What on Earth has happened to the NAACP?  Because far from being what its name implies, it has now morphed from an organization whose purpose was once the “Advancement” of black folks, to one that seeks only to ensure blacks do not, and cannot advance.  It’s far more important to keep them down so that the old carrot and stick ploy continues to be effective.  It would appear that the goal of this once venerable organization is now to convince black Americans that slavery, albeit political slavery, is good and that the Democrat plantation is where they NEED to be.

And yet another example of how this is in fact the case was provided during last Saturdays MSNBC broadcast of “AM Joy.”   You see, it was then that Janai Nelson, who was identified as being the Associate Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense, argued it is “absolutely insane” that President Trump is able to appoint a Supreme Court justice “when his entire authority is really suspect.”  Nelson said President Trump should not be able to nominate anyone while he is under investigation and the legitimacy of his presidency is in question.  But he’s NOT under investigation!

Nelson said, “[I]t is absolutely insane to think that he can make a lifetime appointment to one of the most significant and important institutions in our democracy in this moment when his entire authority is really suspect.”   And yet for his entire eight years in office we were repeatedly told that daring to even question the motives of our ‘Affirmative Action’ president was, and still is, to be denounced as ‘racist.’  Leftists are destroying themselves by denouncing facts and truth spoken (or posted) by ‘irredeemable deplorables’ as ‘racist’ acts.

Now I’m sure Ms. Nelson considers herself to be a pretty smart woman, and as such I’m sure she realizes that there was an election in 2016 and it was President Trump who won that election.  And after having done so he now has the authority to appoint those who he deems as being qualified to the Supreme Court.  End of discussion.  It’s rather sad that the NAACP is now a mockery of its original charter, existing far past its sell-by date.  The NAACP needs to experience a grass roots sea change to its subservience to the ‘Party of Slavery’, aka the Democrat Party.

Perhaps this lady ‘lawyer’ could enlighten we the ‘irredeemable deplorables’ about why it is that those on the left, like herself, choose to misuse the courts in order to advance their socialist agenda rather than by passing laws. Whether it’s men in ladies restrooms, gay marriage, abortion and more, these leftist agenda items were all handed down via liberal activist judges.  If ‘everyone’ wants it, why not pass a law? Then again, the ‘deplorables’ should be thanking the leftists for building their leftist agenda on a foundation of judicial sand, it makes it all the easier to reverse.

It’s so sad, and more than a little ironic really, that today’s NAACP seems to be no longer committed to advancement of black folks, having become, instead, nothing more than an obedient, kowtowing, bended knee extension of the Democrat Party.  And it’s classic liberal fare from this NAACP lawyer who calls into question how a duly elected President, authorized by the U.S. Constitution for 242 years is permitted to nominate replacement justices to the Supreme Court. What law school gave this moron a law degree?  Perhaps it was gotten from a box of ‘Cracker Jacks?’

And it kinda makes you wonder of those early organizers of the NAACP might now be spinning in their graves when it comes to the outright lunacy we’re hearing today from the organization that they ‘literally’ risked their very lives to bring into being.  Those Civil Rights Pioneers put their lives on the line nearly every day as they went about their laudable efforts. The performance of those now in charge would seem to indicate that they are, completely unqualified, and possess the most minimal levels of ability, education and competence for being in those positions.

Ms. Nelson seems to have forgotten completely that it was her idol, Barry ‘O’, who said, “elections have consequences.”  But with a Trump victory that is now to be seen as somehow no longer being the case?  His smug and rather arrogant offhand comment has not been forgotten by the American people.  His election to the presidency was to be a unifying event for our country.  Unfortunately, his policies and his actions galvanized the voting public to put Democrats out of office all across the nation.  They lost local, state and national elections to Republicans.

Endless complaining by the Democrats has now come to be expected. President Trump wins the election so therefore we need to end the Electoral College system and can longer to allow Republican Presidents to act on their Constitutional responsibility of nominating those to refill vacancies in the Judicial Branch of government, especially those on the Supreme Court.  President Trump bans travel to U.S. from terrorist countries, so we need to strip the President of his power to protect the American People.  The left in this country now seems to have lost its collective mind.

Ms. Nelson seems oblivious to the fact that Barry ‘O’ effectively destroyed the old Democrat party.  The Democrats were rejected, and pretty soundly, by what was a majority of the American people.  They didn’t take to socialism very well. Democrats were firmly convinced that their agenda was the future and were sure their policies would be widely applauded by a majority of the American people.  Fortunately for our country, such was not the case. Instead, few Americans favored the politically correct far left agenda of the Democrats.  And President Trump would come to be elected.

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