Sharpton 15

I get so tired of those on the left who insist that those of us on the right be made to play the game differently than the way they play it.  Word now comes that ‘Rev’ Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton, self-described ‘civil’ rights activist, community agitator, tax cheat and founder of the National Action Network, told reporters on a conference call this past Tuesday that Democrats should not bother meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s recent nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Kennedy.

And it was in referencing Barry ‘O’s nominee to replace the late Antonin Scalia, Merrick Garland, in 2016 that Al said, “No Democrat should even meet with the judicial nominee Kavanaugh because no Republican would even meet with Garland.”  Sharpton said, “I think that the Democrats owe it to us to stall and really wait until after the election.” Sharpton said, “We can stop and stall.”  Actually, Democrats can really do neither, and it’s essentially their own fault, which is kinda funny.

Anyway, it was on this very same call, which included representatives from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the NAACP, that Sharpton accused the Republicans of having a “double standard” when it came to seeking to block Merrick because it was an election year, but now want to confirm Kavanaugh ahead of the midterm elections.  But actually Republicans then were doing nothing more than to play the game by the same rules that had been advocated by the Democrats.

Now of course the big difference here, which Sharpton ‘seems’ to be oblivious to, is the fact that Merrick’s nomination was made ahead of a presidential election, not a midterm election, and since it’s the Executive Branch and not the Legislative Branch that has the authority to nominate a potential justice to the high court I feel confident in saying that Sharpton is once again doing little more than to talk out his ass, which is something that he has become quite adept at over the years.

In fact, if the Democrats are able to earn back a majority in the Senate in the coming midterm elections, they would then be in a position to reject any of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees going forward.  But Sharpton and the others framed their opposition to Kavanaugh by implying that he somehow poses a threat to the civil rights of Americans, specifically “rights” to abortion and contraceptives on demand, universal health care, gay marriage, and racial consideration for college admission.

Leftwing kook Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee, actually made the rather idiotic claim that the Trump administration wants to “reverse and undermine civil rights across this country.”  Clarke also called for “carefully and cautiously” vetting Judge Kavanaugh to determine if he is “capable” of doing the job, despite his lengthy judicial record, including his present post on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Actually, I think old Al has a GREAT idea.  Why should Democrats meet with Judge Kavanaugh?   After all, I think we ALL know how they’re ALL going to vote.  And if Democrats choose to blow off meetings, we would get to the confirmation process all that much quicker. And along the way we’ll make note of those Democrat Senators who chose to abandon their Constitutional obligation for no other reason than partisan politics.  Sharpton is a flipping genius. You can tell by the way he talks.

And if you think the Democrats are coming apart at the seams now just wait and see what happens should Justice Ginsburg retire or die.  After all, she is 85 not in the best of health, and Trump stands a very good chance, as of at least right now, of being president until 2024. Imagine if President Trump were able to obtaining a 6-3 center-right profile on the court, it would literally DESTROY the leftist agenda and the Democrat Party for an entire generation.  And that’s what so terrifies Schumer & Co.

And this conservative windfall would be directly traceable to Barry ‘O’.  The Democrats were sure his election had proven once and for all that radicalism had finally been mainstreamed, so they luxuriated in their Obamagasm.  But they were sadly mistaken in that they didn’t realize, or simply chose to ignore, the fact that Barry ‘O’ was little more than an empty suit; he had an appealing persona, but his ideologies and policies were complete CRAP and he was incredibly stupid.

Not only that, Barry demonstrated time and time again he was simply in way over his head and clearly lacked the necessary skill set to be president.  That said, he was still able to achieve some level of success in his effort to “fundamentally transform” America which resulted in what was undeniable, catastrophic failure and proved to people that socialism was a disaster.  And it was the resulting backlash that brought about first the Tea Party movement and then the election of President Trump.

How is it that these Democrat Senators can be considered as being, in any way, legitimate servants of the people if they refuse to do their Constitutional duty every time they disagree politically?  Do they really think we are too stupid to notice their staggering arrogance, in that they willingly bend the rules in their favor when they’re in power, but somehow now that the Republicans are in power they should go against their own interests and surrender to the Democrats’ ludicrous demands, for no reason?

So let them be derelict in their duty. They’re simply capitulating to the crazies within their party and making it all that much easier for the Republicans to succeed in this confirmation.  And succeed in general, as has been happening pretty routinely during the Trump presidency.  ‘Three cheers’ for the Democrats’ political suicide!  Stalling is what progressives do. They have no solutions and have not fixed one problem in decades. One reason the left despises Trump is that he is a doer.  And he is a leader.

And finally in getting back to Sharpton, he’s someone who has always fancied himself a powerful civil rights leader much like Martin Luther King.  But just like with everything good and legitimate in this world, there are always cheap knock offs and fakes that try and trick people into believing that they’re the real thing. Sharpton is nothing more than the cheapest of knock offs of the real thing, and he someone who has done more to set race relations back than perhaps even Jesse Jackson.

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