Despite the constant drumbeat coming from those within the Democrat Party about the coming ‘Blue Wave’, and all of the many NeverTrumpers who are actually hoping for just such an eventuality, it would seem that the latest round of polls the purpose of which is to look at the generic ballot tend to show a rather dramatic drop for Democrats as we head into the 2018 mid-terms elections.  Of course, as we’ve seen before, you can’t always trust what polls say.

But, be that as it may, in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Democrats enjoyed a seven point advantage as recently as last week.  However, as of today, that lead has no slipped to a mere five points.  That five point lead, though, includes polls going back to mid-July, including an outlier Quinnipiac poll that gave Democrats a 12 point lead. If you look only at the four polls taken this month, the Democrat lead drops to an average of just 2 (2.25) points.

Rasmussen shows Democrats at +4 (45-41 percent) — down from +6 last week.  IBD/TIPP has both parties all tied up at 45 percent — down from +8 Democrat lead at the end of June.  Economist/YouGov has Democrats +3 (44-41 percent) — down from +4 last week.  Reuters/Ipsos has Democrats +2 (41-39 percent) — down from +6 last week.  There are a number of possible explanations for this fairly dramatic movement away from the Big ‘Blue Wave.’

To begin with, we’ve had some undeniably good economic news of late, which voters are crediting to President Trump.  Also, the president has been aggressively stumping for Republicans, holding as many as three rallies just last week.  What’s more, despite the best efforts of those in our ‘fake news’ media to hide all of the good economic news, and to protect Democrats from themselves, it’s all thanks to the alternative media, that the ‘real news’ is getting out.

Other ‘real news’ is also managing to get out.  News that makes very clear the extremism of the Pelosi left, and just how radical those on the left have now become, and the message about the reality of what a Democrat-controlled House would likely mean for the country.  Such things as endlessly ginned up scandals directed at the president, the worst kind of gridlock, bitter partisanship, and most certainly a move to impeach President Trump over nonsense.

While there is no question that Democrats are energized as we head into the 2018 midterms, as they run around praising socialism, putting illegal aliens above law-abiding American citizens, and promise to dismantle border enforcement and ICE, these are the kinds of terrifying realities that energize the rest of America and would tend to turn off reasonable Democrats.  I can’t help but wonder how possessing such an agenda forms the basis of a sound strategy.

Frankly, that the Democrats can still be said to be leading by ANY amount as we head into the next contest is beyond me.  Are there really enough folks who agree with the Democrat on everything from immigration to taxes?  Do my fellow Americans REALLY want a return to the transformative policies of Barry ‘O’?  Do they not see that a Democrat Congress will work tirelessly to halt President Trump’s agenda dead in its tracks and to impeach the president?

And how ignorant does one have to be not to see that this one sided pursuit of the President by Mr. Mueller and his band of merry men of Democrats IS a witch hunt, while the real elitist criminal, Hitlery, is allowed to escape all manner of punishment for her REAL crimes.  Do Americans REALLY want to have unequal justice and a set of rules for the elite and another set of rules for the rest of us?  I truly hope America wakes up and realizes this election IS about the future of this country.

Let’s face it, the choice has never been more clear. President Trump and the Republicans seek to make America great again economically, militarily and constitutionally, a place where the individual is trusted to make their own decisions about their lives.  And it’s the SOCIALIST Democrats who seek the return of ‘Big Brother’ and even Bigger Government, where the individual is looked down upon as being too stupid to make the PROPER decisions for themselves.

The Democrats and their voters have become literally consumed by their hatred of President Trump. They would rather destroy the country than see Trump succeed.  The Democrats and their minions in the media have one goal, destroy the president and discredit his supporters.  But, will the voters who supported President Trump turn out? Because, as we know, polls can be wrong, and sometimes deliberately so, to create a false impression or to inspire the other side.

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