Schumer 27

Never has there been a more intense, or long-lasting, meltdown by so many over something as routine as a political election, as what we’ve seen from the Democrats regarding the 2016 presidential election.  It has now been 18 months since they experienced a most humiliating defeat and still the Democrats continue to mourn how their ‘most qualified’ candidate lost to a complete political novice.  And in their effort to retaliate, the Democrats have now embarked on what is essentially a scorched earth campaign that has them attacking both the victor and his supporters.

It was on Thursday that Chuckie Schumer said President Trump had “done real damage to the American character.”  He said, “We all knew he had some character traits that were not very admirable, no fidelity to the truth, a bulling, an ego that is enormous and as president it’s gotten much, much worse. So lots of Republicans are very uncomfortable with Trump even if they agree with him on a bunch the issues. Because he has done real damage to the American character. We have never had a president who has behaved the way that Trump has.”  In one sense he is right.

And in what I thought was a rather odd thing to be hearing from a Democrat, Chuckie added, “He has shown such low and weak character that it has hurt America.”  Let’s face it, if there is one group of people of whom it can be said has no fidelity to the truth, and who possess no character of ANY kind, it would those like Chuckie who inhabit the Democrat Party.  And it is also regarding the Democrat Party that it can be said that there has never a been a group of individuals more focused in their effort to not only hurt this country, but to destroy it and all that it has come to stand for.

Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, Cory Booker, along with any number of other Democrats don’t want to admit that their beloved Democrat Party may now be on the ropes.  And in an attempt to energize their followers these same people disparage our president and his supporters while working to advance their Socialist agenda of identity politics, higher taxes, open borders, and more ‘free’ stuff. They are the party of Socialism/Communism who are far more concerned about illegals, refugees, and the foreign workers then they are about the American.

Look at where we are today just eighteen months into the Trump presidency.  We have decreasing unemployment, rising wages, returning manufacturing jobs, tax cuts, fewer people on food stamps, NATO actually paying their fair share, a better national defense, North Korea talks, ISIS eradicated, and more.  And yet we have Chuckie making the idiotic claim that somehow, “President Trump has done real damage to the American character.”  Let’s face it, what damage has been to the character of this nation has come at the hands of those who practice progressivism/liberalism.

The party of Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the KKK, Eugenics, Euthanasia, Fascism, Socialism/Marxism, Hate and Violence, continues to project upon Republicans all that they themselves have been, and continue to be, guilty of.  Democrats, along with their political partners-in-crime, the Deep State DC Swamp Never-Trump Republicans, are desperately trying, using their control of the state-controlled media, to politically and personally destroy President Trump, but continue to fail miserably as their attempts blow up in their collective faces!  It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

So Chuckie, is the “American character” to take a chain and bike lock to the heads of those who support the President?  Or is the “American character” burning, pillaging and trashing businesses and storefronts because you are unhappy with a court judgment?  Is the “American character” trashing American and everything she stands for and cheering illegal invaders who chant “F America”, Chuckie?  Is the “American character” about celebrating and embracing criminal illegal aliens who gluttonously take all we have to offer and then complain that it’s not enough?

Or, Chuckie, is the “American character” filthy rich, entitled athletes kneeling for the National Anthem?   Is the “American character” filth-spewing, vile, nasty women like your fat ugly niece “celebrating abortion?”  Is the “American character” about corrupting and politically weaponizing our highest law enforcement agencies in the land, the FBI and DOJ, so that America looks like a jackboot banana republic?  Is the “American character” about the FBI and DOJ spying on, intimidating and persecuting American citizens because of their political views?

Is the “American character” about the heads of the highest law enforcement agencies in our land attempting to take down a candidate because he’s an outsider? (I thought that only happened in third world s**tholes, Chuckie?  But I guess when you have eight years of a guy from a s**thole third world nation, you end up with a corrupt third world government and a deep state.)  Is the “American character” about politicians going to D.C. to serve the public and ending up multi-millionaires because they so screwed over those they were supposed to be there to serve?

And finally Chuckie, is the “American character” about MS-13, radical Moslem extremists, welfare frauds, globalists, corrupt politicians and dirty cops and crooked lawyers?  Is the “American character” about shutting down free speech and grabbing guns from the law-abiding while criminals rape, pillage and loot with impunity?  Because I gotta tell ya, Chuckie, if not it most certainly is not President Trump who has damaged “American character!”  And thus we have the many reasons that Chuckie lacks the moral authority to pass judgment on President Trump or the Republicans!

It is in fact Chuckie and his fellow Democrats who have damaged the character of American society by doing everything within their power to flood the country with illegal aliens and Moslems.  Chuckie has always been about playing the blame game.  Barry ‘O’ created the mess that America is now experiencing.  It’s outrageous that no one is investigating the Barry regime and all of his cohorts.  All that Barry did, or tried to do, to forever harm this country must be shared with the American people so they can understand just how close we came, and how it was a good thing that Hitlery lost.

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