including Pelosi.  We MUST make clear to ALL that these are NOT the policies that we want.

Look, I would think that it would be painfully obvious by now, especially after our eight year sleigh ride to Hell under Barry ‘O’, that the Democrats have NO desire to make America better, they wish only to push their twisted agenda, no matter how screwed up it is, just to destroy Trump, regardless of how much collateral damage it may cause to the country!  Pelosi is the warning sign for every sane American not to vote for a Democrat. No matter how much they may smile or how much they promise, mark my words, Democrats will always be traitors to the United States of America.

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