Democrats are becoming increasingly distraught over the fact that we now have a president who possesses the requisite cojones to embark on an effort to realign what is essentially the world’s food chain and is determined to place America where it rightfully belongs…squarely at the top.  You see, Democrats much preferred the Barry ‘O’ approach regarding America’s standing in the world and his perception of how all that is wrong in this world must be viewed as somehow being America’s fault.

President Trump, however, has a slightly different take on things.  You see, he made no ‘apology tour.’  His approach is that there can be only one top dog, and it is not to be a part that every country should get a shot at playing.  Frankly it’s about time that we had an American president doing what it is that the American taxpayers pay him to do, stand up for America, not coddle wimpy ‘allies’ who seem to be more than willing to take all they can from us while providing next to nothing in return.

So it was then that when Democrat Steny Hoyer was recently asked whether President Trump was right to call on America’s NATO allies in Europe to increase their own defense spending, it was this genius who said “no previous president has been so confrontational” towards “our close allies and friends.”  Hoyer added that “while [Trump] was appropriate in urging the objective, he was inappropriate in the way he did it.”  I’m just not seeing anything that was “inappropriate” in what he said?

It was during a press conference on Capitol Hill back on July 19 that a reporter asked Hoyer, “Was President Trump right to push our NATO allies to pay more for their own defense?”  Hoyer said, “Look, I think it has been a consistent position of Democrat and Republican administrations — and in agreement within NATO itself — that there would be a two-percent target.”  He said, “I think the president was reiterating our support for that target and urging our European allies to achieve that target.”

Hoyer continued, “Having said so, no previous president has been so confrontational as opposed to cooperative with our close allies and friends. In my opinion, while he was appropriate in urging the objective, he was inappropriate in the way he did it.”  Hoyer’s comments come after President Trump visited Brussels, where he provided some much needed pressure on European leaders to meet NATO’s rule requiring its members to spend at least two-percent of their GDP on defense.

And something that I had absolutely no problem with, but Hoyer apparently did, was the fact President Trump chose to criticize German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plan to construct the Russian-German Nord Stream II gas pipeline, which he warned would threaten Germany’s energy independence.   What we in effect have here, is Germany essentially subsidizing the very country from whom they supposedly need to be protected and America is left with picking up the tab for that protection!

The American taxpayer has subsidized our socialist ‘allies’ for far too long. We work hard for our money and on average we put in far more hours than do ‘workers’ in Europe. Perhaps they receive more benefits with fewer hours worked because they depend on us to protect them. It’s a welfare program to these EU countries who have spent the last few decades badmouthing us.  Our national debt increases while they sit on their collective ass letting us take up the slack their socialism has created.

The Europeans are acting like teenagers who move out of the house only to find out they’re expected to pay their own way in the world.  These are wealthy countries and there is no reason for America to cover the cost of their defense.  Especially when they are paying 70 Billion dollars to the very nation they are supposed to be defended from.  If they were buying that natural gas from us then their whining would be a bit more understandable. But even then they should be paying for their own defense.

Something else that Hoyer seems to have forgotten, but then he is a Democrat, is the fact that respect is a two way street and America has long been disrespected by our supposed European ‘allies.’  As have the American people.  Personally I have no issues with what the president said, nor with how said it.  I’m just glad that we finally have a president in possession of a pair.  We have been screwed by our ‘allies’ for far too long.  And Hoyer apparently thinks we need to continue getting screwed.

Look, President Trump is only doing what he said he would do, which makes him quite different from his more recent predecessors. For decades our “allies” have betrayed our generosity extended during and after WWII. And each time we asked them nicely to get rid of the trade barriers, unfair fees, and targeted regulations/specifications to block American products so their industries could grow, and each time we asked them to pull their weight in NATO and the UN, they simply choose to ignore us.

And it has been in the meantime that we have run up a $20 Trillion debt, $500 Billion budget deficits, and find ourselves alone protecting our “allies.”  Demanding President Trump do and act the same way the former administrations behaved and then somehow expecting different results than what we have experienced under the Bushes, ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, and Barry ‘O’ would seem to define Steny as insane.  And yet that is exactly what Steny and his Democrat cohorts expect to happen.

As far as I’m concerned President Trump has already accomplished more in the short time he has been in office, than Barry ‘O’ did in eight long years, and simply because of the way he did it.  And in Hoyer we have a guy who is absolutely clueless when it comes to history.  Perhaps he should spend a bit more time reading about President Eisenhower and the European Defense Community negotiations before the next time he decides to open his big mouth again and lets all of that stupid spew out.

But it is in one sad sense that Hoyer is right.  President Trump is the first president in a very long time who’s been willing to tell it like it is.  Our European ‘allies’ have gotten away with a free ride for over 70 years.  Hoyer was also another who was only too happy to look the other way while Barry ‘O’ was sending a plane load of cash over to Iran and playing footsy with Cuba all the while he was sticking it to friends like Israel. Democrats like Hoyer really need to decide whose side it is that they are on.

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