Am I the only one to have noticed how it is that after spending a certain number of years on television most of those who fondly refer to themselves as journalists eventually come to take themselves far too seriously.  It’s like they come to think of themselves as someone whose opinion really does matter and think, much like Hitlery thought she deserved to be president, they deserve to be taken seriously.  But when you consider they do little more than to read from a teleprompter you quickly realize that that’s just plain nutty.  Which again brings me to Fox News’ Bret Baier.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s not so “Special Report,” host, and obvious ‘NeverTrumper’, Bret Baier reacted to how the White House had blocked Kaitlan Collins, who happens to be the White House Correspondent for the Communist News Network (CNN), from an event on Wednesday by stating that Fox “stands firmly with CNN on this issue of access.”  After reading from CNN’s statement on the matter, where the network defended Collins, Baier said, “As a member of the White House press pool, Fox stands firmly with CNN on this issue of access.”

That Baier would be so quick to come to the defense of Ms. Collins would, at least, indicate to me his rather misplaced priorities.  It is not the place of those in the media to harangue the president, regardless of who he is.  And if you’re going to exhibit bad behavior, then you should be made to face some sort of consequences.  But apparently Baier doesn’t agree with that sentiment.  But it seems to me that not doing so would only serve to encourage the same bad behavior that should not be seen as being acceptable.  Am I wrong?  Apparently Baier thinks so.

Now of course Baier’s comments should come as a surprise to no one who has spent any amount of time watching his program.  It’s far more often than not that he seems to go well out of his way in his effort to paint the president in a bad light regardless of the issue, from tariffs to immigration, from the economy to foreign policy. And I find myself wondering if he would have felt the same had it been Barry ‘O’ who saw fit to take the same sort of action, or if his selective outrage is reserved solely for President Trump.  Why is it seen as being ok for Trump to be disrespected?

Perhaps if CNN would, instead, have sent a respectful reporter to this event, he, or she, would have likely received access to it.  But we know that’s not going to happen since reporters of this type have become essentially nonexistent at the network that has garnered for itself quite the reputation for creating what is now commonly referred to as being ‘fake news’.  CNN ceased to be a ‘news’ network long before Trump came onto the scene, so I’m a bit puzzled why it is that Baier would now be rushing to their defense.  It simply is no longer worthy of being defended.

I think what’s happening over there at FOX News is that they are now in the midst of a transition, of sorts, trying to appear as more liberal and a little less ‘fair and balanced’ all in an effort to gain a larger audience.  Also, with Murdoch Sr. on the way out and his more liberal son taking over, the transition to liberal will be coming fast and furious.  At the same time, of course, FOX ‘news people’ have a vested interest in being able to throw their weight around at press conferences where they can insult President Trump pretty much at their convenience.

Anyway, I long ago gave up trying to find a bona fide provider of accurate news and information on television.  Such programming simply no longer exists.  What I do watch on Fox these days is programming typically identified as “opinion programming’ and get my actual ‘news’ from various online sources.  But even there you have to be careful and willing to spend time verifying sources.  It’s become increasingly difficult to find the actual truth about anything, and I find that as being rather sad.  Just because something is said with some authority, doesn’t make it true.

Ever since Trump first made it official that he was a candidate, Baier has made it increasingly obvious that he is little more than a liberal disguised as a conservative.  It’s kinda funny really how it is that Trump brings them out of the closet.  Throughout the entire campaign you could always count on Baier and his ‘panel’ to point out all of the things that made it impossible not only for Trump to get elected, but even to win the nomination.  The look on his face on election night, sitting there next to Kelly, was absolutely priceless.  It was a look of total disbelief.

Those in the media have never demonstrated toward any other president the level of disrespect they show toward President Trump.  Reagan and both Bushs were the recipients of some but compared to Trump it was nothing.  Barry ‘O’ would never have put up with such disrespect and while conservatives reporters asked tough questions to him never showed utter contempt and disrespect for the office. The precedence being set here is you can’t openly show contempt and disrespect and sill expect to be treated in a professional manner.  You reap what you sow.

There is a total and complete lack of civility not only in the media today, but in general.  And it is those in the media to seem to think that the rules for civility simply don’t apply whenever dealing with President Trump, anyone on his staff and even those who support him.  And I’m guessing Baier has no problem with that, again, as long as it in any way deals with Trump.  The behavior of those in the media is now very much out of control.  And frankly I’m glad Trump gives it right back to them! Other presidents just took the abuse with no response, that’s no longer the case.

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