The more the Democrats try to reinvent themselves, the more they remain pretty much the same.  House Democrats recently revealed their ‘new’ new slogan for the upcoming 2018 elections, and it was in coming up with yet another ‘new’ slogan that whoever was in charge of doing so obviously neglected to check to see if it might already be in use and if so, by whom.  You see, in coming up with this new slogan they’ve apparently decided to take their lead from a sleazy slip and fall lawyer in Florida and a used car dealer in Texas.

The new slogan, “For the People,” was unveiled by Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos, co-chair of House Democrats’ messaging arm, and her colleagues on Wednesday after a private meeting. They say it sums up the party’s position on three core issues: health care costs, infrastructure projects and efforts to expose corruption.  Bustos said, “We basically put it all on paper to say here are our top issues — they’re simple, they’re easy to understand.”  She added, “That’s how you break through this tweet machine coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

She went on to say that no one thought the message was “poetic,” although they agreed it conveys “the answer to what we stand for.” But I find it a bit odd that this is something coming from the same party that booed God at the 2012 Convention and took 2 days to find an American flag to display at their 2016 Convention.  And without even realizing it the Democrats, in choosing the same slogan used by two of the sleaziest businesses on the planet, namely used car dealers and ambulance chasers, have hit upon the perfect slogan. is currently registered by Morgan & Morgan who claims to be a “leading personal injury law firm dedicated to protecting the people, not the powerful” and that is run out of Orlando, Florida.  And Elder Mitsubishi, owned by Scott Elder in Austin, declared itself the “car dealer ‘For the People’” in 2011.  And when you stop to consider the fact that the Democrat Party does resemble a used car dealership and a good many of them are sleazy lawyers, this new slogan does kinda make sense.  It’s quite fitting, actually.

And this ‘new and improved’ slogan represents the Democrat Party’s fourth attempt at coming up with a ‘new’ message in the 2018 election cycle.  Initially, House Democrats had gone with a “Better Deal,” before flipping the slogan back onto President Trump by branding him as “Self-Dealing.”  Continuing the focus on the president, the Democrats then went with “draining the swamp,” before eventually now settling on “For the People.”  So we’ll see how long this one lasts before another ‘new’ slogan will be unveiled.

But while the Democrat’s continue to change their slogan as often as some folks change their oil, their message to the American people remains unchanged.  Because all they seek to do is to return to the disastrous polices of Barry ‘O’ that resulted in nothing more than a stagnant economy, a seriously weakened military, and a world in chaos because of a pathetically inept foreign policy.  They seek to do nothing more than to impeach our current president in what has been their continued effort to make it as if the 2016 election never took place.

Before this is over the Democrats may well blow out their own candle fighting over what message and which leaders they will go for in 2020.  Maybe they thought the great blue wave would bring them a bounty in politicians. How could any new person sign off on running a total hate campaign that has no message other than kill law enforcement, encourage foreign nationalists to take control, be perfectly happy with the spread of human feces (literally and figuratively) in cities where you have successfully cheated in elections and…“Impeach 45!”

In the big scheme of things Democrats can choose whatever ‘slogan’ they wish because it’s really not going to matter.  Because the Democrat/Socialists platform really hasn’t changed all that much over the years.  It doesn’t result in creating any amount of prosperity in this country, only an increasing amount of poverty.  It’s a platform that consists of: higher taxes, open borders, welfare for all, more regulations, leading from behind and falling in line with socialist Europe!  Yes, and the Democrats think they have a real winning platform!

When it comes to today’s Democrat Party, what we’re dealing with here in 2018 is nothing less than a group modern day Bolsheviks whose only interest is the overthrowing of our Republic!  We are now facing a war against an enemy from within and that enemy is the Democrat Party.  So say what you will about Donald Trump. But try to imagine where we would now be as a country if we were 18 months into the Hiltery administration.  These individuals want tyranny, and an all controlling state, not liberty for every citizen.

And just in case the new slogan doesn’t work out, a few other choice examples the Democrats could use would be: “For the Illegals”, “For MS-13”, “For Open Borders”, “For ISIS”, “For America Haters”, “For Abortion Lovers”, “For Constitution Haters”, “For the Sheep”, “For the Flag Burners”, “For the Resistance”,  “For the Delusional” or even perhaps, “For the Cry Babies.”  Personally, I’m of the opinion that any of these would serve the Democrats well in that all of them make very clear what the Democrat Party has now come stand for.

The bottom line here is that it doesn’t really matter what slogan the Democrats settle on, you can’t put lipstick on a pig and expect to have anything other than a pig.  Democrats are not in favor of preserving the Constitution as it is written, which is the reason they oppose any originalist Supreme Court Justice.  So their motto of “For the People” is nothing more than a silly little bumper sticker. They and their supporters can try to sound patriotic until the cows come home, but we all know they are anything but, and they hate those of us who are.

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